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Yas Entertainment Island’s Strategic Group Map

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Executive Summary


Two primary principles encourage the creation of Yas Entertainment Island in Abu Dhabi. On the external level, the intention is to create a wide selection of leisure attractions to put Abu Dhabi at the same level as other global tourist attractions. On the internal level, the creation of Yas Island is associated with offering residents a differentiated destination for leisure that will include the Formula 1 standardized Motor Racing Circuit, a grand retail mall with a variety of attractions and facilities (12d Model Case Study, n.d., p. 2).

Strategic Principles and Objective

Creation of the Abu Dhabi Yas Entertainment Island is based on four strategic principles of environment, society, economy, and culture. By combining the strategic principles into one through extensive planning and cooperation, the project will reach an objective of becoming the forefront of innovations in lifestyle, urban design, sustainability, leisure, entertainment, and transportation thus becoming a hub for entertainment on both local and global levels.


As the “metropolis with global visions” (Yas Island Travel Guide 2014-2015, 2014, p. 4), the creation of the Yas Island is associated with showcasing the UAE hospitality to the world, becoming the future of entertainment, increasing visitation and engaging global partners. In the sphere of becoming the future of entertainment, Miral is to engage top global developers of entertainment like Sony to maximize the potential of entertainment facilities and dictate trends in the sphere of leisure facilities. The increase in visitation is linked to global marketing campaigns that target tourists around the globe. Such a campaign can be in the form of advertisements and public events.

Strategic Group Map

To develop a strategic group map for Yas Entertainment Island, it is first important to compare it to key competitors: Disneyland Paris and Universal Studios in Singapore. Disneyland Paris was created based on already successful merchandise and entertainment (Zhu & Xu, 2010, p. 41) thus the attraction of the target audience was not a dominant issue. The primary issue in strategy was the integration of the American techniques of management into the environment of the French manner of doing business. Similar to Disneyland, Universal Studios Singapore was created based on an already successful chain of entertainment facilities. The primary focus was put on various rides like the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster that attracted millions of visitors around the globe (Si You et al., 2012, p. 2).

Compared primary focuses of competitors, Yas Island has an advantage in targeting a much broader audience that is not only interested in products from a particular franchise. Thus, the strategic group map for the proposal is illustrated below:

The strategic group map


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