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Women and Migration: Rates and Effects

Understanding the topic of women and migration means being able to embrace a sizeable range of factors affecting the topic in question. Therefore, the key talking points to be included in a lecture on the issue of women and migration will have to concern three main areas, which are the causes of migration, the current migration rates, and the effects that migration produces on the target demographic including social, political, and economic impacts of immigration.

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The factors compelling women to migrate should be the first talking point when presenting the lecture on the subject. Specifically, one will need to mention the factors such as unemployment, poor workplace conditions and underpayment in domestic markets, and the related concerns (Wachter et al., 2016). The specified issues need to be listed first when elaborating on the subject of female migration.

In addition, the subject of the present-day migration rates in women will have to be touched upon in the lecture to provide key data concerning the scope of the issue. Namely, global migration rates, which reached 47.9% in 2019, will need to be mentioned along with state-specific ones (OECD, 2019). Thus, students will be able to develop a proper perspective on the issue of female migration.

Finally, the effects that migration has on women, including social, economic, and political outcomes should be provided during a lecture to define the significance of the issue. Namely, the increase in legal insecurity requires discussion as a crucial outcome of illegal migration of women seeking employment opportunities abroad (Begum et al., 2016). In addition, changes in the financial and economic status of female migrants deserve closer attention. Among essential positive outcomes, an increase in autonomy and a sense of self-worth should be specified.

Due to the necessity to embrace a vast array of facets that the topic of women and migration contains, a lecturer will have to arrange the data into three key data types, namely, the factors affecting changes in migration among women, the existing migration statistics, and the multiple migration effects that women experience. Thus, a lecturer will be able to grasp the full extent of data that needs to be covered when addressing the specified topic.

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