Academic Integrity in a Nursing Program


I think there is academic integrity in my nursing program. Academic integrity is a requirement that all students should observe in the course of their studies. The broad definition of academic integrity is the dedication to honesty and morally upright behavior in academic endeavors (Wong, Lim,& Quinlan, 2016).). This form of integrity is important because it allows students to gain useful knowledge and develop life-long skills needed for the advancement of one’s career goals.

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The repercussions of academic dishonesty are negative, and students may be forced to quit their studies or punished severely based on the set rules and regulations in different learning institutions. In nursing, students are supposed to uphold high standards of academic integrity because the knowledge gained from such practices will be needed later in life when handling patients in the workplace. If someone was involved in academic dishonesty, he or she may not be able to handle patients as required and minor mistakes could lead to fatal consequences.


The first evidence of academic integrity in my nursing program is the way I handle my work. After assignments are issued, I take time to do thorough research in a bid to understand what is required. If I do not understand part of the instructions, I consult the relevant individuals for clarification. Additionally, when writing my assignments, I ensure that my work is referenced properly using the appropriate referencing styles.

It took me time to familiarize myself with the different referencing styles, but it was a worthwhile investment because I am now proficient in ensuring academic integrity by avoiding plagiarism. Additionally, I cannot engage in any form of academic dishonesty because it is against the very premise of going to school and gaining knowledge to impact humanity. I have used this personal account as proof of academic integrity in my nursing program. I have talked to other classmates and they hold the same views.

Promoting Academic Integrity

Academic integrity should be a philosophy that students live by in the course of their studies. While rules and regulations can go a long way in ensuring that students observe honesty, I propose a different approach to the issue. The cardinal rule of education is to empower and equip students with useful knowledge that can be used to further their careers and impact humanity. Therefore, the first duty should be to inform students of the need for honesty in their academic work.

We need to create a culture where students are proud of their honesty. In this proposed culture, observing integrity would be more celebrated than passing examinations. As such, even if I failed in a given subject, I would be proud that I observed academic integrity, and tutors can take the appropriate steps to help me improve my grades. Some students are forced to violate academic integrity due to the pressure exerted by parents and peers to pass excel in education (Simola, 2017).

While excelling in academics is laudable, it should not come at the expense of integrity. I suggest that all stakeholders should be involved in changing education policy from a result-based to skill-based approach where I will be gauged based on my skills. As such, the need for academic integrity will be intrinsic and lasting. However, my proposal does not mean that traditional ways such as having policies and punishing dishonest individuals should be overlooked. A perfect mix of the two approaches is needed to create a healthy balance.

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