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Mentoring Dad on Call: Juvenile Delinquency

It is essential to start the youth organization in view of the increasing incidents of juvenile delinquencies which need to be tackled effectively in reforming children with such tendencies. The concept of Mentoring Dad is in keeping with the true spirit of being a mentor for all and a dad for many as introduced by the Advocates for Students, School Administrators and Parents. Having been established in September 2008, the organization has the mission of helping minority students in low income school districts, who are unable to cope with the disciplinary action initiated against them due to poor academic performance , which in most cases results from lack of guidance from a father, mentor or role model in his immediate surroundings. Such students, who fail in life at the initial stage, stand a greater chance of being involved in criminal activities due to lack of proper guidance and mentoring (Larry J. Siegel, 2005). It is in this context that the concept of MD on call has been initiated by the organization in being an advocate for not only students but also for school administrations to coordinate both parties into a meaningful and well directed effort to improve the future prospects of such students. Although schools do have Guidance Counselors and school Psychologists, they have not been very effective in truly catering to the psychological needs of such children. The MD on call will considerably reverse the negative trend amongst these students by acting as a fatherly figure to them since they are lax and incompetent primarily because of the absence of a fatherly figure in their lives.

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The MD on call has been quite successful at the Pendleton Juvenile Facility in Indiana which has a team that counsels after visiting the scene of the incidents and resolves the situation peacefully without the use of the provided procedures of the administration. This program prevents delinquent children from being sent behind bars and helps students, administrators and parents, as also the society in facilitating the prevention of such high risk students from taking the wrong path in life. Ultimately the entire society benefits since so many youngsters are prevented from the possibility of reaching a dead end in their educational efforts. This also prevents them from becoming a public nuisance and curtails the burden on the state in reducing the number of juvenile delinquents to be taken care of at the ultimate cost of the taxpayer.

It is well known that a student is always more responsive with a fatherly figure who gives him a passionate hearing and leads him towards a disciplinary pattern of leading his life. Such encouragement will surely result in greater chances of the student being more disciplined, productive and successful in life. Such students will be more prone to inculcating the learnt practices amongst their peers by way of mentoring, tutoring and in helping administrations in this regard. If there is a greater percentage of students who succeed with such efforts, the administration will be better equipped to improve the over all educational environment and there will be fewer instances of disciplinary actions. There will be better and higher levels of relationships and understanding amongst students, parents and administrators and they will be able to work in synergy to achieve better results instead of being constant adversaries (Robert Agnew, 2008). In essence the MD on Call can act as a very effective means in bridging the gap between students, administrations and parents.


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