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πŸ† Best Essay Topics on Marijuana

  1. Why Should Marijuana be Legalized and Crack/Cocaine Remain Illegal
    Marijuana (cannabis) has varied medicinal uses, and many States in the Americas have allowed the possession and use of small quantities of marijuana for medicinal purposes only.
  2. Marijuana Legalization in US
    Also known as cannabis, Marijuana primarily consists of dry leaves of the hemp plant that people chew or smoke in order to experience euphoric effects.
  3. Health Law: Legalization of Marijuana in the US
    Marijuana is a useful drug that can have a lot of benefits to the society contrary to the common belief that it is a harmful drug.
  4. Marijuana Rules and Regulations in Colorado
    Marijuana legalization has been a major issue in the U.S. for quite a while. The arguments of both proponents and those opposed are very legitimate.
  5. Legalizing Marijuana in Washington and Colorado
    Legalizing marijuana will definitely make it cheaper in the market in spite of the associated taxes that will be levied by the respective state authorities.
  6. Marijuana Legalization Debate
    Article posted by the Editorial Board of the Washington Post newspaper, the rush to legalize the use of marijuana should be rejected by Washington D.C voters.
  7. Should the Federal Government Legalize the Use of Marijuana?
    Such fear and the need to exploit the numerous benefits of marijuana are what have triggered a very controversial debate on whether the government should legalize its use.
  8. Bioethics: the Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes
    Bioethicists should use the best ideas in order to deal with the controversies associated with medical marijuana. Some health practitioners support the use of marijuana for medical purposes.
  9. Medical Marijuana Bill, Its Pros and Cons
    This paper reviews the pending of Bill 1397, concerning particular issues associated with the medical use of marijuana, which has already been declined several times.
  10. Legalization of Marijuana: Pain Management
    Media discusses the necessity of legalizing marijuana to be used for medical purposes and help patients deal with chronic illnesses.
  11. Marijuana Popularity, Its Causes and Consequences
    The primary cause of marijuana’s popularity is its availability due to legalization and advancements in production.
  12. Should Marijuana Be Legal in United States?
    Most Studies reported that around 60% of all Americans consider that marijuana should be legalized, and the remaining 40% considers that marijuana should be prohibited.
  13. Marijuana Use and Governmental Regulation in the US
    Most of the US population has felt that the use of marijuana should not be under government regulation. But, until now any unauthorized handling of marijuana is illegal.
  14. Medial Use of Marijuana in Texas: Pros and Cons
    Medical marijuana is a topic that has gained much attention in Texas. It should be observed that the policy has attracted both supporters and opponents.
  15. Marijuana Social and Health Effects on Teenagers
    Consumption of illegal drugs among teenagers or adolescents is a problem that has serious health and social concerns.
  16. Legalization of Marijuana: Reasons
    Marijuana is a psychoactive substance that is classified as an illegal drug in the United States. This study analyzes the reasons why should legalize marijuana.
  17. Marijuana Legalization: PREPARE and IMAGINE Models
    Marijuana is a common drug that is present in many regions around the globe. This research uses the PREPARE and IMAGINE model to evaluate the legalization of marijuana.
  18. New York City Marijuana Legal Policy
    Issuing tickets to people smoking marijuana in public places will free up police resources and will decrease racial disparities.
  19. Marijuana Legalization: Adverse Health Effects
    Legalization of recreational marijuana consumption has garnered much support in recent years as the movement spread across several states in the US.
  20. Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative
    This paper at hand will analyze the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Amendment 2, which was passed in the state of Florida on November 8, 2016, and came into legal force on January 3, 2017.

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  1. Medical Marijuana: Treatments and Legislative Change
    Medical marijuana can be listed among controversial drugs that are viewed through the prism of negative stereotypes.
  2. Marijuana Legalization and Criminalization
    The government can introduce awareness programs to sensitize the citizens on the dangers of excessive use of the drug.
  3. Marijuana Convictions Reversal: Innovative Policy
    This paper proposes a policy that the government may adopt to reverse marijuana conviction among those who were sent to prison for distribution or possession of marijuana.
  4. Concepts of Legalizing Marijuana
    Considering the many economic, health, and social gains, which may result as a product of legalizing Marijuana, it is very important for the federal government to weigh such gains, hence legalize its usage.
  5. Marijuana Legalization and Possible Effects
    The media discusses the necessity of legalizing marijuana to be used for medical purposes and to help patients deal with chronic illnesses.
  6. Marijuana Use Education: Policy Brief
    Discussions about cannabis and its legalization within the state have been prolonged and resulted in several states declaring the use of marijuana legal.
  7. Recreational Marijuana Is Beneficial in America
    The debates over whether recreational marijuana should be legalized provide various arguments that were propounded by both supporters and opponents.
  8. Recreational Marijuana Should Be Legal and Regulated
    This argumentative paper offers powerful reasons that explain why the federal government should legalize and regulate recreational marijuana.
  9. Marijuana Legalization Controversies
    The topic of marijuana legalization has always been a subject of numerous heated debates for decades. The legislative measures and methodological tools to study both positive and negative effects are present.
  10. The Controversy Over Marijuana Legalization
    The topic of marijuana legalization has been debated at the global level for numerous decades. It is important to have a certain idea about the subject of discussion.
  11. Recreational Marijuana Consumption and Acceptance
    Marijuana use is generally associated with younger people, but people of any age may employ the drug for recreation.
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