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William Shakespeare’s Play Titus Andronicus Literature Analysis

One of the major problems, which William Shakespeare highlights in his play, is recognized to be a problem with patriarchy. While discussing the issue, some fundamentals of the play must be considered. So, first of all, it must be noted that William Shakespeare’s play Titus Andronicus involves numerous contradictory issues. Thus, on the one hand, the author’s play causes indignation, as the ideology of masculinity he depicts seems to be overvalued.

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On the other hand, however, one is to keep in mind the times Shakespeare reveals. The basic issues of the author’s play include revenge, gender ideology, excessive cruelty and violence, and an effect of patriarchy. Shakespeare emphasizes the role of the male body and seems to ignore the interests of females. In other words, the representation of women’s victimization and rape is considered to be one of the basic issues of the play.

While analyzing William Shakespeare’s work, it should be pointed out that the author of the play created a complex character, who seems to represent the evil. Thus, I would like readers to become familiar with Aaron, – one of the principal persons in Shakespeare’s play, who proclaims his evil for everyone in a society, built on patriarchy.

One of the cases, when the problem with patriarchy can be observed is considered to be Aaaron’s behavior and his general attitude to life. Thus, the main character points out that his brothers can do everything they want, and if they do want to achieve their aims they can even kill people. While analyzing Aaron’s attitude to life, one can conclude that his principles are rather rigid and unfair; however, taking into account the times the main characters live in, it becomes obvious that nothing can be made to stop bloodshed.

Another example of the problem with patriarchy can be observed when Titus gave his daughter to the emperor. Thus, it must be pointed out that another main character of the play neglected love and did not take into account the feelings of his daughter. On the other hand, however, the situation cannot be regarded as strange, because the principles of a patriarchal society are considered to be undisputable. Generally, the fact that Titus exchanges his daughter’s happiness for less important issues can be regarded as display of patriarchy.

Tamora’s appeal to Titus’s responsibility is also an example of the problem with patriarchy. Thus, in spite of the fact that Tamora tries to evoke certain parental empathy for Titus, his patriarchal role gives birth to his inability to support, respect or love.

As far as Titus does not want to leave Rome, one can probably make a conclusion that he continues to keep his family at risk of danger. Thus, the problem with patriarchy appears, because Titus is not concerned about his family’s honor; he thinks about his own desires and self-esteem. Generally, there is also a need to point out that Titus is a character who starts the violent sequence of events. As far as one of the main characters overestimates honorable reasons, it is evident that he demonstrates the failings of his patriarchal society.

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The case, when Aaron saves his child and murders another person can be also associated with a patriarchal problem. Thus, societies put fathers in roles, when they cannot consider violence as unjust, unwarranted, or unlawful display of force.

On the other hand, the cruelty is recognized to be one of the most effective ways to demonstrate the so-called fatherly love. It seems to be obvious that fatherly-orientated values are created by a patriarchal society. Generally, depictions of the Roman patriarchal system give us an opportunity to analyze the problem with patriarchy in detail.

Another case, which represents the problem with patriarchy, is Titus’s last action to kill the last woman who belongs to Andronici family. In my opinion, it seems to be evident that the main character’s desire to kill the only remaining woman cannot be regarded ambiguously.

Thus, one of the major Shakespeare’s scenes in Titus Andronicus provides us with Titus’s general attitude towards family values. As far as patriarchal society seems to reject the interests of others, one can probably conclude that the problem with patriarchy was the burning problem in Shakespeare’s times.

One of the most vivid cases, which shows us the problem with patriarchy in Shakespeare’s play, is considered to be the position of women depicted by the author. As far as two female characters were circumscribed by patriarchal norms, one can probably conclude that the spectacular display of the female body is one of the key themes in Shakespeare’s work. Moreover, taking into account the fact that violence against the male body is totally neglected, – an effect of patriarchy occurs.

Taking into consideration the fact that Titus shows his love through violence, one can state that the main character probably uses violence as a defensive technique. Furthermore, it should also be pointed out that Aaron reflects his love by the same way. As far as a patriarchal society is considered to be rather cruel and rigid, the main characters are to demonstrate sacrifice and protection in their own ways. One is to keep in mind that the above-mentioned aspects of paternalism are based on certain patriarchal principles.

Aaron’s attempts to save his son’s life can be also regarded on the basis of patriarchal principles. Thus, one of the primary aims Aaron wants to achieve is to put his family’s safety first. Aaron wants his son to have the power, which every man in a patriarchal society should possess.

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Titus’s cold-heartedness can be also regarded as one of the signs of patriarchy. Thus, the main character’s values are rather distorted, as he does not want to protect the so-called family means. In other words, for Titus the most important things are considered to be patriarchal principles.

Finally, it must be pointed out that William Shakespeare is confirmation that Titus Andronicus is a brutal play, considering the number of deaths of almost all characters. The fact that many characters are eliminated in the play presents a shock to the audience. On the other hand, in memorial for his passion and strength passed through his popular plays like Romeo and Juliet, his legacy stands for future generations to delight in them.

We owe much gratitude to Shakespeare’s great play works and gift with expressions that elevate him as a play writer and a great poet bearing all the love, passion, marriage, romance, and lust. Furthermore, the marvellous expression of desires so eloquently to the extent that it goes beyond the boundaries of time into the hearts of everyone who needs to receive the special emotional and social gifts.

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