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Advertising and Promotion Analysis

Evian advertising banner.
Evian: We’re all babies inside. (AOTW, 2014)

The above is an advertisement for the Evian drink, which shows a man whose midsection resembles a child. The advertisement illustrates that the drink helps people feel young and forget their worries. It further has a writing that shows that no one deserves to feel like a grown-up inside, as this is filled with worries and pain. Moreover, the commercial indicates that the Evian drink can make people forget their worries that result from the daily hustles.

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The information is implied and not explicit, as water cannot affect a person’s feeling, but it only quenches their thirst. Moreover, the information offered is cogent since the man looks very happy and young despite his actual age. The rhetorical words used further convince the reader that Evian can change a customer’s outlook (Stafford & Faber, 2005). They state that all people are all babies inside to enhance the message. The advert is for all demographics men, women, boys, and girls.

The second advertisement shows the ‘Goodnight Mattress,’ where a thief who had stolen a mattress and which comforting nature forced him to sleep on the spot. It also shows the owners that the mattress is good because it cannot be stolen. The above is clearly shown by the fact that the thief stole it from the bedroom, where he had fallen asleep.

It is a clear indicator that it is very comfortable that even a thief on transit cannot to leave it. It is meant to convince buyers to make purchases since the mattress will offer them the ability to forget all their problems. More so, the mattress is so comfortable that one forgets all their troubles and problems (Belch & Belch, 2012). It further has rhetorical words at the corner that state that one falls asleep quickly, which enhance the earlier message.

The demographics are women, and the youth in the middle and high income categories. The advert is implied because a mattress cannot make one sleep easily when their minds are troubled psychologically. Instead, a person needs to be peaceful in order to fall asleep quickly. A calm poor man sleeps much better than a troubled rich man. The information offered is cogent as the thief had fallen asleep with his shoes and bags on and forgot all his troubles.

Good Night Advertising Banner.
(AOTW, 2014)

The third advertisement is ‘comforta,’ which is a sleeping gown for men and women. It shows a huge person who has a baby’s face. This implies that the product can make any man or woman forget their worries and sleep like a child. The demographics are men and women in mid, low, and high income categories. It further has a rhetorical writing that indicates the users will sleep like they used to in their childhood. It implies that buying the product is part of the solution to forgetting the constant worries. Additionally, the person have fallen asleep very fast that they forgot to remove their spectacles or keep the book down.

Comforta advertising banner.
(AOTW, 2014)

The implications in the advert look explicit because all the factors point to a comfortable sleep experienced by the person (Belch & Belch, 2012). One can tell that they are sound asleep, and they have forgotten to do the basic things, such as covering themselves or removing their spectacles. The marketer is highly cogent as all the elements in the advertisement add up and show the reality of the sweet sleep.

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