Ambiguity and Change Management


The functioning of the modern organization is a sophisticated topic because of the existence of multiple factors impacting its evolution and development. At the same time, modern firms should constantly evolve to guarantee the preservation of their leading positions and their ability to compete with rivals. Under these conditions, the change process acquires the top priority as the only way to align the effective work of organizations. It is also a wide and challenging question because of the existence of multiple models of change and the necessity to select the one that fits best the current demands. The complexity of the given task preconditions the need for an in-depth analysis of all aspects of a company to ensure that the preferable option is utilized.

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Ambiguity of Change

Speaking about the organization selected for the analysis, it should be said that there was no dominant change approach utilized in all situations when the company demanded transformation. On the contrary, every next alteration was considered a new process that should be given specific attention and analyzed to achieve success. For this reason, every time they need for a certain model emerged.

The absence of the dominant approach can be considered an appropriate option, as the adherence to this pattern helps to avoid a decrease in the effectiveness of outdated methods and engage in innovative activities to achieve positive results. However, the replacement of some approaches can be a challenging task, as it demands additional training for both staff members and change management for them to understand new demands.

As for my schema for managing change, I think that the one-size-fits approach cannot be used in the modern business world. The fact is that every company has its unique peculiarities that should be considered while planning its transformation and selecting between nStep or other models. The previously mentioned approach presupposes that one method can demonstrate the same efficiency in various situations; however, this statement should be doubted. It is critical to adapt the chosen option to the scale and timing of the change to ensure that the staff is ready and possess an improved understanding of the main reasons for the transformation to minimize resistance and attain better results.

Furthermore, my perspective on change management (relative power) presupposes that processual approaches are more effective in the modern environment than a contingency one. By the last concept, change depends on the existing context and other factors impacting a company at the moment. It introduces more ambiguity into the transformation and increases risks of failure. At the same time, the processual model emphasizes the continuous character of change as it is taken as a process. For this reason, it becomes possible to introduce various alterations and monitor the current state.


Altogether, change management can be considered a complex issue, as there is several aspects that should be considered to achieve the outlined goals and ensure that the company will be transformed successfully, I believe that there is no one-size-fits approach because of the unique character of every company and drastic divergences in the way they function and evolve. For this reason, it is essential to select among processual models emphasizing the fact that change is a process and helping to attain better results. Only under these conditions, its utilization will help to generate a competitive advantage and create the basis for the further evolution of a company or a particular unit.

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