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A Controversial Issue About Using the Marijuana

The issue connected with the use of marijuana has passed through many generations and has been discussed in many cultures from different points of view. Today the attitude of the public to the use of marijuana has changed greatly. A lot of people in the world use marijuana as medicine for treating particular diseases. It is possible to speak about permitting the use of marijuana due to the drug’s benefits such as pain relief, forests’ preservation, and increase of the countries’ income and economic status.

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People began to use marijuana because of such effects as the ease of pain that the drug provided. However, later the use of marijuana became a big issue in many countries. Several countries can generate a lot of income and benefits from authorizing or legalizing the use of marijuana. For instance, in the United States, it is the most widely used drug the trade of which can be controlled by the government because it gives the advantage to operate a large amount of money. Some researchers state that the government can obtain more income through selling marijuana, and this can be the perfect strategy to reduce or pay all the debts which surround them. Thus, the government should work out policies that can monitor marijuana dealers who should also possess mandatory licenses.

The permit of using marijuana can offer great advantages for the world because millions of forest land which are destroyed regularly will be preserved. Hemp which is produced by marijuana can be used for making four times more paper in comparison with using trees. Moreover, trees can be used for manufacturing paper only when they are over 40 years. Marijuana can be ready for use after around 5 months (Sacco and Kennedy 241). Marijuana’s hemp may be employed to generate oil, rope, butter, and cloths. The use of hemp would be of great benefit in preserving our environs. Preserving forests in many countries can help to recover balance on the planet. It can be more important for endangered animals than wiping them out by destroying forests.

One of the key aspects in allowing drug use is that this substance relieves pain which is the result of cancer, AIDS, and assists to treat glaucoma (Sacco and Kennedy 254). The studies by the National Cancer Institute have stated that marijuana is important for blocking the symptoms of vomiting, nausea, and appetite disorders which patients using chemotherapy can experience (Goldstein 304 ). This substance can also be utilized to ease muscle strain related to various cases of sclerosis. Marijuana was used as the only drug which successfully conceals the pain. Therefore, the governments can discuss the opportunities to permit the use of the drug. Such measures can be helpful for those people who suffer from AIDS and cancer. More than 1500 people die every year due to the toxic effects of aspirin which is permitted. Nevertheless, marijuana is forbidden in spite of the fact the use of the drug has not caused any death (Marmor 542).

Many people have in their minds a traditional image of marijuana as a dangerous and harmful substance that can create delusions. However, today this issue can be considered rather controversial. Allowing the use of marijuana can improve the situation in the economy of definite countries because of the taxes and ease patients’ pain. The use of marijuana should not only be seen as a negative phenomenon. The factor of its importance and usefulness should be also considered.

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