Career Challenges in Teaching Language


The modern world poses numerous challenges to any individual who wants to survive and become successful. The great paces of the rise of technologies combined with the significant reconsideration of the existing priorities result in the appearance of new demands to young specialists. One should accept the fact that education became one of the most important aspects needed for anyone to build his/her own career and attain success (Christensen par. 2). However, numerous examples and individuals experiences prove that knowledge is not the only aspect that preconditions success. The ability to overcome challenges and move forward becomes the thing needed for anyone to reach the goal and enjoy positive outcomes. For this reason, the possibility to foresee the majority of obstacles that might appear and create an appropriate solution to overcome them is crucial for any person.

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Besides, building a career is a complex and long-term process that depends on numerous factors that impact final results. Thus, speaking about the sphere of language we should say that it remains both complex and topical. The fact is that the increased paces of globalization combined with the tendency towards the cultural exchange precondition the unique significance of this subject (Renuga and Ezhilan 482). Additionally, these facts also pose a certain threat to language as it suffers from the external influence of numerous bearers of other cultures and mentalities who add new phenomena and peculiarities. For this reason, a person who wants to build a career in the given sphere should be ready to face numerous complicated challenges. However, the topicality and great importance of the sphere contribute to its increased importance and guarantee great attention to it.

Thus, speaking about the most common challenges, we should mention the unique level of rivalry peculiar to it. There are numerous specialists who work in the sphere of language and try to become successful. On the one hand, it is obvious that numerous scientists contribute to the improved outcomes as they are able to look at the same problem from different perspectives (Fielding 18). However, on the other hand, a great number of people studying the same phenomena make the probability of new discovery extremely low. However, any scientist wants to make his/her own contribution and guarantee that his/her name and reputation will be appreciated by colleagues (Jung and Sinclair 19). Yet, it could be possible only if an individual who belongs to the sphere is able to suggest another perspective that was unknown before. In this regard, the only possible solution is to keep trying and try to use another unconventional approach to the traditional problem and try to explore it to attain success and interest scientists.

Furthermore, another significant challenge that increases the complexity of the sphere is the lack of knowledge. It is obvious, that language is one of the most investigated aspects of society as this aspect is an integral part of our civilization (“Challenges in Teaching” par. 3). However, this fact does not decrease its difficulty. There are still numerous phenomena that could hardly be understood without specific background knowledge that should be explored. Furthermore, investigating different aspects of the language, it is crucial to monitor their alterations in real-time and real-life conditions, communicating with social groups that alter the above-mentioned aspects and introduce new regularities. For this reason, the lack of practical knowledge could become a real challenge for a person who wants to build a career in the given sphere. The constant communication with native speakers and investigation of new and latest alterations in the sphere is the only solution that could be recommended to use to become successful.

Finally, there is another aspect that should obviously be minded when creating a strategy needed to become successful. It is related to the rise of technologies, globalization, and the appearance of new tendencies in science that could make the previous approaches outdated. At the moment we could observe a number of changes that happen in the given sphere. The globalization that was mentioned above results in the appearance of new dialects, words, and terms. Furthermore, new technologies condition the implementation of new tools to investigate different phenomena and trace the evolution of various aspects (Alizadeh 428). For this reason, the mass character of innovations might become another challenge a person working in the given sphere should be ready to face and overcome. The only efficient approach is to trace the development of the technologies and be ready to use them in the functioning.


Altogether, the topicality and importance of the sphere of language precondition the appearance of numerous challenges that complicate the process of building a career and could prevent a person from becoming successful (Holmqvist and Gronroos 431). The ability to overcome these difficulties will obviously serve as the guaranty of positive final outcomes. That is why an individual who works in the given sphere should be ready to monitor the latest alteration in the given sphere, use new perspectives and innovations to remain acknowledged and successful. Only under these conditions he/she will be able to reach the goal.

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