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Advocacy Campaign: the Problem of Childhood Obesity

The proposed advocacy campaign seeks to address the problem of childhood obesity. The approach will entail the use of powerful campaigns and educational processes to raise awareness of the major risk factors for obesity. The campaign will succeed it is seeks to support the changing needs of more people or communities in the nation. Consequently, the advocacy will ensure more…

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“The Vegetarian Imperative” a Book by Anand Saxena

Introduction Many people do not take the issue of health and nutrition seriously today. Studies indicate that people eat as much food as they want. It is agreeable that people no longer think of their health conditions and their surrounding environment. The situation today requires that we take care of our health and environment seriously than ever before. In the…

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Genetically Modified Organisms: Position Against

Introduction Genetically modified organisms are organisms that are created after combining DNAs of different species to come up with a transgenic organism (McDonagh 8). Debates on GMOs have persisted since the introduction of genetically engineered foods. Although there is great promise about GM foods addressing the global problem of food insecurity, genetically engineered foods come with safety concerns given the…

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Genetically Modified Organisms: Pros and Cons

Genetically modified organisms are organisms that are created after combining DNA from a different species into an organism to come up with a transgenic organism (McDonagh 8). The controversy surrounding the development and consumption of GMOs has been ongoing for years now. The development of genetically engineered organisms brings about a lot of benefits related to improved food production and…

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Genetically Modified Organisms and Their Benefits

These are plants and animals that are created by scientists through combining genes from other animals or plants. The combination of genes from different species creates a special species that does not occur naturally. Scientists believe that the use of GMOs as they are commonly referred to, is the way forward for governments and other organizations that are concerned with…

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Food: National Identity and Cultural Difference

Introduction There can be indeed on a few doubts that, by subjecting a particular food-item (considered ‘ethnic’) to an anthropological analysis, we can well obtain a number of insights, into how this food-item the national identity of the peoples, associated with it (Harris 1986). It could not be otherwise, because it is not only that the qualitative aspects of ethnic…

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Decreasing Obesity in Jewish Children

Abstract Obesity is a medical condition that has been on the rise since the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Obesity is a global concern but it affects specific areas, which has raised concern on the control measures, for instance, Jewish children. Obesity is a problem in the Jewish community, and those affected are children. Several medical research activities have…

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Food Culture: Doughnut’s History, Marketing and Sociology

A doughnut, or as it is often called donut, is a kind of fried dough baked or pastry meal. The doughnut has become well-known and beloved in numerous countries and cooked in an assorted model. This sugary and delicious snack could be made at home; however, the most prominent favored type of doughnuts acquired in confectioneries, shops of cooking and…

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Slow Food Movement in USA

Introduction The Slow Food movement started in the middle of 1980s by Carlo Petrini as a protest against the fast food industry and the call for returning to the traditional healthy eating habits. Founded in Italy, the Slow Food Movement spread rather quickly to Greece and then all over the world. Although it is rather unfeasible that the Slow Food…

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Pizza as One of the Most Famous Food in London

“Can you imagine adding some fruits from your ornamental house tree to favorite dish? Would you be brave enough to exchange your traditional normal bread into a multi flavors gradients that collected from around the entire world? Dear reader, this month we would like to present a new recipe for the new type of bread that recently discovered and probably…

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Benton County Nutrition Action Plan

The problem of overweight and obesity should be discussed as the health priority for the residents of Benton County, Minnesota, because more than 60% of the adult population suffers from the problem (Benton County Community 2011, p. 1). Overweight and obesity is a cause of severe negative health outcomes in the community’s members, and the adult population of Benton County…

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Food Safety: A Policy Issue in Agriculture Today

Food safety constitutes proper preparation, storage, and preservation of all foods. According to the United Nations Asian and Pacific Center for Agricultural Engineering and Machinery (APCAEM), an upsurge in international trade on agricultural products has made food safety a major concern. Furthermore, food safety is becoming a serious policy matter due to rigorous agricultural activities, pollution, and man-made and natural…

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Nutrition: Why Is Healthy Eating Important?

Looking at the world around us, we can see two opposing directions. On the one hand, there is civilization and a society that is harming itself with bad habits, where only the apparent side of such a view shows that people rarely are taking care of themselves. On the other hand, there is a boom of various methodologies, and practices…

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Fast Food Causes and Effects

Introduction Food is an important part of any culture and society around the globe. Until the last century, most people used to eat fresh, home-cooked food. Eating was a process that required certain preparations. But now, we see that they prefer to eat fast food such as pizza, hamburgers or fried chicken. These fast-food restaurants have become common in our…

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Childhood Obesity: a Population Health Issue

Abstract Obesity is increasing worldwide, and children have not been left out. An increase in the incidence rate of between 20% and 30% is realized every decade (Rosenbaum et al., 2011). Childhood obesity is a serious population health issue because of the adverse and fatal consequences that range from health, social, economic, and psychological consequences. Children born with a high…

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Dieting and Wellness Dimensions

Dieting Dieting refers to the consumption of food in a really regulated manner. The goal for this is increasing, maintaining, or reducing body weight. When used together with physical exercise, the goal is usually weight reduction. This is particularly for individuals who are obese and overweight. However, some athletes have a tendency of adhering to a given diet so as…

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Healthy Food: the Impact of the Vegetarian Diet

Introduction In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards vegetarianism in societal dietary choices. The practice consists of excluding flesh and sometimes by-products of animals from consumption for distinct reasons. Six to eight million people in the United States are estimated to practice some form of vegetarianism (Harvard Health Publications, 2016). In the modern world, with the availability…

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Genetically Modified Foods and Their Impact on Human Health

Genetically modified food (GM) has become the subject of discussion in academic, research, media, and scientific circles. It basically means food that has been made either for animals or human beings using the recent technology in biotechnology, genetic engineering, recombinant DNA technology, or basically the gene technology (Thieman & Palladino, 2009). The main characteristic which has greatly contributed to the…

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The Current and Future Role of Nutrigenomics in Human Health

Nutrigenomics is a field of science that merges two smaller fields for application and research purposes (Müller & Kersten2003, p.8). Genome refers to the collective physical factor in a human being’s genetic definition. This collection of genes is primarily contained in the chromosome. Thus, the chromosome is the basic unit that forms the genome. A sequence of chromosomes spells out…

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