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Marketing: Good Relationship With Customers


Aim of this paper is to develop a good relationship in a company with customer by employing different strategies. Paper starts with discussing different programs which include handling customer complaints, providing information about new or existing products, placing orders, receiving feedback from customers and tracking orders. Paper also analyzes all programs and recommends solution to improve the situation.

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ABC Inc is a very well known company in wholesale and retail of different products. Company mainly aims to enhance good relationships with customers to increase its sales. For a company to become one of the best among customers, it must know the customers’ relationship with the product and brand. (Hutchison, Macy & Allen, 2006). ABC Inc has got different policies currently in place to make customers happy. Each of these policies adopted in this company are explained below with brief description.

Company’s Current Programs

Handling customer complaints

This company has got separate section for handling complaints from customers. There are two persons assigned for handling the complaints and they need to make record of each complaint in very correct and orderly manner. Once customer comes to the company for registering any complaint, he can straight go to complaint section and tells his problem. After hearing the problem, the person in the complaint section tells the solution for the problem and time taken to correct the problem. An acknowledgement for the complaint is given to the customer. After this, all the details and complaint about the product are transferred to technical department of the company for proper check up. If they can sort out the problem then company informs the customer saying complaint has been solved and he can get back the product. If the company cannot solve the problem, it replaces that product with new one.

Providing information about new or existing products

This is done by marketing department of the company. Publicity about the product is given to consumers through various ways. Providing information about new or existing products is very much important to promote products. The main aim is to make reach the details of the product among consumers so that they will get the idea and knowledge about the product. When new products are introduced details of the products are published in website and also through TV and other Media. Also, if discount or any such things are there, such cases are also highlighted to attract customers.

Placing orders

For customers who visit the company has an option to place the orders for the product if the product is out of stock. User requirements are neatly noted and registered properly by the authorities of company. Complete details of the customers are also collected, in order to report to them when stock arrives in the company. Booking facilities are also available for products which have got high demand.

Receiving any other feedback from customers

There is a box kept in the main entrance of the company for putting the feedback from customers. This is for company to improve the customer relationship. This box has been regularly checked by the authorities of the company and analyzes the feedback properly to correct the mistakes they had made. Also if there are good feedbacks then employees of the company will try to maintain that thing in future also.

Tracking an order

This is used to check whether the requirements of the customers are fulfilled correctly. For this, company has separate section for tracking the orders. When new orders are placed, they are recorded properly.

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Analyzing Company’s Customer Relationship Programs

Company’s policy regarding customer relationships is good up to an extent, but it can be improved by putting some more efforts in the existing programs.

Critique Company’s Customer Relationship Programs

Existing programs of a company can be made much better by introducing customer information systems or customer interaction software. “The aim of these systems is to assist in building lasting customer relationships – to turn customer satisfaction into customer loyalty.” (Customer relationship management, 2009, para.1).


By following some extra steps ABC Inc can improve customer relationships and attract more customers towards the company. Customer information system will provide better solution to improve the condition. This kind of system or application will allow the company to establish good customer relationship in every aspect. Customer information collected from different departments can be captured and stored in a centralized database. This system “handles the end customer in a correct and efficient way.” (Customer information system, 2009, Customer relationship management, para.1).

By introducing this system, it will be very useful for customers to check which products are available in the company without visiting in the company. For handling customer complaints, this system is very useful. Company authorities can register the complaints in the system. Once the complaints are registered, technical section of the company can see whether the spare parts of the product are currently available or not. Customer can view all the updates of the product, if customer is a registered user of this system. For company, it can add more information about new and existing products in this system. Customers will get idea about product before coming to company. Here, company can show the discount price, if applicable. So, the purchaser will be able to know about the products which are available at discount. Further, through this system there is option for customers to place an order after viewing the product. This will be useful for both company and customers. If customer places an order before visiting, company authorities can make the product ready before customer comes to the company.


It is not possible to make a customer hundred percent happy, but by implementing certain effective measures, company can make feel customers that they are getting something. Thus, customer relationships in a company can reach high and improve further.


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