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A Ranch in Hawaii: Four Functions of Management

Each organization is presupposed with a complex of values that should be supported for the genuine outline of it as well as for the organization’s prestige. In this respect, the world of management has many constituents which are significant for the right and effective functioning of an organization. With the flow of time the world changes, but still one cannot say about substantial changes in corporative behavior. In other words, the whole coloring of business affairs can be considered with the internal and external relationships of a company. Hence, better attention toward the internal approach corresponds to further sustainability of a company while making success in communication within personnel. Though, it is vital to have an idea of how functions of management correlate to the work of an organization. It is better to evaluate whether this approach is of great awareness within the staff at a current organization, namely my place of work, a ranch in Hawaii. It is necessary to make glimpses at the types of every function and their definition as well as implementation toward my workplace.

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It is known that leadership skills can be greatly developed in terms of effective management. In turn, management is outlined with a determination of its four main functions, namely: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Thereupon, one can simply admit that the performance and representation of such functions in action can be possible with the participation of people. Pride et al (2009) provide an idea that human resources should be the most significant for management. In fact, before making any assumptions as to how to implement different functions theoretically and practically it is very significant to underline the main participants in their implementation.

First, the planning function is supposed to be represented within the staff. In our ranch, every employee should be aware of terms in which we can provide our work and services for society. It is also apparent when making festivals and different excursions for our visitors and partners. When making more glimpses at this function, it is clear that this one is the “first” in the managerial structure and can be simply defined as “establishing organizational goals and deciding how to accomplish them” (Pride et al, 2009, p. 169). Thus, goal achievements are concerned to be the major feature of the management on the whole. Daft & Marcic (2008) define management as concerned more with planning and attainment of organizational goals by means of productive and effective ways or manners. This is why planning is of great significance for the ranch where I work.

The next function is organizing. It is actually the second step toward a successful management structure. Again Pride et al (2009) characterize this function as the grouping of “resources and activities” for making end results concerned with effectiveness and efficiency.

A good organization of the personnel moves it toward larger and more important goals. In this respect, there is a good relationship between the senior departments of a company and lower and vice versa. All in all, the whole functioning of the “organism” called corporation or firm proves a better connection of all its constituents and parts which are related directly or partially. In our ranch, it is concerned with the hierarchy of employees, so that everyone could do his/her work and be subordinate to someone else. Vertical or horizontal relationships model can be supposed with organizing function.

Leading is, of course, a vital function for making the above-mentioned organism move in the right direction. This third function provides a wide scope of activities and attitudes which are significant in the decision-making process. Pride et al (2009) concentrate more attention on the role of motivation for successful leadership. This idea is fair and logical because in my workplace there is a chief whom everyone obeys and to whom anyone can go for a piece of advice. It is so because this man has great experience in making ranch business outlined with success. Daft & Marcic (2008) insist on the idea that an ideal leader should be very skilled. This is true when providing an outlook on most famous companies and corporations. Notwithstanding an area of a company’s influence over other entertainments, the role of leadership is still viable. In other words, it is a generator of a company. A leader can greatly motivate the personnel and make the idea of an efficient work process. On the other hand, inappropriate leadership can provoke a fiasco for a company.

Continuing a discussion one should bear in mind that there is also the fourth final function of the management, which is controlling. Again, logical assumption about this type of function goes without saying. In fact, this is the element of the management that performs a strict code of norms and rules provided in the workplace by its director or higher representative. Pride et al (2009) evaluate this function as promotion of regulations and activities in order to be sure that the end goals were achieved. In our ranch, the policy of constant verification is an incontestable fact. Every morning and evening our chief inspects the volume of the work to be done at a definite period of time.

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To sum up, management cannot be assumed without its functioning and determination of main principles for hierarchy. This approach is vital and constant for all times.


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