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Absolut Vodka Brand and Advertising Agency

The cooperation with an advertising agency for Absolut Vodka is not as beneficial as the work with cultural insiders. It is explained by the global nature of the company’s activities and the need to find a unique perspective to promote their products in different places. From this point of view, the art projects initiated by Absolut Vodka with the participation of individual artists happened to be more beneficial. They allowed distinguishing the company from many other beverage enterprises and thereby contributed to brand recognition. Therefore, the decision of Vadim to make such a risky move led Absolut Vodka to receiving more profits in the long run.

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The cooperation with individual artists during Absolut cultural comeback is an original idea. However, in order to make its practical implementation more efficient, Vadim should focus on several fields rather than selecting a single area. The approach implying the involvement of one type of professionals, for example, designers, corresponds more to the work of agencies that prefer linear policies. In the case of the creative method selected by the company’s managers, it is critical to attract more people from different fields. Hence, the cooperation of designers, artists, musicians, and photographers will be more productive than the intention to involve only professionals from a single field.

In order to make the Absolut comeback distinctive, Vadim should take specific actions to demonstrate the difference between the company’s approach and the initiatives of their competitors. Therefore, it will be beneficial to emphasize the original decisions of the management and their correspondence to continuously changing demands. This action can be complemented by highlighting the flexibility of the policies of Absolut not only in terms of the range of products but also in the aesthetic aspect of the matter.

As for the focus of the brand’s engagement with the creative field, it should be related to the attempts to contribute to other spheres different from production and sales. In this case, the key principles of Vadim’s cultural strategy should be the involvement of people from different places in the world and the consideration of the perceptions of various cultures. Their combination will create a more favorable image of the company.

In order to breathe new life into the Absolut bottle campaign, Vadim should completely change the initial strategies. Since the company experiences a period of decline, it is vital to attract the attention of customers to it. However, it can be done only with the help of techniques that are drastically different from the old ways. Therefore, he can start a new campaign by emphasizing the innovative approach of Absolut Vodka and the consideration of customers’ interests.

Vadim should manage and deploy the new cultural strategy throughout the Absolut organization with the help of employees at all levels and their cooperation with artists, designers, musicians, and photographers. Since the orientation of this initiative is on the customers, the inclusion of a variety of perspectives on the process will be beneficial in terms of its outcome. Thus, the involvement of all these people will allow considering the cultural views of their clients.

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