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Workbench: The Process of Building

Workbenches are very useful and often essential items in any workshop. These working surfaces range from simple table-like ones to sophisticated and complex design workbenches with multiple drawers and utilization opportunities. Nonetheless, despite the variety of workbenches available, one might benefit from a simple, cost-effective, easy-to-build workbench that would help in effective and comfortable handy work and tool storage. Notably, one can spend a reasonable amount of time and effort building a workbench that would serve long-term and be a useful attribute of a multitude of projects. Thus, this paper is designed to outline the process of building a workbench with a discussion of materials, equipment, and the sequence of actions needed to complete the task.

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The proposed design of a workbench is one that consists of a table-like flat, wide, and long surface with one shelf-like panel underneath. The whole workbench will be made of pine wood or any other hard and durable wooden material one has at one’s disposal. The first thing that one should do when preparing for the building project is to collect all necessary materials and equipment. The construction of the proposed simple workbench will not require multiple tools. Indeed, several simple tools that one can find at any garage would be applicable. Equipment needed:

  • a yardstick;
  • a drill;
  • a saw;
  • a chisel.

As for the materials, the workbench will be a wooden one, which is why some pine tree high-quality wood posts and boards will be required. Moreover, to screw the wooden parts together, one will need several screws of a different caliber. According to Firewood for Life (2020), materials required for building the workbench include screws, deck boards, and wood posts. More specifically, the list of materials is as follows:

  • Three 8 foot 4×4’s
  • Five 10 foot 2×4’s
  • Two 8 foot 1×1’s
  • Four 8 foot 2×8’s
  • Four 8 foot long 5 1/2” wide deck boards
  • 24 five inch 5/16” lag bolts
  • 8 three inch 5/16” lag bolts
  • 32 5/16” washers
  • 1-5/8”, 2.5”, 3” (Firewood for Life, 2020).

First, cut the wooden posts into six equal 35 inch parts to make the legs of the workbench. Then use a saw cut out a 1-inch-deep and 4-inch-long section at the top of the leg, as well as the same dimension cut out section twenty inches lower. These sections will be used to hold the perpendicular boards, which will provide the workbench with more stability (Firewood for Life, 2020). After the two sections have been cut out for all six legs of the workbench, use a chisel to clean the cut area for a smoother surface.

Second, to make the frame, take the prepared legs and screw them together with 2×4’s, making sure the 2×4 panels lie inside the cut out sections at a 90-degree angle. The middle leg should be exactly in the middle of the perpendicular panels. Prepare two separate frames with three legs and two panels each. After the frames are finished, screw additional panels for the lower (shelf) panel to ensure the level for the shelf.

To do that, use 1×1’s and place them on top of the perpendicular lower panels on both frames. It will provide support for the base of the shelving (Firewood for Life, 2020). Third, use the leftovers of 4×4’s to crew the two frames together, forming a table. Fourth, layer the panels for the shelf and screw them down. Finally, screw the top boards to form the upper surface of the workbench. As the final effort, consider polishing the wood, so it is smooth; also, one might paint the workbench. The paint will ensure water resistance and durability of the materials, which will enhance the overall usability of the construction.

In conclusion, as the guidelines and instructions for building a workbench demonstrate, it is an easy and approachable task that any handyman can cope with. Following the guide and using the few materials that have been listed above, one can obtain a reliable and comfortable workbench that will provide enough storage space on the shelf and a sufficient working surface on the table part. When choosing quality materials, both wood and screws, as well as reliable equipment, it is important to keep the measurements correct and double-check for error. Such a tactic will help in avoiding mistakes and wasting materials. Overall, the instructions are designed to help even a beginner in the fast and easy construction of a workbench that will provide the opportunity for more successful future building projects.

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