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Abel & Cole Company’s Marketing and Consumer Behavior

What characteristics affecting consumer buying behavior are at play when customers intend to buy from Abel & Cole?

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The cultural characteristics which affect consumer buying behavior are mainly changes in people’s preferences and tastes. Consumption habits have changed and they are mainly defined by sub-cultures of different populations. Customers in these cultural subsets have similar interests and needs which are collectively shared. Abel and Cole need to be aware that the UK just like other countries in Western Europe is multi-cultural. Consumers in each subculture purchase products that appeal to their cultural instincts.

The social characteristics are mainly in form of patterns of influence that drive customers to purchase particular products and services. The ability of customers to make decisions on what to buy has become more complex. The social structure to which a consumer belongs influences him to purchase a particular brand to fulfill various expectations. Abel and Cole’s products appeal to a cross-section of people because of their organic orientation (Kotler et al. 2008, p. 72).

The personal characteristics that influence buying behavior include lifestyle, occupation, age, and self-image. Some clients prefer individual service delivery; key criteria of Abel and Cole’s delivery service. Individual consumers, therefore, prefer firms that offer products and services which appeal to their personal interests and this determines their buying habits (Kotler et al. 2008, p. 72).

Buyers are influenced by what they think about a product being sold to them. Kotler et al. (2008, p. 73) reveal that psychological factors like perceptions, beliefs, and motivation influence buying behavior. Abel and Cole appeal to the psychological instincts of their customers because the firm observes good environmental and labor practices.

Successful marketing practices applied by Abel & Cole

The company uses sales promotion to provide information about the products it offers on its website. The company has provided contacts on its website which customers can use to contact its sales staff whenever they want to purchase products. The company has used a different marketing approach which helps it to stand out in the market. The company offers additional services and free samples to encourage people to purchase its products (Kotler et al. 2008, p. 81).

The company has effective customer relationship management approaches which enable it to be in touch with its customers. The company is active on social media which enables it to interact with customers to understand their needs and expectations. This marketing practice makes the company be responsive to the needs of its clients.

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The company’s clients can purchase products directly from its website which are then delivered to their residences. This marketing practice offers convenience to a customer because of the integration of different services on the firm’s website. The firm also provides recipes on its website (Kotler et al. 2008, p. 84). This gives clients knowledge on how to get the highest level of satisfaction from the products they purchase.

What type(s) of buying decision behavior are to be observed when customers intend to buy from Abel & Cole?

The complex-buying behavior in customers drives them to choose products because of their unique attributes compared to similar products in the market. Abel and Cole’s customers are attracted to the products because they are organic and do not contain toxic chemical components (Bourlakis & Weightman 2008, p.16). They have confidence in the products offered because of the nutritional and health benefits they get after consuming them.

Dissonance-buying behavior in customers makes them purchase Abel and Cole’s products out of convenience. These customers are likely to think that the difference between the firm’s products and those of its clients is minimal. They easily get dissatisfied with a product whenever they get negative information about it after completing a purchase. Abel and Cole need strong customer relationship management to correct such problems (Bourlakis & Weightman 2008, p.16).

Habitual-buying behavior in customers makes them purchase any brand without taking time to understand its qualities or contents. These customers are not highly involved with brands that they purchase. The firm needs to link the attributes of its brands to a common lifestyle issue. It can make customers be highly involved with its brands by talking about the nutritional and health benefits they will achieve after consuming them.

Variety-seeking behavior makes customers be easily swayed to try other brands in the market because competing products have weak brand attributes. Abel and Cole need to be more involved with customers to ensure that their brands retain strong customer loyalty (Bourlakis & Weightman 2008, p.17).

For post-purchase behavior, what a customer of Abel & Cole may do?

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The post-purchase behavior of an Abel and Cole customer will be influenced by the level of satisfaction he or she gets after consuming a product. If the performance of the product satisfies the client’s expectations, he will be happy and is likely to make a repeat purchase. Peelen (2005, p.65) argues that a satisfied customer will refer other people to try out a product and is likely to become more loyal to it. A customer who feels a product has not performed according to his expectations is likely to get dissatisfied. He is likely to switch to an alternative brand that has benefits he feels the previous brand he purchased lacks.


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