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Adolescent Sex Offender Treatment


The increase of juvenile sexual offenders is considered to be one of the central problems of modernity; this person can be characterized as youth committing sexual act with other person against the will of the victim in a threatening, aggressive or exploitive manner. The depth of the problem lies in community and family ignorance of various early warnings and exploitive behaviors of teenagers leading to sexual assaults. The paper will be concentrated on the investigation of juvenile sexual offenses and the level of their seriousness in modern society; it will disclose the nature of adolescent sex offender treatment based on definition and exploration of sexual assault cycles covering all its stages and characteristics.

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Juvenile Sexual Offenses

The awareness of sexual offenses among young generation resulted in need of child abuse community to intervene with sexual offenders.

Developmental Factors

The threats to sexual offenses victimization are predominantly connected with the lack of self control, powerlessness, and the feeling of anger…

Historical Overview and statistics

Historical analysis of the problem development demonstrated the idea that high incidence of victimization is usually faced from the very childhood.

‘Stretch’ case

The case covers the attempts to commit for a juvenile treatment center secure, leading to deviant behaviors progressive development.

Sexually offended victims’ reaction

The reaction analysis of sexually offended victims as well as the one of offenders is the task of therapists identified in all treatment settings.


The treatment is dedicated to the exploration of offender’s awareness as to committed assault; it helps to investigate all the stages of the process and establish the causes of abusive behavior.

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Tools facilitating sexual assault cycle

Tools controlling the cycle of sexual assault comprise the following elements: positive sexuality training and sex education, cognitive restructuring, taking of the risk, covert sensitization, special homework assignments, deviant arousal patterns, and victim empathy sessions.

‘Luke’ case

The case is concentrated on the idea that the treatment can produce self awareness allowing controlling sexual behavior; it was committed for the purpose of correctional facility secure.


The development of sexually abusive behavior in modern society appeared to be connected with considerable challenges in national values and the interests of the youth; the principle task to be taken into account is related to complete control of sexual offender’s deviancy through a number of developed tools. Adolescent Sex Offender Treatment will impact the decrease of victimization level and stimulate the development of special programs for sexual offenders’ involvement and control.


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