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  1. Drug’s, Poverty’s and Beauty’s Effects on Health
    Some serious health outcomes emanate from frequent consumption of drugs, poverty, and a stringent adherence to the global trends of beauty.
  2. The Current and Future Role of Nutrigenomics in Human Health
    Nutrigenomics is a field of science that merges two smaller fields for application and research purposes. Genome refers to the collective physical factor in a human being’s genetic definition.
  3. Genetically Modified Foods and Their Impact on Human Health
    Genetically modified food has become the subject of discussion. There are numerous benefits and risks tied to consumption of genetically modified foods.
  4. An Economic Analysis of the National Health Insurance
    In this paper, an economic analysis of a National Health Insurance is going to be carried out, in the US context. There is going to be presentation of the historical background of Insurance.
  5. Changes in Healthcare: Overcoming Related Obstacles
    Changes in the sphere of healthcare are required but professionals can face various obstacles when effecting the changes. It is critical to know how they can be overcome.
  6. Health Literacy and Cultural Awareness
    The support that would come from high levels of health literacy in the urban community would be contingent on individual and systemic factors.
  7. Cause and Effect: Living with Pets Improves Their Owners’ Health
    Experiencing positive emotions is, perhaps, the key cause that deserves to be mentioned as the factor contributing to the improvement in pets’ owners’ health.
  8. Health Promotion Proposal Obesity Prevention
    The purpose of this proposal is to inform and educate parents, children and adolescents of the importance of having a well balance diet and exercise in their daily lives to avoid obesity.
  9. Future Trends in Healthcare
    Progressively, individuals the world over are finding themselves depending on the internet as a source of health-related information.
  10. Abortion: Women’s Health as Their Integral Right
    This paper will elaborate on the thesis that a woman should have the right to abortion as the best ethical decision to ensure her physical and psychological health.
  11. Childhood Obesity: a Population Health Issue
    This paper will discuss childhood obesity in relation to measuring parameters, risk factors, consequences, and preventive strategies.
  12. Future Implication in Health Care
    A few decades ago, the amount spent on servicing insurance payments was influenced by technology, demographics, physician and hospital supply and the decision making process.
  13. Health Economics – Health Insurance
    Market failure is the term used by economists to describe instances where insurance markets fail to provide adequate insurance services at reasonable prices.
  14. Common Mental Health Problems
    Mental health forms a significant aspect of human health because it determines the general health of a person.
  15. The Implication of Information Technology on Marketing Strategy of Healthcare Industry
    The growth of information technology has transformed marketing strategies of most industries. In the healthcare industry, IT has changed the way marketers relate with customers.
  16. Women’s Health Teaching Proposal: on Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Diet and Activity
    It is a well-known fact that upon entering the middle-age stage of their life, women notice significant changes in their health.
  17. Health Promotion Strategies for Obesity
    The paper outlines and critically analyses the population based strategy as a method of managing and preventing obesity used in United Kingdom.
  18. Mental Health, Mental Illness, Risk, & Resilience
    It needs to be said that the way mental health and mental illness are perceived has changed over the years, and a broad range of concepts has been developed.
  19. Health Education Plan
    The present description is based on the Health education plan on obesity keeping in view of Windshield Survey and Friedman Family Assessment.
  20. Eliminating Healthcare Disparities in the LGBTQI Community
    A barrier is anything that will impede progress. Each and every person in society will one day face some type of barrier in their lifetime.
  21. The Challenge of Healthcare Reform
    Such issue as healthcare reform in the United States has repeatedly been debated by journalists, public administrators, and scholars.
  22. Health Law: Legalization of Marijuana in the US
    Marijuana is a useful drug that can have a lot of benefits to the society contrary to the common belief that it is a harmful drug.
  23. Cigarette Smoking Role in Public Health
    Cigarette smoking produces little marginal social benefits. This paper provides an insight into the debate surrounding cigarette smoking and public health.
  24. Mental Illness History: Early Beliefs and Theories of Mental Health
    The theories of mental health have undergone a series of evolution over the ages. Psychologists have studied various facets of man’s character to develop a probable theory.
  25. Universal Healthcare System Reform
    The assumption of this paper is that the privatized and profit oriented nature of the healthcare system prevents accessibility to essential healthcare services for people who need it the most.
  26. Mental Health Policies Development
    The social problem under investigation revolves around how people should maintain good mental health. It is important to develop and implement of policies of good mental health.
  27. Environmental Pollution Effects on Health
    Environmental contaminations such as lead taxation, noise and air pollution harmfully affect physical, psychological health and behavioral patterns of adults and children.
  28. Institutional Violence in Healthcare: Factors and Ways of Intervention
    The paper discusses institutional violence, its precipitating factors, institutional culpability, staff culpability, legal liability and model of intervention.
  29. Healthcare Institutions Strategic Planning
    This article discusses how patient safety goals, data management, and informatics, marketing, and hazards preparedness fits into the strategic plan of an institution.
  30. Health Information Technology Role
    Healthcare terminologies play crucial roles in healthcare institutions in enhancing interoperability of data across systems.
  31. Health Care Reform and Strategic Management
    This paper reviews a case study on strategies for dealing with healthcare reform, discusses marketing strategies for promoting the upcoming changes and attracting new clientele.
  32. Healthcare in the United States: Timeline and Reforms
    An analysis of important events, major figures, the formation of health related organizations gives an insight into the history of U.S. health care.
  33. Patient Healthcare: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    The healthcare system is concerned with the duties of providing the people with treatment, prevention measures, and overall management of health.
  34. Healthcare Information Technology: Information Needs and Implementation of the Health Information System
    Our system uses the EPIC software system, and the same software network to enhance sharing of information among departments.
  35. Communicating in Health and Social Care Organisation
    Health and social care communication involves interpersonal relationships with healthcare professionals on one hand and clients and patients on the other.
  36. Healthcare Mission and Philosophy: Mercy Hospital Inc.
    Mercy Hospital is committed to its mission, values and philosophies. The latter guides the hospital towards meeting its strategic goals and plans.
  37. Healthcare Facilities Standards and Disaster Management
    It is crucial that the standards created for healthcare facilities to stop epidemics should be followed very closely.
  38. Inequalities in the Health Care Arena
    Research has revealed that there is not enough access to healthcare and insurance coverage amongst various races, gender, and locations.
  39. Preparing for Terrorism and Disasters in the New Age of Health Care
    As well as the communication process between the disaster or terrorism victims and the healthcare specialists, the new age health care has clearly reinvented the field of TDM completely.
  40. Healthcare Benefits of the Beach
    This paper aims at taking a closer and more specific look at the benefits that the beach offers to visitors and impact on the health.

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  1. Healthcare Organization Management: Community Evaluating
    This case study concerns the issues in a health center, where recent changes in the organizational structure have triggered leadership problems and provision of primary care.
  2. Healthcare Governance
    Healthcare governance comprises of a set of rules and structures established by an organization to help it achieve its vision by guiding it through its businesses.
  3. Benefits of the Beach: Effects on the Mental and Physical Aspects of Health in People
    This paper aims at discussing the benefits of the beach: advantages of seawater, sunshine, walking on the sand, its positive impact on health and bodyweight.
  4. Performance Dashboard in Healthcare
    The creation of performance dashboards allows for easy identification of problems enhancing the making of important decisions. Healthcare performance dashboards have important characteristics.
  5. Culturally Competent Organizations in Healthcare System
    Culturally competent organizations are a necessity in the American health care system if stakeholders are to succeed in minimizing racial and ethnic oriented barriers to health care delivery.
  6. Electronic Health Records Systems
    Electronic health records are patients’ records that are stored in a computer system for future references and diagnosis. Such records may be shared across multiple sites.
  7. Health Care Strategies of the St. Joseph’s Hospital
    This paper analyses five strategic initiatives of the St. Joseph’s hospital and gives it some recommendations in order to improve health care service.
  8. Benton Community’ Public Health and Needs Assessment
    The purpose of this report is to discuss the community needs assessment strategy that is used to identify the needs of the Benton community.
  9. Global Health Issues
    The study shows that the new skills brought about by science and medicine have failed to attend to the needs of the global population.
  10. Mental Health: General Hospital Psychiatry
    This research paper will look at the activities, which take place in psychiatric hospitals. Psychiatric hospitals play an important role in addressing a variety of mental problems.
  11. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
    The research of the work is focused on finding the roots of the development of common adult diseases and addressing these roots at the early stages.
  12. Healthcare Nutrition: Dieting for Reducing Weight and Improving Optimal Health
    Dieting refers to the consumption of food in a really regulated manner. The goal for this is increasing, maintaining, or reducing body weight.
  13. PC Programs’ Impact on Health – Nursing Research
    The study examined the impact of PC programs on health outcomes of family members. The study’s findings have implications for nursing practice.
  14. Hispanics Health and Cultural Practices
    Hispanic Americans originated in Spain and other countries in Latin America. Hispanic Americans are made up of a wide range of other ethnicities.
  15. Diversity’ Impacts on Health and Social Care
    This research establishes whether or not the government is doing enough to ensure affordable and high-quality medical services are available to the public.
  16. Electronic Health Record: Selecting and Implementing
    Selecting and implementing electronic health record (EHR) that will best meet the requirements and needs of an organization is an intricate process having many challenges.
  17. Stress Impacts on Psychological and Physiological Health
    Exposure to stressing environmental conditions has negative consequences. This paper identifies three important strategies for coping with stress at a personal level.
  18. ObamaCare Role in the US Healthcare System
    In 2010, one of the most memorable events took place in the US healthcare system. President Obama approved the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.
  19. Diagnosis-Related Groups in Healthcare Research
    The Diagnosis-Related Group meant to classify all cases within a hospital. It considers clinical characteristics of the patients and payments to define similar ones and gather them in groups.
  20. Community Health Nursing: Family Health Assessment
    The purpose of the assessment is to discuss the specifics of the family composition, psychological and physical health, and to analyze the social aspects of the family development.
  21. The Role of Nursing on the Patient Health Improvement
    The need to improve the health status of patients through the alteration of their health behavior calls for patient education.
  22. Spiritual Needs Assessment Role in Health Care
    The information acquired during the spiritual assessment can be instrumental in understanding the spiritual worldview of the patient as well as providing better efforts of support and care.
  23. Pets Effects on Their Owners’ Health
    Pets affect their owners’ health positively. They enhance mood, give positive emotions, maintain stable blood pressure rates and help to avoid CVD, etc.
  24. Healthcare: the Impact of Advance Care Planning
    Coordinated advance care planning will improve end of life care, the perceptions of the quality of care, and levels of stress, anxiety, and depression in surviving relatives.
  25. Zambia Population: Strengthening Human Resources for Health
    Zambia is by far one of the most peculiar African states. However, Zambia will soon have to face a serious challenge. The state government can possibly prevent the Zambian population from shrinking.
  26. Homeless Population and US Healthcare Models
    The paper studies on of the vulnerable population groups – the homeless population in the U.S, and compares four healthcare models.
  27. Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
    This paper is a journal based on the 5th and 6th chapter of the book Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: A Clinical Approach by Elizabeth M. Varcarolis.
  28. ObamaCare: The Solution to the Healthcare Problem?
    ObamaCare (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is a US healthcare reform law that expands and improves access to care and curbs spending through regulations and taxes.
  29. Family History Role in Primary Health Care
    This paper reviews a qualitative study by Daelemans et al. that examined the physicians’ utilization of family history data inpatient treatment.
  30. American Nuclear Family’s Health Assessment
    The health assessment was carried on an American nuclear family with permanent residence in Raleigh, North Carolina. The family consists of five members.
  31. Obamacare and Healthcare Reform Ethical Challenges
    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act involves several ethical issues connected with failing to protect some of the most fundamental rights.
  32. Healthcare Industry’s Technologies and Devices
    Medical care industry today is built and supported by multiple various technologies and devices that are responsible for all the most important discoveries and breakthroughs of the modern days.
  33. Caregivers’ and Health Professionals’ Risk – Nursing
    This paper examines the nature of caregivers’ and health professionals’ risk and the causal factors. The discussion also presents Piercy’s model as the best tool for intervention.
  34. Health Effects of Environmental Change
    The paper will describe how both food scarcity and obesity increase due the modern environment.It describes the roles of a nurse in ensuring a healthy environment.
  35. Healthcare Programs in the Developing Countries
    The paper studies healthcare programs solving the health crises in the developing countries: their cost-effectiveness, financially sustainability and challenges.
  36. Evidence-Based Practice Role in Healthcare
    Evidence-based practice (EBP) has revolutionized healthcare, and as such, this essay explores how it relates to research and global health.
  37. Environmental Health and Health Effects: Improvement Strategies
    The paper deals with the environmental health and health effects of the environmental change. It makes an accent on the strategies for improvement of the environmental situation.
  38. Prison Population and Healthcare Models in the USA
    This paper focuses on the prison population with a view to apply the Vulnerable Population Conceptual Model, and summarizes US healthcare models.
  39. Healthcare Problems in South Africa
    The state of health in South Africa differs from the most fundamental primary healthcare, provided for free by the government, to the highly professional and technologically advanced facilities.
  40. Patient Engagement in the Electronic Health Record
    The electronic health record is a digital register of a patient’s health information that is gathered from the experiences at a particular care delivery center.

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  1. Nurses’ Role in Environmental Health
    Nurses should support policies of eliminating barriers to environmental health, and assist, educate, monitor the environmental health of individuals and communities.
  2. Health Care Reform: Miracle Medicine and Its Financial Chasm
    This research paper discusses Health Care Reform and the financial price the United States will pay. Changing the realm of healthcare is an essential step towards improving the quality of life.
  3. Nutrition and Weight Status: Health Promotion Plan
    This health promotion plan addresses the issue of nutrition and weight status and increases the public understanding of the problem and possible consequences for the life.
  4. Banner Healthcare Strategic Planning
    This is a strategic plan for Banner Healthcare that addresses issues of network growth, nurse staffing, resource management and patient satisfaction for the next decade.
  5. The MEDRAD Healthcare Facility Quality Promotion
    As the case study set in the MEDRAD healthcare facility shows, there is a significant gap between different quality provision tools.
  6. Nutritional Health as an Important Aspect of Geriatric Care
    Geriatric care involves managing health issues among elderly people. It encompasses prevention and treatment programs when managing health care needs.
  7. Health Medical Organization Concept
    Health Medical Organization (HMO) is a medical organ that renders health services at a fee. The Services provided by the agency include health care for individuals and groups.
  8. Healing Environment’ Importance in the Healthcare System
    The concept of healing hospitals is based on the principle of providing healthcare services in well-coordinated and humane manner. The concept of healing is attributed with three major components.
  9. Older Adult Health Case: Assessment and Recommendations
    The paper studies a case of a patient with such limitations as dementia, hearing loss, troubles with self-supporting movement, inability to communicate, and verbal obstructions.
  10. Health Promotion: Scrutiny and Practical Implementation
    Health Promotion is crucial for increasing the overall health levels of the population, and for helping to improve patient outcomes and decrease health insurance costs.
  11. Evidence-Based Practice Effects on Global Health
    Evidence-based practice (EBP) describes the systematic search, appraisal, and utilization of current research findings to guide clinical decisions.
  12. Health and Illness in Miami
    The purpose of the paper is the investigation of the issues of stereotyping and inequality in the medical settings in Miami, Florida.
  13. How Do Various Factors Influence Health in Your Community?
    One of the main individual factors that impact the health of the population is the high percentage of people who do not have health insurance.
  14. Nursing Informatics: Electronic Health Records
    Nursing informatics entail the use of health care technology such as the EHR. Electronic health records provide integrated data that nurses can use to support safe and patient-centered care.
  15. The Family Health Assessment in the Nursing Practice
    The study will help to understand the different aspects of nursing assessment and, thus, will make a significant contribution to the improvement of professional clinical practice.
  16. United HealthCare Services, Inc.
    The mission and vision of the United HealthCare Services, Inc. can be described as the improvement of the quality, accessibility, affordability, and technological advancement of the healthcare.
  17. Health Promotion Role in Public Health
    The three levels of health promotion are sufficient in curbing and treating such severe conditions as, for instance, diabetes mellitus due to their preventive nature.
  18. Environmental Changes: Negative and Positive Impact on Human Health
    Environmental changes have both negative and positive impacts on human health. While some effects are direct, others are hard to decipher.
  19. Privacy and Security in Health Informatics
    The specific focus of the project is the application of the health information and technology to the problem of patient personal data privacy and security.
  20. Health Promotion Role and Practice
    Health promotion is able to enhance the health status of the nation, improve the quality of life and reduce the costs needed for medical treatment.
  21. Mental Health Services: Public Spending and Usage
    The research finds out a link between the public spending on mental health services and the state-level perceptions of the services, and the use of such services by residents.
  22. Health Medical Organizations’ Identifying and Comparison
    This paper would describe the HMO panels, their similarities, and differences, and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each before explaining the HMO classification.
  23. Windshield Survey in Winchester: Health Resources
    The relevant Windshield Survey has been conducted in Winchester. The data collected in the survey allowed one to make a series of assumptions regarding the local community.
  24. American Healthcare Industry and Effective Risk Management
    When taking a closer look at the American healthcare system, one will notice that it is, in fact, quite efficient. The system still offers legitimate help.
  25. Health Promotion: Health Insurance Costs Reducing
    Health promotion is targeted towards increasing the control over the health of the target audiences as well as the improvement of their health.
  26. Healthcare Research: the Elderly Patients’ Readmissions
    The extraneous variables that need to be addressed in the study include differences in the elderly patients’ demographic characteristics and external factors that can cause a possible readmission.
  27. Family Health Assessment Importance in Nursing Process
    The collected data about the family helped to identify three nursing diagnosis and compose a short plan with the use of a nursing process.
  28. Health Care Reform: Changes in the US Nursing Practice
    This paper educates nurses about how the practice of nursing is expected to grow and/or change by discussing the concepts of continuity or continuum of care, medical homes and nurse-managed clinics.
  29. The Christian and Buddhist Perspectives in Healthcare
    This paper purposes to conduct a comparative analysis on the Christian and Buddhist perspectives regarding healthcare provision and its implications for healthcare practice.
  30. Health and Social Care for Older People Suffer From Dementia in the UK
    This paper analyzes the impacts of the reduction of the fund on older people and the unmet social care services, particularly the nursing home services in the UK.
  31. Social Psychology and Health Issues
    Social psychologists respond to health issues taking into account people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. They examine patients and their relations with others.
  32. Developing a Detailed Picture of Family Health
    Family health assessment has proved to be an effective practice to find out the atmosphere in the chosen family that might be useful for choosing the right way to treat the patients.
  33. Nursing and Health Promotion in Family Pediatrics
    The modern approach to the delivery of nursing care is focused on the significant improvement of people`s quality of life and the environment in which they live
  34. The US Health Care Financing: Fee-for-Service Model
    In each country, the ways to attract economic resources for the preservation and promotion of public health are formed and developed historically. The payment model in the USA is the fee-for-service.
  35. Electronic Health Record in Reducing Patient Falls
    This paper tends to prove the effectiveness of the electronic health record system in the reduction of falls in hospitals.
  36. Psychological Health Problems and Their Threats
    This paper discusses psychological disorders, explains why they pose great challenges to different stakeholders and proposes strategies for resolving these problems.
  37. Ethical Issues in Healthcare Essay: Ethical Dilemma
    This paper describes an ethical dilemma in healthcare, its specific characteristics, violated ethical principles, and existent barriers to ethical practice.
  38. Healthcare Fraud in Interventional Cardiology
    The case study tells about a professional in the field of interventional cardiology who was charged for filing false reports to push unnecessary coronary procedures.
  39. Healthcare’ Human Resource Management Trends
    The high need for hiring more registered nurses and their retention is best addressed through appraisal since it is commonly used by establishments to achieve a corporate goal.
  40. Information Technology Standards in Health Care
    Information technologies (IT) are widely spread today. They are frequently used in the sphere of healthcare to maintain everyday operations.

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