Affordable Health Care Act in Sociological Aspect


Firstly, the primary goal of the Affordable Health Care Act is to make the healthcare system inexpensive for any individuals despite their race and social class (U.S. Department of Healthcare and Human Services, 2014). The primary goal of this feature is to provide the high-quality healthcare services by “protecting against healthcare fraud” for seniors, businesses, and children (U.S. Department of Healthcare and Human Services, 2014). Lastly, it releases these policies by applying the act of requiring the justifications from the insurance companies for any potential prices increases by 10 % (U.S. Department of Healthcare and Human Services, 2014).

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Applying the Perspectives

Firstly, the functionalists imply that the act will focus on social order, which is “maintained through the cooperation and consensus (Witt, 2014, p. 17). In this case, the socialists might claim that the ACA stabilizes the social order in the communities but cultivating the requirement of cooperation and integration while working towards the common goal, which can beneficially influence the flow of the events in the society. The social change exists through reinforcement of policies.

The conflict theorists underline the essentiality of implementing the act due to the “tension and struggles between the groups” (Witt, 2014, p. 17). The social order and social change are cultivated by the hierarchy, and, in this instance, the authorities decide the need for the application of this act. Lastly, it was revealed that the ACA was cultivated due to the necessity to change the social behavior and interactions between the individuals (Witt, 2014). The necessity to affect the behavior of one social group towards others was essential to cultivate new approaches in the society.

Personal Beliefs

I believe that the ACA is beneficial for the society, as it creates equality and gives people opportunity for the healthcare. In turn, I think that it helps avoid the misconceptions about different ethnicities due to the cultivation of the principles of freedom and equality despite having various religious beliefs and social norms.

Sociological Imagination

Firstly, I have a tendency to pay attention that sometimes people are being discriminated at the healthcare facilities due to their race. The ACA gives them the opportunity for the equality and ability to have an affordable healthcare for the reasonable price while disregarding the fact of their financial capabilities. The ACA provides the additional healthcare services for women (U.S. Department of Healthcare and Human Services, 2014). These aspects clearly form my perception of using the ACA as an instrument to cultivate the perception of the equality.

Research Process

Firstly, the research question will be defined, and the potential questions for the survey will be formed. In this case, the research question can be formulated as ‘Does the acts like ACA help change the society and cultivate the perceptions of the equality in the communities?’. The potential questions will be ‘Did the ACA make the healthcare more accessible to your family?’ and ‘Do you think that the ACA creates equality in the society?’. The randomized sampling will be used.

The results are analyzed with the assistance of conceptualization. The data will be divided into ‘causes and consequences’ to discover the interdependence between the ACA and the social position and cultural recognition. Using ethnography might be a relevant approach to providing definite results about one particular social segment. Some questions in the survey might be reformulated due to ethics.

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