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Physical Beauty and Advertising Relationship

Introduction Nowadays, physical attractiveness is one of the most significant criteria for assessing people. It has a robust influence on the process of socialization and significantly affects self-esteem and believing in individual specialness. In general, understanding physical beauty is a complex psychosocial phenomenon, which has its roots in the increased access to information and intensive advertising and marketing. In other…

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Arab Stereotypes in the Media

Introduction Nowadays, the world faces the problem of battling terrorism and its expansion. Many countries are involved in the confrontation with terrorists, which causes the formation of certain stereotypes of a typical Arab portrayed in the popular and news media. It is generally recognized that a negative image of Arabs and Muslims created by the media helps to promote military…

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Signs for Creating Meaning in Advertising

Signs and codes visual art Signs and Codes Signs and codes in visual arts are described as the means for providing particular information and mood. People understand signs and codes in visuals as living in one and the same society we have common rules for interpreting those signs and codes that helps us understand the surrounding world (Quin 2006, p.…

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Sociological Research in Media Representations

Introduction: On the Sociological Research A sociological research is one of the experiments that can be carried out with the help of different means and from a number of viewpoints and aspects. Among the most widespread ones, the media representations and the sociological research can be spotted; each provides quite similar account of the phenomenon or people in question, yet…

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The “Poor Kids” Video by Frontline

Nowadays, many people suffer from poverty and cannot allow themselves to live in appropriate conditions all the time. They may earn big money, lose everything within the next day, and become homeless in a week. Such an idea becomes more terrible when poverty touches upon the lives of little children. Frontline makes an amazing attempt to introduce the world of…

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What It Takes to Be a Professional?

Introduction Today, more than ever before, hiring professionals in contemporary organizations are increasingly using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as screening tools for potential employees (Root & McKay 202). This predisposition is being facilitated by the proliferation of social networking sites, which has afforded individuals new means to communicate with friends, co-workers and even strangers via networks…

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Emirates Group: Advertising and Passenger Communications

Executive summary This is a business report on the advertising at Emirates Group. It entails the Group’s strategies and activities on passenger communication, visual services, and advertising. The report discusses the activities of advertising, which include, budgeting factors based on the ROI and accountability, Information, Communications, Entertainment (ICE), flight Passenger Communications, Onboard information, cabin crew communications, and the Digital Communications…

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Business Ethics in “Merchants of Cool” Documentary

Introduction It should be noted that the video “Merchants of Cool” is a vivid example of the way media and large corporations can use sensitive population groups to achieve their main aim, which is to earn as much money as possible. The movie explicitly shows how young adults are used and gradually brainwashed into purchasing something that, in fact, is…

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Public Opinion and the Media

Introduction Academics and professionals claim that most Americans guess their responses to survey questions; have narrow, weak opinions about the US government policies; and are easily influenced by the media based on standard narratives, politicians, corporations, or advocacy groups. Public opinion reflects public views on various government agendas and political affairs. It is extremely important for various reasons. First, opinions…

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Changing Trends in “Free TV” by Michael Newman

Introduction The article ‘Free TV: File-Sharing and the Value of Television’ by Newman (2012) focused on the changing trend in the circulation of television programs. In this article, the researcher notes that since its invention, television has always been free for the audience. The content has been delivered to the mass through the broadcast method, and traditionally this is what…

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National Security and Press Media in Vietnam War

According to Errington & Miragliotta, the American government used national security to inflict more control on civil autonomy and media (2007, p.6). National security influenced the media to put across their preferred views. National security manipulated the media to portray the opponents as untrustworthy and weak individuals. National security used stereotypes and scapegoats to defend the government. For example, the…

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Persuasive Business & Social Ads and TED Talk

Media is a powerful tool for transferring important messages can change the opinions of the public or make a difference by supporting a particular point of view or persuade to change one’s opinion. This paper will examine three examples of such persuasive messages found in media. A persuasive message is the one that usually involves a benefit or appeal for…

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Environmental Impacts of Events

Introduction The definition of each environmental variation is paramount to the schedules and plans devised to create a successful and sustainable, as well as an all-inclusive event. Essentially, event managers control and identify the shortcomings of such events and pave a way through determining the possible resolutions that can solve such issues. When deliberating on the most pertinent environmental factors…

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Rolling Stone’s “A Rape Case on Campus”

Introduction The truth in the case From a close evaluation of the story, one is in a position to tell that the Rolling Stone’s version of the story, “A Rape Case on Campus”, is a story of journalistic failure that could be avoided. The narrative’s failure involved poor reporting, editorial mistakes, and carelessness in evidence checking. The magazine overlooked various…

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Authencity in “Fakebook Generation” by Alice Mathias

Alice Mathias is a Dartmouth University graduate in Hanover, New Hampshire in the United States who wrote the article ‘Fakebook Generation’. She argues that the use of social media platforms was turning into a comic. Moreover, she doubts the fact that social media could promote genuine personal and professional connections. Information on the platform cannot be relied on as people…

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Social Media in Activism and Revolutions

Introduction The significant developments in technology, especially the use of social media has simplified the way like-minded individuals air their grievances and articulate positions on issues of interest. In this modern society, social media is like a traditional community, where aggravated individuals converge in a common place to plan for protests. It is clear that the social media platform has…

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News and Feature Articles as Writing Genres

Introduction The proponent of this study attempted to appreciate the deeper meaning and intended message of two articles. The first one is a news article and the second one is a feature article. The process was made easier by reviewing essays regarding writing genres (Dirk 250). The same thing can be said after reading the essay discussing the writing process…

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Cars in Popular Culture and Mass Media

The entirety of ideas, fancy images, attitudes, and perspectives within the cultural mainstream define what is known as popular (or pop) culture (Liu, Lee, & Groves, 2016). These attitudes and ideas are usually influenced by a wide range of mass media platforms such as social networks and television channels. The outstanding fact about pop culture is that it constantly influences…

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Persuasion in Health, Sports and Business Ads

Today, the power of persuasion is one of the most important aspects in many organizations. Some companies use persuasion to make people pay more attention to their products and services. Some organizations use this technique to motivate people and provide them with opportunities. Media is the field where persuasion messages take a considerable place. In this project, three different persuasive…

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“The Grandfather of All Treaties” by Candace Maracle

The movie I recently watched was filmed in 2015 and appeared on the screens this year. It was directed by Candace Maracle, who has already won an award for her first documentary, so I expected this one to be rather impressive as well. Being an experienced journalist, the director gathered lots of information about the indigenous mobilization, which provided her…

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Social Media Changing Interpersonal Relationships

The digital revolution is indeed an important phenomenon that completely changed humans’ lives. Before it, the communication between humans was limited to real-time face-to-face or phone conversations and written asynchronous communication (letters, pagers, phone texts). However, nowadays, people tend to communicate through social networks, text sessions, Snapchat, etc. (Wagner, 2015, p. 116). The human brain is not capable of evolving…

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Journalistic Ethics: the Guardian and Edward Snowden’s Case

Introduction The case study discussed in this research paper is that of Edward Snowden and the series of embarrassing allegations and leaks that were printed by the UK based newspaper, Guardian, against the mass surveillance system that the US government had established along with the National Security Agency (NSA) (Greenwald, MacAskill and Poitras par. 3). Initially, the Guardian printed a…

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“The Corporation”

If there will always be dominating, self-serving institutions, why is the corporate rule today any worse than the alternatives? The movie The corporation gives us a good and clear description of the main processes peculiar to the economy of the majority of states in the world nowadays. It states the fact that business corporations became the leading power. However, it…

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The Spirited Away Animated Film

Film Summary The animated film, Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi), by Hayao Miyazaki is of Japanese origin and was released in the year 2001. The animated film is based on the story of a girl called Chihiro Ogino who is ten years old. As Chihiro and her parents were on their way to a neighborhood, she transitions into…

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The Psychological Effects of Violent Media on Children

In contemporary society, children spend a lot of time-consuming different forms of media such as video games, the Internet, television, and movies. Extensive research has shown that children are exposed to violence in the aforementioned media forms in various ways. These exposures have both short-term and long-term effects on the psychological well-being of children. The most common psychological effects of…

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Hillary Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Introduction Public opinion about a person is usually based on the image created by the media. Politics, celebrities, famous people, and anyone else caught by the lens of a camera become dependent on the information produced by the journalists of all kinds. Media has powerful tools to shape public opinion: television, radio, the internet, and now social networks. Sometimes, a…

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Dove’s Racism in Promoting New Shower Foam

Introduction Modern media advertising is engaged in various social issues as it strives to focus on the context and customer’s backgrounds to promote products and services. One of the most critical social problems refers to racism that is widely combated across the world yet remains alive in some cases. The media advertising presented recently by Dove shows a woman of…

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Advertising: Aviva – Saving for the Future

Introduction Studies show that young people do not save, and this behavior follows them into adulthood under the assumption that the government will take care of their needs in old age. People find it difficult to put some money aside because there always seems to be an urgent need for that money. In addition, people are unaware of the importance…

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“The Net Is a Waste of Time” by William Gibson

Some people claim that the internet is a complete waste of time. Nevertheless, internet users have many experiences on the Web that can be life fulfilling. For example, people work, date, connect, argue, mourn, inform, study, entertain themselves, and so on. In his essay, William Gibson, who criticises the internet, is incorrect on several counts. Clearly, the internet provides a…

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Advertising: Patriotism and Buyer Behavior

Patriotic advertising is a viable way of appealing to the consumer base. However, it may lead to undesirable adverse effects if applied inappropriately or without alignment with other important determinants of consumer behavior. The following paper presents an overview of patriotism-oriented marketing in the Canadian market and provides an assessment of the likely consumer response to the approach based on…

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Social Media Techniques for Communication Management

Communication is an integral part of modern society, as well as the business world. It is not only a way to exchange information or attract people. Communication is a means to improve management and job performance and achieve positive results and competitive advantage (Clampitt, 2016). Nowadays, many organizations underline the importance of communication in the development of business relations. Still,…

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Cyclefest: Marketing Communication Plan

Market Analysis Cyclefest can be described as an open area event that is attempting to take advantage of the growing popularity of cycling and outdoor festivals (Beard and Ross 2013). It is based on this that it can be classified as a form of events tourism wherein people from various locations within the U.K. and abroad are encouraged to come…

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Field Trip to the Golden Dragon Parade

Introduction In my perception, Chinese Ney Year is inseparably linked to rich symbolic imagery, ancient superstitions, delicious foods, and colorful festivals. It is possible to say that the Golden Dragon Parade, which takes place in the Chinatown of Los Angeles every year since the very beginning of the 20th century (Golden Dragon Parade), reveals the nature of this traditional holiday…

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Topic: Entertainment & Media

Stereotypes in “Moonlight” Film by Barry Jenkins

Introduction Moonlight chronicles the life of a queer black boy singled out for being too soft and feminine, but eventually transformations himself to a menacingly muscular drug dealer with gold teeth grills accentuating his maleness. The movie segregates the journey of an adolescent boy into manhood into three chapters. Initially, he is shown as soft and reticent, bullied by his…

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Topic: Entertainment & Media

Tomorrowland Festival’s Event Management

Introduction Events of all nature have socioeconomic and environmental implications. The implications underline the need for engaging in environmentally and socially responsible processes for decision-making and integration of such decisions into the events planning, arrangement, and implementation processes (Stone & Millan 2011). The goal is to ensure responsible hosting and participation in events. For this goal to be realised, events…

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Topic: Entertainment & Media

Grand Theft Auto V Game as a Threat to Society

Introduction Imaginary worlds created by the movie and game industry are fascinating. Modern technologies allow creating masterpieces of science fiction, fantasy, historical movies, and others as well as real video games that can give much more than movies can. Video games are interactive; they provide a gamer with an opportunity to interact with the environment in various ways. Some games…

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Muslim Culture in the “Islam in America” Movie

Introduction Islam remains one of the oldest religions in the world. This ancient faith educates its followers about Allah and his teachings. Allah, according to Muslims, is the only God. This is not the same God worshipped by Jews and Christians. This is the case because a Christian God exists in the form of the Holy Trinity. Even though Islam…

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US Democracy and Its Media Representation

Introduction Democracy refers to a system of governance whereby the citizens are allowed to participate in the policymaking process. In a democratic state, the people elect their leaders in a general election. The elected leaders usually represent the public in the process of policy formulation. According to Monten (2005), the decisions made by the leaders represent the voice of the…

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John Heilpern’ Journalism Techniques

In the frames of the current journalistic trends, the participative approach to writing prevails, allowing authors to express their personal attitude to the events. Willis (2003) noted that “What you give up in terms of arms-length objectivity, you more than gain in terms of understanding and empathy” (p. 21). The modern genre of a feature story presupposes conveying journalists’ emotions…

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“Human Change” and “Do What You Can” Posters

It is possible to presume that the visual materials may largely support the contemporary initiatives for the achievement of climate sustainability. Images on the ecological issues aim to encourage the ecologically friendly behavior and raise awareness of the topical problems. When arguments are visually supported, it becomes easier to comprehend and remember them. The images which will be analyzed in…

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Topic: Entertainment & Media

Social Media: Benefits over Disadvantages

Argument premise 1: Humans utilize social media as a substitute for face-to-face communication and interaction, but it is not equivalent to real-life communication and lacks integrity. Argument premise 2: Social media often persuade users to share private information about themselves or family members that can be harmful to their privacy. C.: Social media not only fail to be equivalent to…

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Evaluation of Pitches in “Shark Tank”

Abstract The paper provides the analysis of two pitches from Episode 11 in Season 6. The paper also presents a summary of the ideas discussed in the selected pitches. The comparison of the pitches’ features is supported by analyzing the business idea that is worth investing. Evaluation of Pitches Shark Tank is a TV series in each episode of which…

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Social Media’ and Business’ Relationships in Indonesia

Introduction In 2013, Indonesia was ranked among the top five countries worldwide on Facebook usage. The state is democratic (Aspinall, 2010, p. 20), and this form of governance allows the growth of social media as opposed to China, where such liberties are curtailed. Indonesians use social media for economic purposes, making new friends, finding romantic partners, and buying products and…

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Advertising Influence on the Society: Negative Aspects

Introduction Production of goods and services is crucial for the existence of the society, but the advertisement used to promote them has a number of negative effects on the society. In this paper, a number of these results will be discussed, and some possible ways to oppose this influence will be offered. Adverts that Support, Create and Exacerbate the Stereotypes…

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Social Media Usage in Transparency Services

The objective of this memo is to analyze the effectiveness of the government using social media and the Internet to ensure transparency in service delivery. In the past, print media has been the most preferred mode of communication between the government and the citizens. However, this preference has changed with the Information Technology revolution of the 21st Century. Most governments…

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The Documentary “Explorer: Inside North Korea”

A documentary titled Explorer: Inside North Korea produced by the National Geographic Channel provides a unique view into the life of the most reclusive society on earth –North Korea. The country also has the world’s fourth-largest army and probably the most protected border in the world. North Korea is ruled by a dictator who exposes his citizens to unimaginable horrors…

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Affordable Housing Programs in “Poverty in America”

Introduction The documentary that was chosen for the reaction paper is called “Poverty in America”; the movie was filmed in 2017, and it aims to analyze the real situation with affordable housing programs in the United States (“Poverty in America Documentary 2017”). As for the main points of the documentary, the latter reviews common affordable housing programs and attempts at…

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Topic: Entertainment & Media

Pinterest: Social Network as a Communication Channel

Introduction Modern technology has undergone numerous transformations, and today people enjoy a lot of benefits derived from the use of sophisticated technologies. Therefore, scientists continue to work hard to invent new ways of doing things and making life easier (Boykoff & Yulsman, 2013, p. 1). This has pushed nations and individuals to invest in research and studies that will help…

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Virtual Games

The virtual world is a sort of reflection of real-world issues and complexities. Virtual games have long been used as educational tools that help people acquire different skills. However, the examples provided reveal the dark side of gaming. Both RuneScape and EVE games are not completely virtual, as gamers often spend real money to buy items or achieve certain goals.…

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Social Media Impact on Teenagers in the UAE

Abstract This research paper examines the impact of social media on teenagers in the UAE. Through primary survey research, it was established that social media has positive and negative impacts on teenagers. The research was based on a sample of 30 respondents through a mixture of direct interviews and questionnaires. Introduction Statement of the problem Social media has played a…

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Topic: Entertainment & Media