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Acting Out “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”

Cast of characters: Dorothy; Witch; Little Men; Narrator.

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Narrator: After a terrible cyclone, Dorothy woke up in her house turned upside down in some strange land. It was a country of marvelous beauty. Dorothy stood up to see the land. She went outside her home and began to look around. Suddenly she saw a group of people coming up to her.

/A group of Little Men and the Witch comes to Dorothy at the middle of the stage. The Witch comes up to Dorothy. /

  • (the Witch) “You are welcome, most noble Sorceress, to the land of the Munchkins. We are so grateful to you for having killed the Wicked Witch of the East, and for setting our people free from bondage” (Baum, 1900).

/Dorothy looks surprised and answers in surprised voice/

  • (Dorothy) “You are very kind, but there must be some mistake. I have not killed anything” (Baum, 1900).
  • (the Witch) “Your house did, anyway and that is the same thing. See! There are her two feet, still sticking out from under a block of wood” (Baum, 1900). /The Witch says this with a mere smile on her face/

Narrator: Dorothy looked at her house and she was really shocked with what she saw.

/Dorothy turns to her house and she cries loudly, clasping her hands in dismay/

  • (Dorothy) “Oh, dear! Oh, dear! The house must have fallen on her. Whatever shall we do?” (Baum, 1900).
  • (The Witch says in calm, but happy voice) “There is nothing to be done” (Baum, 1900).
  • (Dorothy) “But who was she?” (Baum, 1900).
  • (The Witch says with sad face and calm and serious voice) “She was the Wicked Witch of the East, as I said. She has held all the Munchkins in bondage for many years, making them slave for her night and day. Now they are all set free, and are grateful to you for the favor” (Baum, 1900).
  • (Dorothy asks with curiosity) “Who are the Munchkins?” (Baum, 1900).
  • (The Witch) “They are the people who live in this land of the East where the Wicked Witch ruled” (Baum, 1900).
  • (Dorothy) “Are you a Munchkin?” (Baum, 1900).
  • (The Witch) “No, but I am their friend, although I live in the land of the North. When they saw the Witch of the East was dead the Munchkins sent a swift messenger to me, and I came at once. I am the Witch of the North” (Baum, 1900).
  • (Dorothy cries with surprise) “Oh, gracious! Are you a real witch?” (Baum, 1900).
  • (The Witch smiles and answers in a polite and smiling voice)”Yes, indeed. But I am a good witch, and the people love me. I am not as powerful as the Wicked Witch was who ruled here, or I should have set the people free myself” (Baum, 1900).
  • (Dorothy says in frightened and trembling voice) “But I thought all witches were wicked” (Baum, 1900).
  • (The Witch says in explanatory voice) “Oh, no, that is a great mistake. There were only four witches in all the Land of Oz, and two of them, those who live in the North and the South, are good witches. I know this is true, for I am one of them myself, and cannot be mistaken. Those who dwelt in the East and the West were, indeed, wicked witches; but now that you have killed one of them, there is but one Wicked Witch in all the Land of Oz—the one who lives in the West” (Baum, 1900).

Narrator: Dorothy as never met a real Witch as she used to be told that they are all dead. But this is only point of view of civilized society, though witches live in different parts of our world, the only point is to find them, whatever the adults say…

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