AIDET Nursing Communication Framework

Initial Intentions of the AIDET Strategy Implementation (p. 2)

  • Importance of nurse-patient communication quality improvement
  • Evident problems in patients’ data management (Kelly, Runge, & Spencer, 2015)
  • Strategies for effective communication about nurses
  • AIDET communication for sensible hospital changes
  • Opportunities for nurses, patients, and educators

Background of the Offered Inquiry (p. 2)

  • Care management in acute care units
  • Mismanagement of patients’ needs in hospitals (de Wit et al., 2018)
  • Lack of effective information management tools
  • Medical errors and failed treatment courses (Kelly et al., 2015)
  • Fatal outcomes and delayed recovery processes

Importance of a PICOT Question in the Study (p. 2)

  • Patient (P): patients in the ACUs
  • Intervention (I): AIDET framework in communication
  • Comparison (C): principles of nurse-patient communication
  • Outcome (O): increased patient satisfaction levels
  • Time (T): approximately 12 weeks

Search Strategy Choices in Research (p. 3)

  • Used databases: CINAHL and Google Scholar
  • Key-words: patient needs and AIDET model
  • Used source: PubMed online database
  • Key-words: ACU nursing and AIDET nursing
  • Additional key-words: patient satisfaction and communication

Evidence Critical Appraisal and Framework in the Study (p. 4)

  • Evaluation checklist to examine a value
  • Validity and authority of located sources
  • Possible impact on further research quality (de Wit et al., 2018)
  • Benefits of the AIDET model (Itri, 2018; Skaggs, Daniels, Hodge, and deCamp, 2018)
  • Improvement in patient satisfaction and education

Clinical Expertise and Patient Preferences (p. 4)

  • AIDET impact in nursing care settings
  • Patient handoff improvements in nurse communication
  • No omitted critical information about patients
  • Promotion of the patient education continuity
  • Significant increase in patient satisfaction levels

Implementation Plan Details and Purposes (p. 5)

  • A group-level approach to be incorporated
  • Goal: to solve reported patients’ problems
  • Patient division: specific and common needs
  • Intervention: nurse behaviors, attitudes, and responsibilities
  • Outcome: behavior and performance quality shifts

Model to Guide the Implementation Plan (p. 5)

  • Introduction of the strategy through research
  • Communication with direct participants in ACUs
  • Time to implement a new program
  • Observation and report of the results
  • Making notes on what is done

Importance of Data Analysis Techniques (p. 5)

  • Comparison of the outcomes in ACUs
  • A clinical trial with two groups
  • Mixed (quantitative and qualitative) research methods
  • Efficacy of the AIDET model (quantitative)
  • Patients’ attitudes towards quality improvements (qualitative)

Evaluation Plan Details and Purposes (p. 6)

  • A thorough comparison of patient satisfaction rates
  • Surveys as a data collection tool
  • Data management and available health resources
  • Interviews as a data collection tool
  • Patient satisfaction and service quality evaluation

Model to Guide the Evaluation Plan (p. 6)

  • Level one: input and nursing processes
  • Level two: learning and overall assessment
  • Level three: participants’ behaviors and attitudes
  • Level four: results and quality improvements
  • Level five: organizational vs. social benefits

Outcomes of the AIDET Strategy (p. 6)

  • ACU patients as the target population
  • Importance of current feedback from patients
  • Evident alterations in patients’ health dynamics
  • Positive results as the implementation rationale
  • AIDET is a critical nursing model

Project Dissemination in the Local Environment (p. 6)

  • Changes in the local hospital environment
  • Impact on the patient satisfaction levels
  • Changes in the nursing services’ quality
  • Potential integration on other healthcare environments
  • IT and ICT tools for dissemination

Conclusion and Recommendations for Participants (p. 6)

  • The AIDET model importance in nursing
  • Evident improvements of nurse-patient communication efficacy
  • Effective data management and patient education
  • Promotion of change in nursing services
  • Reinforcement of treatment and education efficacy


de Wit, K., Curran, J., Thoma, B., Dowling, S., Lang, E., Kuljic, N.,… Morrison, L. (2018). Review of implementation strategies to change healthcare provider behaviour in the emergency department. Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine, 20(3), 453-460. Web.

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Itri, J. N. (2015). Patient-centered radiology. Radiographics, 35(6), 1835-1846. Web.

Kelly, L., Runge, J., & Spencer, C. (2015). Predictors of compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction in acute care nurses. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 47(6), 522-528. Web.

Skaggs, M. K. D., Daniels, J. F., Hodge, A. J., & DeCamp, V. L. (2018). Using the evidence-based practice service nursing bundle to increase patient satisfaction. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 44(1), 37-45. Web.

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