Ads and Marketing in “The Selling Game” Video

What are the main messages and themes in the video “The Selling Games”?

The video is aimed at delivering the following main messages and themes:

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  1. Video advertisements have inspired the qualitative shifts in the ad world thus leading to a whole new approach to producing ads – making them brighter and more appealing than they used to be and easier to remember the product they show;
  2. Video ads as compared to other ways of advertising are more likely to lead to the increased consumption as the potential consumers are more likely to pay attention to them, especially when they spend their evenings sitting in front of their TV sets;
  3. Apart from the growth in consumption, bright and appealing ads also shape our consumption needs and rise desire to buy particular goods creating an illusion that if we own them, it will lead to becoming happier;
  4. Together with that, advertisements control our buying habits, as we are more likely to buy the goods, we have seen on TV rather than those of the unknown manufacturer even if they are more expensive and of poorer quality than the unfamiliar ones;
  5. Ads have become so bright and appealing that sitting in front of TV we do not have the desire to switch it to another channel and watch them with pleasure.
  6. Television as a mass medium has changed so that it has become more saturated with ads.

What is the impact of the Internet on marketing?

With the explosive development of the information and communication technologies, our lives have changed. The outburst of the Internet has led to qualitative changes in every area of the life of society and mass media, and the marketing sphere is not an exception.

The Internet is now considered to be a new kind of marketing. There are few reasons for believing this statement. First of all, with the spread of the Internet and as it gains popularity in our everyday life, it has become easier for the marketers to discover the preferences of the consumers. With the help of the Internet, it is easier to reach the potential consumer and influence his or her buying habits and consumption needs.

Before the era of the Internet, the marketing experts used to conduct questionnaires and taste tests to find out what people are interested in buying. It is not a secret that while we browse the web, we are watched by the big companies so that they identify our interests in the goods. The next time we enter the apps that are connected to the Internet, we are shown the ads of the goods similar to those we searched before. Moreover, the Internet is used as a tool for attracting the public and creating the emotional benefit of the particular products and services.

How are products now being sold and why?

Nowadays with the outburst of the Internet, its expansion in our everyday life, and the qualitative changes it has provoked in the ads sector, it has become easier to sell the goods. First of all, the ads have become brighter and more appealing than they used to be so that it is easier to shape the consumption needs and buying habits. Second, there are whole blocks of ads that are present on nearly every website.

These ads are offered to the consumer based on the overall trends in searching particular goods and services or upon the consumer’s personal search history. Together with that, they have become an additional source of income for the websites. What is more, consumers are used as an additional source of inspiration for the further changes in the ads sphere as advertisers are usually open to the consumers’ suggestion as they often launch samples of the ads and are looking forward the audience’s response to them.

Moreover, today we are living in the era in which becoming a celebrity is next to or even better than being wealthy. That means that there is a trend towards promoting goods through showing that they are popular with the celebrities. So, popularizing the luxury lifestyle of celebrities is one more effective way to increase the growth of consumption and shape the buying habits and needs.

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What role does the consumer now play in selling and buying?

Nowadays, the consumer has become one of the tools for the further development of the goods and services market. As the consumers are imposed an opinion that leading luxury lifestyle similar to those of the celebrities and buying expensive goods will make happier, the advertisers add to the continuous evolution of the market.

Moreover, consumers are used as an efficient instrument for collecting data needed for the further development of the ads sector, as they are invited by the companies to discover their buying habits and consumption needs through inspecting their interests via the Internet that followed the questionnaires and taste tests. Together with that, network and smartphones the consumers use in the everyday life are seen as a tool for collecting personal information so that it is easier to offer the consumer the ad he or she might be interested in based on the search history.

What does the marketing of the future look like?

The marketing of the future will have several peculiar characteristics. First of all, the big companies will keep in inviting the audience to make video ads and use the Internet as the tool for collecting data regarding the buying habits of the consumers and exploring their dark side. Second, the reality shows and promoting luxury lifestyle similar to that of celebrities will be used as an instrument for shaping the consumption needs of the audience.

Third, the companies see the future of marketing in cellphones and the network they use as the additional source of gaining information about the preferences in goods and services of the consumers and track the browsers for the information they search for and then, as it was mentioned above, offer the ads of the similar goods and services. What is more, mobile apps are used as the additional source for advertising as most of them contain ads because they are a good way of commercialization.

Fourth, the marketing of the future will continue the further exploitation of Google as an efficient tool for the Internet tracking and gathering information about consumers as well as advertisers so that the ads are seen by those who are interested in them based on their search history. Together with that, it will be used to collect very personal information such as location thus showing the places nearby where the consumers could spend their money.

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