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“A Place at the Table” by Jacobson

The film A Place at the Table throws light on some of the problems that significantly affect American society. In particular, one should speak about food insecurity. According to the information provided in this movie, approximately fifty million Americans were dependent on food stamps in 2012 (Collichio, 2012). Additionally, the filmmakers tell the story of different people who could be forced to rely on this assistance offered by the government (Collichio, 2012). The very scale of this problem is one of the reasons why it should be considered by nurses who have the skills to help many patients. Moreover, food insecurity leads to a variety of health problems. In my opinion, it is critical to examine the implications of the issues described in this film.

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Overall, this movie should be taken into account by medical workers, since it indicates that many people can be exposed to various health problems. For example, researchers speak about such issues as increased risk of organ failures, complications during pregnancy, impaired cognitive development, an increased likelihood of osteoporosis (Newman & Newman, 2011, p. 120). Malnutrition can influence people representing different age groups. In turn, nurses should pay attention to the risks faced by such people. One of their tasks is to identify the most vulnerable groups in various cities or neighborhoods and encourage them to undergo screening for various diseases. This strategy can be important for preventing different health problems. One should also mention that people, whose food security is endangered, can struggle with other important problems such as homelessness and unemployment (Newman & Newman, 2011). So, in many cases, they cannot afford medical services. This is why their health is significantly impaired.

This film includes several eloquent and touching examples highlighting the dangers associated with food insecurity. For instance, one can speak about a child named Tremonica who suffers from asthma (Collichio, 2012). Tremonica’s parents have to receive food stamps. In many cases, the health problems of these children become more acute. This argument is also relevant if one speaks about Tremonica (Collichio, 2012). This case underlines the impacts of food insecurity and poverty. In turn, nursing professionals should pay more attention to such families. Medical workers should focus on the needs of children and elderly people who can be more affected by malnutrition (Newman & Newman, 2011). These are the main aspects that can be distinguished. Admittedly, this issue should be taken into account by various stakeholders. In this case, one can speak about public administrators and social workers who should support the most vulnerable social groups. However, nurses can significantly promote their wellbeing by identifying possible health problems at the early stages.

On the whole, the analysis of such films as A Place at the Table can be useful for the work of nurses or other medical workers. In particular, this cinematographic work can illustrate how social or economic problems can influence public health. The existence of food security indicates that the community can be exposed to various health risks such as complications during pregnancy. Moreover, the effects of chronic illnesses can worsen significantly. In my opinion, it is critical to focus on screening for various risks since this strategy is necessary for preventing various diseases or at least minimizing their impacts. These are the elements that can be singled out.

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