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Writing Is Difficult in Any Language

The issue of writing in any language is a core element of teaching. The thing is that the researches in many countries and among many educational establishments showed that writing classes are difficult for students. In this respect, the analysis in the paper is intended to work out the problem of writing skills and proficient writing, in particular. For this reason the discussion touches upon the differences among language systems and types of language learners. Language, as the main tool for thinking, delivers its significance through writing.

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First of all, it is vital to admit that among language learners there are two types, namely: native speakers and non-native speakers. This difference evaluates the extent of familiarity of a definite language system. Looking at the language discourse and analyzing its main points it is necessary to make students aware of the argumentative writing (Aijmer 118). Furthermore, in the corpora of a definite language, there are reflections of some cultural and traditional norms. Then a learner should understand the historical development of the language and its stages as well (Goldberg 204). In this case, one may suppose those native speakers are logically better writers than non-native ones. However, numerous researches in this field provided data that state that ‘native speaker’, as a category, is not clearly definable (Ravelli & Ellis 176). The thing is that in terms of multicultural society the role of some determined language can be diffused by other languages. The atmosphere of bilingualism and even multilingualism is a spreading phenomenon of the world. This is why most language learners are apt to think that the language system even of the native language is hard to fully realize.

Another difference touches upon the origins of languages. History shows that languages are structured according to the geographic peculiarities and social domains. This is why the writing is the graphical reflection of peoples’ thoughts and their mentalities. Though, the cultural variable provides some difficulties in the writing signs or means in any language system. It is because language is both means for communication and thinking. This is why when a non-native speaker begins studying the writing system of a definite language; he/she is seeking some similarities when comparing native and target languages.

One more point about difficulties in language learning props up against the social factors in communication between teacher and students. The thing is that teachers are intended mostly to make their students be similar to them in knowledge. This is why only educational constituent becomes most significant for them. The social or psychological factors seem to be neglected. Moreover, the role of a teacher, as a “deliverer” of proficient knowledge and experience in the sphere of language writing, should be signified: “When a language field neglects the teaching of writing, it is a rare researcher who will attempt to investigate assessment practices of writing in that field” (Van Lier, David Corson 199). Thus, rigorous adherence to writing is a best way for having sufficient knowledge in this field (Wall para. 3). Most of the learners are trying to cram the information about correct writing in terms of morphology, syntax, and stylistics of a language. Instead it is better to find out the associations of each writing phenomenon in a language.

To sum up, writing is difficult in any language due to several reasons. First, it is because of the difference in learners’ categories. Second, the cultural norms of a nation are reflected in the graphical form of writing. Third, differences between different language groups can be an obstacle. Fourth, relationships between teachers and students are also stated as difficulty in writing.

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