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Writing Skills: Effective Communication

Effective communication is vital for delivering information in a manner which can be easily understood. Messages can be conveyed in written or spoken form, although there is certain specific communication for particular groups. To correctly relay information on a paper, an individual must ensure that the writing skills are well polished. Over the past seven weeks, I have been exposed to various writing techniques, which has enabled me to enhance my sentence structure and avoid grammatical mistakes.

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First, sentence structure is essential in ensuring well-written information. According to Durga and Rao, training improves writing skills by highlighting authors’ common mistakes (4). As a result, I currently know when to use past, present, and future tenses. Moreover, I can quickly identify run-on sentences to ensure that my writings are flowing and easily understood. Hence, the course exposed me to numerous ways of promoting good sentence structure.

Second, I can now avoid grammatical mistakes, which initially affected my writing capability. Before the course, I had difficulty in knowing and using different parts of speech. However, this has changed since I can identify every part of speech and its usage, owing to the training. Additionally, I can easily combine them to make coherent simple and complex sentences. Hence, the course has helped me eliminate grammatical mistakes, which often affected my language.

In conclusion, the seven-week course has been beneficial to me by improving the sentence structure and eliminating grammatical mistakes. Writing is a challenging form of communication which requires special skills. Moreover, it demands the correct usage of parts of speech to make the reader understand the information. Hence, I am confident that I can now write the second composition correctly.

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