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Motivation as a Means of Productivity Increase

Assignment 1

Background of the Study

It has been noted by scholars long ago that some organizations succeed while others do not, and numerous opinions connect this success to the ways in which the successful organizations motivate their employees to work more effectively and with greater commitment to the organization’s goals and values. For example, it has been noted that the employees that expect certain bonuses from their activities try to be more effective and high-performing at the work place, but often even the material rewards do not solve the issue, and the organizations that pay their employees enough and motivate them still cannot find success. The reason for this is the focus of this paper.

Research Questions (and/or Hypothesis)

Accordingly, the research questions are focused on the topic of the paper. First of all, it is necessary to find out if the motivation is a really effective means of increasing the work efficiency or not. Next, it is necessary to define the ways to motivate employees and consider them from the Human Resources Management perspective. Therefore, the research questions will be as follows:
  1. Does motivation increase the efficiency of work of employees?
  2. How can employees be motivated by HRM department workers?

Finally, the hypothesis of the research paper will follow the idea that motivation is an effective means of performance improvement, and the cases that evidence against this hypothesis are the cases in which HRM department implemented motivational policies incorrectly.

Research Objectives

The objectives of the current research are also focused on the topic of motivation in the workplace as an HRM policy. Having the controversial results about the organizations that either report positive impact of motivational policies on their performance or observe no effect at all, it is necessary to find out which scenario is typical and which one is an exception from the rule. Moreover, it is necessary to find out the basic ways to effectively motivate employees. Thus, research objectives are as follows:
  1. Carry out a research on the sample of an organization to study the impact of HRM motivational policies on the employees’ performance;
  2. Interview the HR managers to see the point of view on motivation;
  3. Interview the employees to see what factors increase their performance and how HRM motivation influences it;
  4. Study the basic motivational policies of HRM department;
  5. Compare the results to previous research reports;
  6. Draw respective conclusions.

Unit of Analysis

The unit of analysis in the research paper will be a business organization that actively implements motivational policies as one of the activities of its HRM department. The sample of the analysis will include 50 employees and 50 managers of the organization. These respondents will be interviewed through a specially devised questionnaire to see their attitudes towards motivation at the work place. The results of the organization analysis will allow the researcher to make conclusions about the effect of motivation of the organization efficiency.


The variables of the research will include the dependant and independent ones. The former will be represented by the data about the organization’s performance, financial reports and the volumes of production it has recently adopted. The satisfaction levels of employees, monitored through the questionnaire, will also be included in the dependant variables. On the whole, dependant variable will be represented by data showing the effect of motivation on the work of employees. The very motivational policies will be considered as independent variables. The relation of dependant and independent variables will allow us see the effect of motivation or the organization’s performance.

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