Abortion in Texas as a Political Issue


Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the developing fetus is ready to be born or able to survive. When it happens naturally, it is known as a miscarriage, and when done deliberately, it is referred to as an induced abortion. Any woman who participates in abortion does so with a deliberate intention of terminating her pregnancy (Farrell 6).

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While some people are strongly opposed to abortion and believe that it should be illegal, others are of the opinion that every woman should be granted an opportunity to decide on whether to abort.

This paper looks at abortion in Texas as a political issue and presents arguments from two opposing sides.

Views and Positions about Abortion in Texas

Generally, the debate about abortion in Texas is very sensitive and must be approached with caution. According to US law, abortion is legal and is permitted in all circumstances. As has already been pointed out, abortion can be looked at from two different perspectives. Some people are pro-abortion, and others are anti-abortion. Apparently, both groups have reasons that compel them to believe the way they do. According to Farrell (7), the issue of abortion is about human rights, and activists tend to choose sides depending on whose rights they are protecting. An activist can opt to fight for the rights of the fetus, pregnant woman, or male figure involved.

Many of those opposed to abortion in Texas consider themselves to be pro-life, whereas those who want abortion to remain legal are pro-choice. According to Camosy (2), the pro-choice category is made up of individuals who are pro-abortion and anti-life. This group believes that all women should be allowed to decide whether to keep a baby. Those who are against abortion advice pregnant women who do not want to have children to give them up for adoption rather than abort. However, there is a possibility of a third category of people who are in the middle (Farrell 8). They do not support abortion but are unhappy at the destruction of a fetus.

For those who are pro-choice, abortion is a means of empowering women. Apparently, abortion is a legal right for all women in Texas and gives them the freedom to choose what to do with their bodies. Drawing from the study by Farrell (10), some families are strongly opposed to the idea of sex before marriage. For this reason, any woman who belongs to such a family and happens to get pregnant before being married will do everything possible to terminate the pregnancy privately. Others may also be pushed to abortion by the fear of being ridiculed in the community as single mothers.

The pro-life category of people, on the other hand, strongly believes that life begins at conception (Fisher 94). As a result, any attempt made by citizens in Texas to terminate a pregnancy before the fetus is ready to be born is unacceptable. It is wrong for adults to make decisions with negative repercussions that affect helpless fetus. Arguably, the fetus should be given an opportunity to develop to maturity. On the contrary, the pro-choice advocates strongly believe that the fetus is nothing close to being human, and hence abortion is cannot in any way be regarded as murder. For pro-life advocates, abortion can only be acceptable in some cases, but not all. For example, abortion may be approved where the pregnancy is a result of rape or in cases of incest. Abortion may also be acceptable in situations where the life of the fetus or the expectant woman is deemed to be in danger. In all other cases, it is improper for one to terminate a pregnancy. Based on the view presented by pro-life advocates, a fetus is a human being with rights that must be respected.

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The subject of abortion is certainly a hot one and must be handled very carefully. As discussed in this paper, it is obvious that there are opposing views concerning the issue of abortion. The two major groups identified in this paper as pro-life and pro-choice both have reasons to support their arguments.

Pro-life advocates are convinced that life is sacred and starts at conception. Consequently, a fetus is a developing human being that has rights that must be respected by everyone in society. It is therefore illegal for anyone to mess up with the normal development of a fetus. However, this group contends that abortion may be permitted in selected cases such as rape or incest. It may also be allowed if it is determined that life is under threat.

Pro-choice advocates believe that abortion will help to empower women in Texas and must thus be supported. Apparently, abortion grants women the freedom to choose what to do with their own bodies. Studies also indicate that sex before marriage is unacceptable in some communities. As a result, any woman who happens to get pregnant before marriage seeks abortion at any cost in order not to become a laughing stock in the community. There are also fears of being stigmatized by members of the community as a single mother.

Considering the arguments presented in this paper, it is imperative to come up with a neutral position that addresses the needs of the two opposing groups. Ideally, every abortion case in Texas should be dealt with individually to determine it legality. Among other things, this will ensure respect for the rights of all the parties involved.

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