Alzheimer’s Patient Safety Improvement Strategies

Problem Introduction

Alzheimer’s is a clinical condition that affects the wellbeing of many people above the age of 50. Smebye, Kirkevold, and Engedal (2016) indicate that Alzheimer’s is one of the common types of condition dementia. This mental condition affects the life outcomes and experiences of the patients. Within the past two decades, researchers have been focusing on the best initiatives to support the wellbeing of more patients with the condition (Aggarwal, Shah, & Bennett, 2015). Unfortunately, caregivers and relatives of the affected persons only focus on specific health needs (Hamlan, 2015). This means that the safety of such patients is not taken seriously. Some scholars have indicated that safety for patients with Alzheimer’s disease should be improved (Yektatalab, Sharif, Kaveh, Khoshknab, & Petramfar, 2013). However, the current literature does not offer sufficient insights that can be used to minimize the safety risks for patients with the condition. Research focusing on the importance of safety in patients with Alzheimer’s disease can address this gap in knowledge.

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Statement of the Problem

A person with Alzheimer’s disease requires a healthy living environment. Such a living condition will make it easier for them to have a comfortable life. This disease presents numerous problems such as loss of coordination and mobility (Bishara, Sauer, & Taylor, 2015). The affected persons will definitely have numerous safety problems. Many caregivers and health workers have been focusing on the importance of providing evidence-based support to such patients. Mojsa (2015) believes strongly that friends, caregivers, and members of the family should ensure patients with Alzheimer’s disease are secure. A study focusing on the best initiatives to support the safety of people with dementia will definitely present valuable tips.

Declarative Sentence: The problem is that the current practice in the management of Alzheimer’s focuses on different measures that can help patients cope with the condition while at the same time ignoring the importance of safety.

Purpose of the Project

The proposed project seeks to analyze the unique strategies used by family members to support their patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The study will go further to outline new measures that can be undertaken by hospice providers to promote the level of safety (Hamlan, 2015). The completed study will present meaningful tips that can improve safety for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


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