America as a Superpower and the World’s Police

Introduction with Thesis

After World War II, the USA became the most powerful actor in the political arena. The country’s role was growing internationally, and it became known as the world’s “police.” There was hardly any serious event in which the USA would not participate. Frequently, the side taken by America was supported by other states, which made its position only more stable. By examples from different decades since 1950, it is clear that the international policing role and strategy of the United States during the Cold War has become even more necessary in this period of terrorism and instability.

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The first example of the USA’s international policing role is its avant-garde position in armament. The so-called arms race between America and the Soviet Union led to the development of new means of military attack and defense. In 1952, the US tested its first nuclear bomb (Schultz, 1, ch. 24-1h). The achievement was met by the Soviet Union as a challenge, and they matched America in a year. The second example is the country’s involvement in resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis when the Soviet Union attempted to establish its military presence in the immediate proximity to the territory of the United States (Schultz, 1, ch. 25-1h). Although no military conflicts took place, the diplomatic effort of the US administration was supported by its military might, which defined the outcome of the crisis.

The third example is concerned with the USA’s involvement in disarming Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction (Powell, 2). The case reflected in Powell’s (2) presentation demonstrates that America functions as the world’s police by protecting innocent citizens from potential military attacks. Powell (2) emphasized the terrorist intentions of Iraq’s regime and noted that no efforts had been taken by Iraq’s authorities to meet peaceful goals. Thus, America had to intrude in order to save people in different parts of the world from destructive attacks. The fourth example is America’s endless military superiority (Klare, 3). As of 2003, the planned budget for military spending was expected to reach an unprecedented amount. Such intentions signify the country’s significant role in world affairs and its function as the “police” since the better soldiers are equipped, the more effectively they will perform their functions. As Klarke (3) notes, America’s “sole-superpower” status originated at the end of the Cold War, and it has not changed since.

Opposing View

Nevertheless, some may disagree with this view and argue that the focus on military aspects has a negative impact on the development of the country and even undermine its leading role in the world. It is believed that the shift towards military-based solutions and power took place during Bush’s presidency (Tarzi, 31). The administration of President Bush used the high position of the United States to address some short-term economic goals. The military campaigns that have taken place since the 1990s are regarded as unnecessary actions that exhaust resources and question the power of the country. Tarzi (31) stresses that the use of force is the last-resort measure that should not have been employed as the US could exercise its power in many other ways. However, it is noteworthy that all those efforts have been made, and diplomatic means tend to be ineffective in many cases. Furthermore, the rhetoric of various counties in the developing world makes other states focus on their own armament, which is the only way to ensure their safety and the existence of the current world order.

Legacy and Impact Today

The role taken by the United States decades ago has a direct impact on the life of its citizens these days. Being a compliance manager, I have witnessed the effects of the country’s status as the global police. On the one hand, companies now have to comply with various laws ensuring that businesses are not involved in any kind of terrorist activity, including funding militant groups and movements. On the other hand, Americans have become prepared for possible attacks, and companies, as well as institutions and individuals, have plans to follow during any kind of emergency situation. It is essential to remember that the current world order is rather fragile, so the United States should continue its efforts to ensure all nations’ compliance with the existing rules. The global police have the necessary resources and military power to discourage any countries or individuals from threatening the peace established after the Second World War.


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