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Foreign Aid Effect on the Country’s Economy

An ongoing debate surrounds the provision of financial aid to the developing countries that lack domestic resources. Over the decades, the researchers have revealed the pieces of evidence of both the positive and negative influence of foreign aid on the economies of the recipient states.1 The proponents of foreign aid as a source of the capitalist state are that it…

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US Politics in “Culture War” by Morris P. Fiorina

Introduction The Culture War is a chef-d’oeuvre book by Morris P. Fiorina. The book takes the reader through the political structure and organisation of the American politics with the main argument being that the United States is not polarised. The book is subdivided into 10 chapters with each exploring a different issue. Throughout the book, the author disapproves the argument…

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M. Obama’s Address: Neo-Aristotelian Criticism

Introduction Nowadays, being a political leader requires having the support of close relatives and friends, as they give hope and help people overcome constant challenges and issues of the modern world. One of the bright examples of political contributors is Michelle Obama. Analyzing her speech during the 2016 National Democratic Convention will help understand her intentions and effectiveness of figurative…

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ASEAN European Community: Benefits and Implications

How does the AEC affect the multinational firms investing in AEC members? The creation of the ASEAN European Community opened a range of investing options for the states that became the members of the specified organization. Primarily, the importance of the financial support, which the AEC members provide to each other, deserves to be mentioned as the key implication of…

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Development in the United Nations

Introduction The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental body that promotes international cooperation. It replaced the League of Nations, the organisation that had been in existence before the UN. At the time of its foundation in 1945, the organisation had 51 members. Currently, it has 193 members, with membership across all the continents. The main offices of the organisation are…

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The Concept of Terrorism

Introduction The concept of terrorism is well-known all around the world. Also, it is one of the most commonly mentioned problems in modern society. Terrorism has been seen as a major threat to the world’s peace and national security in many states. It currently affects a wide range of countries located all around the globe. Over the last couple of…

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Affirmative Action Ban in Michigan

Social Policy: Affirmative Action In his article, David Savage discusses the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold ban on affirmative action in Michigan, something that shows history will always repeat itself. The aggrieved parties took the issue to the highest court in the land after the lower ones had clarified that there was no need of affirmative action to contain the…

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Events of 9/11 and an Era of New Terrorism

Introduction The appropriate definition for the term “terrorism” has proven to be a daunting task for sociology scholars. Primarily, the ideas and motives of terrorists complicate the ideals that believers of this concept hold. Although the individual or political freedom of a group is often the reason for the heinous acts, the consequences of the acts bring to question the…

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Neoliberalism in Ontario Government

Introduction The transition towards neoliberal thinking in policymaking has become a tendency characterizing most local governments throughout the world during the past three decades. Canada could not but fall within the mentioned trend and witness a series of reforms that have a robust impact not only on the decision-making mechanism at both provincial and municipal levels of government but also…

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The US Intelligence Community Role in Countering Terror Threats

The U.S. intelligence community is comprised of many agencies that integrate their efforts to fight crime and terror. Since the 9/11 attacks, the United States charged the Department of Homeland Security with the responsibility for ensuring that the nation was secured through the development of different lines of defense. Homeland Security has invested in the development of both internal and…

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China’s Influence Expansion in Africa

There are values that are considered to be common for all nations of our planet, and among them are solidarity and the importance of collaboration between countries. Nevertheless, sometimes collaboration that is said to have benevolent intentions is really aimed at extending the sphere of influence of some country. China belongs to the number of largest producing countries, and this…

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China-Africa Trade and Political Relations

Abstract China and Africa have been economic and political allies for many years. Trade and politics are examples of the defining aspects of their relations. In the 1990s, China’s rapid industrialization increased demand for African raw materials, while Africa’s developing economies increased demand for affordable products. Debates have emerged regarding China’s equal treatment of Africa, massive foreign direct investment (FDI),…

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Korean Wave Program Activity and Analysis

The aim of the Korean Wave is the popularization of the Korean culture, its expansion to the strategically important regions, and the establishment of the strengthened cultural relationships among the nations to have an indirect influence on the political decisions of the governments of these countries. Scenario The Korean Wave initiation was the response to the growing cultural problem in…

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David Reed: Public Education Funding

Dave Reed of The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is involved in resolving state educational issues in a variety of ways. This is mainly through oversight on the funding aspect of education at the state level. This funding constitutes a significant portion of the funding for the local school districts. Through the state department of education, a legislator also has a…

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“The Origins of the National Consciousness” by Benedict Anderson

In “The Origins of the National Consciousness”, Anderson views the role of the development of print-as-commodity as the moving force of the qualitatively new consciousness in the society of the 17th century driven by the generation of authentic and progressive ideas (37). Anderson points out that the rapid development of capitalism in the world and its penetration in the publishing…

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American vs. Chinese, Indian, Russian Power

Introduction After the Cold War, the US has been the major world power together with Europe and China. However, today we can see that the picture of the world is gradually changing. The US still remains the superpower, but there is a growth in other countries’ power, too. They gain in military forces and develop their technology. They seem to…

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Money and Politics in Healthcare Reform

What immediate problem did the president run into when initiating the healthcare reform and why? Having initiated the healthcare reform, President Obama met strong opposition to the insurance and pharmaceutics lobby. The reform would be disadvantageous to these industries and made them lose revenue, and for this reason, they were opposed to Obama’s efforts (Obama’s Deal – Inside the Battle…

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Is China the New Colonial Power in Africa?

In an historical perspective, colonial power implies instituting both military and administrative control over a region, especially a country. Practically, this infers to the use of force to conduct business with underdeveloped and developing countries. In ancient times, colonialism primarily involved European powers who used their military prowess to subdue and rule countries to take away valuable resources. However, China’s…

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Conflict Resolutions in Northern Ireland and Cyprus

Executive Summary In the current study, the author evaluated conflict management with respect to the available options for its resolution. From the onset, mediation is outlined as the preferred option in resolving conflicts and other forms of disagreements in the society. To this end, a historical perspective of this alternative form of settling disputes is outlined in the introduction chapter.…

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Social Security Programs in American Society

Nowadays, Social Security is taken for granted, whereas in the first half of the twentieth century the very concept of social security was yet to develop (Brown, 2015, p. 3). Berkowitz and DeWitt (2015) emphasize that it is the most prominent social program to date (p. 261). However, certain experts have questioned its long-term financial viability. Certain modifications should be…

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Death Penalty: History and Rationale

Death penalty that is also referred to as capital punishment is considered as one of the most arguable problems of the modern Justice System. Today, many people keep protesting against it, and at the same time, thousands are supportive of it. Both sides have quite strong arguments. Death penalty certainly has its positive and negative aspects. In this work the…

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Workplace and Housing Discrimination in Canada

Introduction States have a responsibility of ensuring equity among its citizens. Equity is a function of respect for human rights. Principles of democracy advocate that people have the rights to make choices of their course of actions. However, this provision does not imply that they should break the democratic rights of others while preserving discourses of their democratic rights (Isakhan…

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Government Policies: Business and Technological Advancement

Governments are charged with numerous responsibilities towards its citizenry. Apart from the traditional roles of ensuring national security and improving the social welfare of the population, the government has to oversee numerous other activities with the aim of promoting a balanced ground for fair competition, accelerating the attainment of developmental goals as well as entrenching aspects of equity in the…

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Immigration Advice & Application Assistance Scheme

This essay highlights operations of the Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme (IAAAS) as an organisation that provides services to immigrants. It focuses on how the IAAAS is funded and its current issues, refugees’ issues, impacts of the current fiscal policies on its operations and public opinion. Broadly, it highlights how debates on social policies and welfare affect IAAAS, as…

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The Book “Naked Diplomacy” by Tom Fletcher

Introduction Diplomacy has always been one of the most powerful tools used by people in negotiations to attain an advantageous position or make an opponent accept a certain proposal or follow an outlined course. It appeared at the dawn of human civilization and since that time had experienced numerous challenges that shaped its main sense and contributed to the appearance…

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“Digital Diplomacy” a Book by Andreas Sandre

Introduction With the rapid development of technologies, coupled with contemporary tendencies to globalization, the digital age provides more political, economical, cultural, scientific, and other opportunities to people who never before could enjoy so many freedoms and access to sources of information. However, the Internet has acquired so much power and influence in all aspects of political relations, in particular, that…

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Senate’s Policymaking Through Advice and Consent

Introduction The Treaty Clause in the US constitution has been a major area of debate both in the public and academic sphere. The clause defines the powers of the executive or president and the senate in the treaty-making process. The executive is given unlimited power to engage in treaty making with other parties without interference from the Congress. The senate’s…

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Cuba’s International Policies and Relationships

Nations formulate policies to enable a positive relationship with other countries. The formation of international policies may be guided by other nations’ actions, which affect a country directly. The following essay analyzes Cuba’s foreign policies to determine how they affect and are influenced by other nations. The U.S. and Cuba’s international relationship failed after the U.S. prohibited any diplomatic and…

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Indian Creek Foundation: Change Theory and Plan

When an organization sticks to a particular plan for years, a plan that was perfect at the beginning becomes outdated. Thus, change is needed to preserve the company’s efficiency. A plan can be defined as “a set of decisions made on actions to be taken to reach a goal” (Homan, 2016, p.229). Thus, this paper suggests certain steps that make…

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Global Governance from China’s Perspective

Introduction One of the most notable aspects of today’s geopolitical situation in the world has to do with the fact that, as time passes on, a number of classical notions/concepts, concerned with the theory of international relations (IR), become either outdated or transformed to a degree of beginning to convey an entirely new meaning. For example, the on-going process of…

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James Deem’s Auschwitz: Voices from the Death Camp

Introduction The goal of James Deem’s book Auschwitz: Voices from the Death Camp is to draw the reader’s attention to the problem of the Holocaust and realities of living in Auschwitz, the largest Nazi concentration camp and the greatest killing center ever created. Instead of providing the detailed description of the camp or a full biography of a person or…

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Did America Over Reacted to the 9/11 Attacks?

Introduction September 11, 2001, was the day when terrorists changed American’s history. The terrorists potentially delivered merciless attacks on US soil and claimed thousands of innocent lives. To this day, some of the victims are still missing. After the malicious attacks, American people grew closer and offered each other helping hands. The nation was united after the attack. The attacks…

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Corruption in Nigeria: Causes and Effects

Problem statement Corruption is one of the major causes of underdevelopment in various countries across the world. The lack of integrity and honesty in the use of public offices and resources for individual gain has led to numerous development challenges in various countries (Smith, 2010). Studies have established that most countries, especially in Africa continue to suffer the effects of…

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What Did Trump and Putin Tell Each Other?

A recent article authored by the editorial board of The New York Times discusses an unannounced meeting between the United States President Donald Trump and the Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this July (“What did Trump and Putin,” 2017). The authors’ main point is that it is unclear what the two leaders were discussing; different sources suggest different versions, and…

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Self-Interest and Public Interest Conflicts

Abstract This paper discusses two inherent conflicts that might occur between self-interest and public interest, namely definitional challenges and market-oriented mechanisms. Accountability, choice, best practice, and value, as well as the reinforcement of shared values and elaboration of norms of justice and fairness, need to be integrated into the new public sector management to deal with these conflicts. Introduction Although…

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Topic: Politics & Government

The United Kingdom Leaving the European Union

Introduction European Union, as defined by MacShane (2015, p. 56), refers to “a politic–economic union, often called the EU, that brings together member countries of European Economic Community under the Maastrict Treaty, and envisions the eventual establishment of common economic, foreign, security, and justice policies.” Since the formation of this politico-economic union in 1992, it has become a major block…

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Topic: Politics & Government

Smart Sanctions: A Short History by Uri Friedman

Summary of the Article The article “Smart Sanctions: A Short History” by Uri Friedman reviewed different political sanctions in the last decade. Uri analyzed the concept of sanctions a political tool. Friedman revealed that targeted sanctions were used by the Greek Empire to address territorial conflicts. The aim was to pressure the enemy or political foe to change tactics. The…

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Social Equity and Public Administration

Equity involves understanding and giving people what they can enjoy fully and healthily. In America, Public administrators have equally contributed to being fair just by practically integrating the notion of social equity in economic, social, and political aspects. Savra and Brunet (2004) found that social equity is a pillar to a nation’s stability and dismissed the idea that public administrators…

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The Responsibility of Stakeholders in Cargo Security

In international trade, the issue of security is very critical. The major concerns in the international trade are drug trafficking and security well being of the country. There are several security threats posed to the country through international trade. These include shipment of mass destruction weapons and other dangerous goods. It also includes drug smuggling into the country. It is,…

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Topic: Politics & Government

Presidential Power and Executive Order

Abstract The President of the United States possesses executive powers that are bestowed by the constitution. Article II fulfills this role by defining the powers that the Executive branch of government possesses, including its duties and the scope of its powers. The clauses of Article II give the president the freedom to issue executive orders on different matters. Presidential powers…

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African Union Conflict Intervention Framework

The article “After 50 Years of the OAU-AU: Time to Strengthen the Conflict Intervention Framework” explains why new strategies are needed to ensure the African Union (AU) is valuable towards addressing humanitarian crises. This is the case because Africa is the only continent that is grappling with specific challenges such as poverty. Many countries in the continent are characterized by…

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The Concept of Democracy in Political Theory

Introduction and Background The concept of democracy is familiar to most people. Developed first in ancient Greece, democracy came to flourish in the 20th century, when decolonization, economic circumstances, and the establishment of just political rules led to the popularity of democratic institutions. Today, the majority of western societies have settled on liberal democracy as the most efficient system of…

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Democratic Communities and Third-Party Conflict Management

The authors of “Democratic communities and third-party conflict management” note that domestic political structures of neighboring states have the possibility of influencing the politics of disputants meaning they have a role to play in peaceful resolutions of conflicts instead of employing military techniques. In their view, states or state actors engaged in armed conflicts will always welcome democratically stable countries…

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Pioneer Generation Package for Singapore’s Elderly

Abstract Over the course of their life, the senior citizens of Singapore have contributed immensely to the development of the state in terms of its social, political and economic life. As a sign of appreciation for their efforts, the Singaporean government has created the Pioneer Generation Package, which provides the so-called Pioneer Generation with healthcare benefits. PGP, however, triggers major…

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Culture Wars in Contemporary US Society

The Author’s View The author believes that culture wars are non-existent in contemporary US society, as Americans are not divided into two camps. Thus, considering such a controversial issue as homosexuality and gay marriages, the author notes that people’s attitudes towards these problems are constantly changing, and there is no strong opposition to this or that standpoint.1 There can be…

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China’s Role in Africa and Its Implications for the US

In the last three decades, China has shown a lot of interest in the development of Africa. This growing interest has become a key issue among Western countries because many African countries are shifting their alliance with Western countries to China. China does not reveal its real interests in Africa. However, its activities are founded on certain key themes that…

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“Democracy in America” by Alexis de Tocqueville

In this first volume, the author, Alexis de Tocqueville, focuses on the origins and roots of the constitution of the United States which gives rise to the democracy enjoyed in the country. He delves extensively into the principles that our nation’s founding fathers adopted and applied in the penning of the constitution. The author notes the influence played by the…

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Topic: Politics & Government

President Harry S. Truman’s Assassination Attempt

Introduction The American presidency is riddled with numerous successful and attempted assassinations. James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy are among the presidents who have been assassinated in the American history (McCann, 2006). Andrew Jackson, William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman are among the presidents whose assassination attempts have failed. The latest presidential assassination attempt…

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Attack on Pearl Harbor and Power Balance Theory

The Second World War can be regarded as an illustration of people’s irresponsibility, ignorance, and vanity. Several nations tried to change the world order that had been established after World War I, and the only way to do that was to start even another war. Japan was one of the countries that wanted to change borders and spheres of influence.…

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Topic: Politics & Government

The Cold War: International Relations between 1945 and 1989

Introduction International relations refer to an academic field that focuses on the nature of the relationships that exist between states (Sutch & Elias 2007 pp. 33-34). One of the major historical events that shaped international relations between 1945 and 1989 was the Cold War. The Cold War was a war of ideologies and propaganda. The United States of America advanced…

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