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A New Business’s Challenge and Marketing Plan

The enhancement in technology has presented new opportunities in the mobile phone and communication industry. The (name of Company) wishes to enter the global built environment as a key player in the industry. In particular, building and construction are one of the most developed industries in the world, which contribute to the global development index. However, traditional professionals have relied entirely on ancient building and infrastructural construction, which does not meet most of the trends in the world. Thus, the organization will come up with ways that address futuristic designs and implementation of projects, which meets the needs of the clients from across the globe.

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Since building and construction have been an established industry a short period after the existence of human beings, the new approaches are critical to make their dwellings more refined. In particular, the current global demands rely mainly on the desire to interact with nature while, at the same time, pay attention to security and prestige. It is for this reason that (name of company) believes bio-architecture can become the next design approaches for new constructions.

Marketing Plan and Analysis

Target Market

The company specifically targets the building and construction industry, where it can introduce new architecture in its design and implementation of structures, which meet the client expectations. This is mostly possible in the developing nations, where the governments, as well as private developers, seek high-end contractors to build their mansions, hotels, roads, or other monuments. Moreover, developed countries also require their built environments to be upgraded to meet the current trends of the world.


The company targets mainly large organizations interested in building prestigious mansions and monuments. Specifically, the firm earmarks large hospitality businesses, which build hotels where tourists visit and have unmatched experiences. Moreover, according to Park (2018), the medical industry is trying to shift its construction approach to integrate the effect of nature in the patients’ healing process. Abdelaal and Soebarto (2019) agree with this direction by pointing out that the sick tend to heal faster when their rooms are associated with environmental elements, such as sunlight, air, wind, and natural sounds. Thus, the best new constructions must address these clients’ needs. The business also targets governments to be their major clients, in particular by providing possible solutions to the existing issues faced by any specific nation in the sector. This will be done through emissaries of the organization, who are expected to provide a soft landing of the firm in a new market. Furthermore, the company targets individual homeowners who would love to have their buildings constructed using the Biophilic approaches. Thus, it is essential to convince these clients by providing appealing design concepts and a final project deliverable to surpass their expectations, for them to help in spreading the brand.


The construction company is full of developers in different countries, who are concerned with the performance of their organizations in the competitive environment. The main challenge expected in undertaking the proposed business idea is the high number of firms, which offer the service. Moreover, the existing companies in the building and construction industry, in most cases, have access to the technologies used to create and implement the concepts of Biophilic designs. This makes it more challenging to enter the market and remain relevant as the bigger companies have large client bases and enjoy massive goodwill from different organizations and governments. However, the firm will employ various negotiations strategies where possible to get into the market and provide the needed solution, which will be its approach to acquiring and retaining its clients.

Threats and Opportunities

Any promising industry has serval threats and opportunities, especially when the business has to operate in line with the local, national, and international jurisdictions. The major threats expected in this business include government regulations, sanctions, and restrictions. For instance, a particular state may not admit new entrants into its building and construction industry, to protect the interest of local companies. The other threat is the legal restrictions of different nations, which can impose huge taxes for new entrants, thus affecting their operations (Odubiyi & Oke, 2017). However, since the company mainly targets developing nations, which have no advanced technology in building and construction, it will win most of the contracts, through negotiations and provision of quality products. It is expected that the use of advanced technologies in construction will outweigh government and legal threats.

Communication Plan

The (name of company) wishes to utilize an integrated approach to reach a wide base of clients. In particular, since the firm will operate on a global scale, it will use online platforms, such as social media sites and mobile apps to draw and manage clients. The organization will also have a website with a client relationships management (CRM) platform to keep customers engaged, advised, and informed about technological trends in the building and construction industry, as well as update them on the progress of their projects.

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Ethical Considerations

The common ethical issues in operating the business include pricing, bidding, project documentation, late or short payments, safety concerns, subcontractor relationships, and overstatement of expectations by the competitors. In addition, similar companies are most likely to falsify their qualifications and bureaucracy, consequently violating government policies guiding the civil engineering. However, these issues will be minimized by addressing each in based on the short-term, medium-term, and long-term ethical considerations, according to the length the projects will take.


The (name of company) will concentrate in Biophilic design of large buildings and monuments throughout the world using an Internet integrated approach. The organization understands the current trends in the industry, which requires the incorporation of biotic elements in the construction of buildings and other infrastructure, such as roads. The firm is aware of the existing threats, such as from government and legal requirements, but it also takes notice of the existing opportunities in the industry.


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