Abortion as a Woman’s Choice and Right


Certain scientists consider women a minority in the sense that their rights are often neglected. The problematic nature of choice in women is an issue that has been under debate since the emergence of the suffrage movement in the mid-19th century. If a few decades ago, childbearing was and still is, depending on the culture, considered a priority in patriarchic society. Still, the possibility of abortion, as well as the existence of modern means of contraception present opportunities for women to control the creation of a family. Yet, if a child is unwanted or cannot be raised normally, there arises a question of whether such a family should exist.

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Since the family consists of both women and men, the decision to dispose of a baby should be split equally between parents because the responsibility for such a decision is also equal. Thus, women as mothers should have a substantial but fair share of a voice in this matter because of medical, social and political reasons.

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Having a choice is essential for democracy to work properly which also substantiates the rationale for women to decide whether they want to become mothers. In a democratic society, and especially in the U.S., the freedom of choice and pursuit of one’s happiness is the innate elements of a human being that are protected by the state. If a woman decides that, her happiness is not connected to children at the moment or at all, her choice accords with the constitution, and society should not discourage her from selecting what is best for her.

In addition to that, the timing is rather crucial for having a child. Nowadays, career and education can offset childbirth to a later date because, in current society, these aspects of life became more paramount. Both work and studies could occupy a substantial portion of time, which does not support the adequate upbringing of a young individual. One may argue that with the support from a spouse, combining care for a child and other activities could be made possible. Young mothers working full-time or studying for a degree is a reality nowadays. Yet, psychologists tend to agree that mixing too many activities at once could become excessive and result in stress and health problems.

Thus, a study finds that mothers who combine a career with caring for children are faced with 40% more stress (Barr). One of the parents that is under continuous mental pressure may be less effective or even counterproductive in the task of raising a proper individual. Thus, it could be argued that choosing a suitable time when a woman is ready to give birth through abortion is a crucial element of her happiness. Conversely, a mother that can allocate more time to spend with kids could lead to a happier childhood for them.

One of the core reasons for having an abortion is to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Every person can commit mistakes, and they should have the chance to erase them in order to lead happier lives. Bringing up a child is a serious undertaking and entering this endeavor unprepared could result in poor family relationships. Arguably, one cannot be fully prepared for such a complex and multifaceted issue but being able to provide adequate social, economic, and psychological security to a young individual is essential to the normal physical and mental development of a person. Thus, from the perspective of preparedness, women need to have an instrument that allows them to undo what happened by chance.

In addition to the argument about the unwanted nature of some pregnancies, abortion could serve as protection against having to raise children of rapists. According to Basile et al., 2.9 million women in the U.S. experienced rape-induced pregnancy which was associated with severe mental damage to the victims (770). Raising a product of rape may be as traumatizing as the event itself, the study reports. Therefore, to prevent further mental health issues in such cases, the right to abortion is critical for women to have.

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On the other hand, there are certain considerations against abortion as being a choice for women. One might argue that abortion is a foul practice that should not be carried out at all. In accordance with Christian religious doctrine, abortion is considered a sin, and women should not be allowed to commit it. To some extent, it could be argued that such a stance was adopted due to the dangers of the procedure and the low chance of reproductive function recovery.

Also, given high mortality rates in the middle ages, bearing lots of children was essentially the means for the survival of the species. In modern society, the necessity for childbirth seems to subside due to overpopulation and increased safety of the abortion procedure. Therefore, the rationale for women having a choice in producing a baby is supported by the social, economic, and healthcare conditions. Another major argument in favor of this position is that the event of terminating pregnancy affects the long-term reproductive and mental health of a woman. Thus, a study suggests that post-abortion women were more likely to have pelvic inflammatory diseases and miscarriages (deVeber Institute).

Effects were significant also on psychological stability as women who underwent an abortion had a 34% increased chance of committing a suicide attempt (deVeber Institute). Thus, to prevent adverse occasions for the health and wellbeing of women, abortion should be considered inappropriate practice and withdrawn from being a free choice. Despite the seriousness of the consequences that might follow, women still need to have freedom in having an abortion because their body is their own property. In reproductive health facilities and clinics, staff often relays to pregnant women the consequences of both decisions.

A grown-up and mentally developed woman can consciously weigh the information and come to a conclusion of whether she needs to have an abortion. Devoid of choice in the matter, women who do not want to give birth are often at high risk of postpartum psychosis that in extreme cases could lead to violence, suicide attempts, or murder (Brockington 63). Thus, either option could have health and wellbeing as well as social and economic consequences, which suggests that women should decide for themselves, what chances they are going to take.


All in all, women are free to choose the way to pursue their own happiness, and this right should be irrevocable. The ability to make a decision is the foundation of democracy and abortion with all its negative consequences should stay a matter of choice. Modern society has changed significantly to develop instruments that help women to give birth when they are ready to do so, therefore, provided the decision is well-informed or at least advised there should be no limitations to enforcing it.

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