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Barack Obama’s Campaign Ad Analysis

In 2008, Barack Obama ran for a second term in office. He wanted to achieve something that has eluded past presidents of his homeland, and that is to become a two-term President of the United States. To accomplish his goal he decided to produce a TV commercial that would allow him to communicate his message to a large group of…

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Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 United Nations Speech

Mikhail Gorbachev is regarded as one of the central figures who contributed to the end of the Cold War. His speech to the UN General Assembly in 1988 was an important impetus for the changes in the international political arena. Gorbachev chose the UN as the platform for his speech as it was the most influential international organization that ensured…

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The United States’ Involvement into World War I

Introduction World War I (initially named the Great War) changed the course of global warfare forever. The war had significant implications on global relationships, imperialism, and nationalism. The end of the war precipitated new disputes that would play a major role in the development of another global conflict. The “assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914 was the immediate…

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Donald Trump Won the Presidency: How and Why?

In any competition, there has to be a winner and a loser. However, some contests are more important than the others, making all the world follow them and root for their favorite participant. One such event, the evolvement of which was followed by millions of people, was the President Election of 2016 in the US. There were two main candidates…

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Accessibility of International Sex Tourism

Introduction The term “sex tourism” describes the practice of traveling abroad to engage in sexual activity. In most cases, sexual activity is commercial and involves prostitution. The term had become popular when international tourism became affordable. However, several social issues arise from capitalization on this type of tourism. The term “sex tourism” is controversial, but not more common than people…

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Robert F. Kennedy: Biography and Contributions

Robert Francis Kennedy, also widely known under the initials of RFK, was a lawyer and politician, one of the nine children born into the family or Joseph and Rose Kennedy. He was the Attorney General in the administration of his brother, President John F. Kennedy. After the unfortunate assassination of his brother, Robert was elected the state of New York…

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Chinese One-Child Policy

Introduction China is emerging as a global leader due to its impressive economic and military progress. As the country becomes more engaged with the international community, the government is implementing some social and economic reforms. One highly debated issue in modern China is the one-child policy. This policy was implemented in 1979 by the government in a bid to control…

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Donald Trump’s Rise, Its Causes and Effects

Introduction Donald Trump is currently the 45th president of the United States. It is without doubt that many global citizens are appalled and shocked by this unimaginable fact. Trump managed to fight every kind of establishment and opposition that stood on his way (Martinelli 12). Some scholars have argued that the rise of Donald Trump can be attributed to the…

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Training and Development in Military Units

Introduction Changes are implemented in organizations to streamline performance and encourage employees to focus on the best outcomes. In military units, changes are initiated depending on the goals and expectations of different stakeholders. Training and development are powerful initiatives that can prompt a change process in an institution. This discussion examines how powerful training and development programs focusing on the…

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Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s Elections

The elections of the new president in the United States have never been more interesting and controversial as the current opposition of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The peculiarity of the current presidential campaign is the presence of the person whose business achievements are indisputable. Donald Trump is an extraordinary businessman who has achieved a variety of business heights during…

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World War I: Franz Ferdinand’s Death and Alliances

The Great War caused the death of at least 8.5 million soldiers and 7 million civilians (Erlanger 1). The Great War maimed and injured 20 million people. Aside from the horrific casualties, significant economic losses deprived many people the chance to acquire a decent livelihood. In the aftermath of World War I, empires were eviscerated. Governments were weakened by the…

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Extreme Islamic Terrorist Groups in Comparison

Introduction Al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) represent two generations of terrorism threats faced by the United Sates and the rest of the world. Al Qaeda has provoked an extensive U.S.-led war on terror in 2000s; ISIS, on the other hand, is the new threat which came to light in the 2010s, after the successful…

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Sino-American War in Realism and Peace in Liberalism

Realism: How could a war break out between the US and China? Realism is the most used theory in explaining international relations. It is believed that it provides the most influential insight into the state of war between countries worldwide (Zhang 5). Proponents of realism are cynical of the notion that common moral philosophies exist. Napoleon once regarded China as…

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People-State Interdependence and Cooperation

Introduction The interdependence of people and the state is based on mutual understanding and cooperation. But there is an unfortunate supposition that rather than being the protector of communal life the state is the gravest threat to the freedom and security of individuals. As such, the physical and moral freedom of people and the state’s functioning must be defined. Analysis…

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Chesterfield County Police Department Structure

The specifics of organizational structure can be beneficial or harmful depending on their appropriateness (Swanson, Territo, & Taylor, 2016). Based on the recent module, the present paper intends to analyze the structure of the Chesterfield County Police Department [CCPD] (2014). The analysis indicates that CCPD (2014) has mostly positive features, which allows the organization to manage its relatively large staff…

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United States’ and Kenya’s Sociopolitic Analysis

Introduction In geography and economics classes, students from all over the world are often exposed to the concepts and dynamics of developed and developing countries, particularly in terms of their socioeconomic and political endowments, governance structures, technological standing, as well as human capital development index. In the class discussions, developed countries are often illuminated in terms of their massive wealth…

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World Trade Center Disaster and Anti-Terrorism

Introduction The 9/11 attacks in the United States led to the World Trade Center disaster, which was a major wake-up call for the authorities in the security field of the nation. The disaster influenced the development of the Department of Homeland, which was aimed at enhancing security for the major infrastructure of the nation. The fight against terrorism also compelled…

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World War I: Nationalism and the US Impact

Considering the belief that loyalty should be the greatest when it comes to nation and culture, nationalism is a way to describe this attitude. In the case of WWI, nationalism led to the development of a competitive worldwide environment where each country felt the urge to overpower its closest rivals. This increasing competition was maintained by a number of factors…

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Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Post-Disaster Fraud

Introduction This report covers an evaluation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s post disaster fraud. FEMA came into place to deal with issues related to natural and manmade disasters in the US. Its major functions include, disaster preparedness sensitization, disaster prevention, responding to disasters, and helping victims recover from tragedies(Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2015). Through the agency, the US government…

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Public Goods and “Free Rider” Problem

Introduction Public goods are crucial to society. They include essential and non-essential aspects of modern life. However, despite their importance, they are often damaged by careless or deliberately malicious legislations, natural disasters, and other issues. This paper will present an overview of public goods, the challenges that affect them, and the “free-rider” problem. Description By nature, public goods are non-excludable…

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Terrorism Financing and Combating Methods

Abstract Terrorism financing (TF) is a significant offense that supplies terrorists with resources. Being a rather resource-consuming activity, terrorism depends on multiple sources of TF, which means that the analysis and control of TF are of primary importance for combating terrorism. TF methods include both legal and illegal ways of obtaining resources. Apart from that, terrorism evolves, developing new methods…

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Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech

The concern the western world had with the expansion of the Soviet Union is not based only on the U.S.S.R gaining more territory but also the spread of communism. The Cold War was, in essence, a battle of clashing ideologies between democracy and communism. It is due to this that the expansion of the Soviet Union was worrisome since the…

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Afghani and Anti-Soviet Intelligence Operations

Introduction The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) gathers intelligence, which helps in making vital decisions and policy directions in the United States. The intelligence may include terrorism, cyber-attacks, drug trafficking, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and regional conflict. In the Soviet Union, the CIA played the role of collecting and scrutinizing information necessary in making foreign policy directions concerning…

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Consular Service and Collaboration in the 21st Century

The 21st century is the century of high speeds, information technologies, and the Internet due to which the distance among the states has significantly reduced; people started to communicate with citizens of other societies and get acquainted with previously unfamiliar cultures and customs. In the context of globalization, consular collaboration acquires particular importance because it is meant to develop a…

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Tenets of the Cicero’s Just War Theory

Four Most Important Tenets of the Just War Theory of Cicero There are seven major principles of the Just War Theory. For a war to be just, it should be the last resort, it should be waged by a legitimate authority, it should be for a just cause, based on the right intention, the violence must be proportional to the…

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The UAE Successful Economic Diplomacy Platform

Economic diplomacy is the process of pursuing a country’s commercial interests, both locally and internationally. It involves the use of financial tools and policies to eradicate vices, such as poverty and crime. Fulfilling a country’s economic interests depends on different factors such as the political climate, security, education, and international agreements or conventions. The UAE is located in the Middle…

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Department of Homeland Security: Bureaucratic Structure

The objective of this memorandum is to communicate the views of an analysis regarding the effectiveness of the bureaucratic structure in the DHS. The analysis is based on recent public views following the continued threats for the U.S security. Bureaucracy as a concept continues to receive criticism from both academicians and ordinary citizens. In every field of human activity, and…

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Inaugural Speech of Donald Trump and Other Republicans

An inaugural speech is an important part of the presidency. It allows tracking the major directions that a newly-elected president is likely to follow. This work aims to compare inaugural addresses of different Republican presidents, namely Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump, with the main accent on the latter’s speech. Overview Like…

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The United Nations’ Digital Media Connection

The United Nations (UN) is highly concerned about global citizenship and operates to encourage people to become a part of international open-minded society. The organization tries to provide the most authoritative information for the representatives of the general public to understand what changes are currently needed and why. Thus, it is vital for the UN to communicate with the global…

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Iran’s Nuclear Energy and Relations with Israel

The Islamic Republic of Iran repudiates claims that it manufactures as well as possesses weapons of mass destruction. Iran is a signatory to a number of United Nations statutes and international treaties. The fact that Iran has questioned the existence of Israel as Jews homeland and threatened to annihilate it has further complicated the issue. The Islamic Republic of Iran…

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Russian Involvement Effects in Eastern Ukraine

Introduction The years 2014 and 2015 were marked by the dramatic escalation of geopolitical tensions between Russia and the U.S. This particular development has been brought about by the 2014 military seizure of political power in Ukraine by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis (supported and financed by the West), and by what many Western politicians continue to refer to as Russia’s ‘illegal…

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The Concept of Democracy as a Historical Fiasco

Nowadays, it represents a commonplace assumption among many people that democracy is the best form of societal governing. As Dewey pointed out, “Democratic political forms are simply the best means that human wit has devised up to a special time in history” (1937, p. 457). This assumption, however, cannot be referred to as being undisputed, because there are indeed a…

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Military on the US Southern Border

Introduction The US southern border protects the country from illegal immigration from Mexico. It is critical for the security of the USA because it ensures that the country will not be adversely affected by issues associated with overpopulation and illicit drugs (Nixon & Santos, 2017). Currently, a new wall is built between the USA and Mexico, as it is believed…

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Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum: Cultural Diplomacy

Cultural diplomacy is a specific kind of soft power and public diplomacy that incorporates the mutual exchange of information, ideas, and cultural concepts for maintaining trusting ties between different parties. The primary goal of cultural diplomacy is fostering a mutual understanding of the national ideals of parties with an effort to develop extensive support for political and economic goals and…

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Death Penalty Trends in American Justice System

Abstract Capital punishment has been one of the most controversial and commonly discussed subjects in the American justice system for many decades. To date, many states have abolished the death penalty; the others face challenges practicing it due to the heavy opposition. This paper attempts to discuss some of the most controversial issues and cases concerning the capital punishment in…

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Terrorist Activity in the United States

The rights of detainees suspected of terrorist activities are a topic of active debates. Despite significant efforts on a legal level, the humanity of detention practices remains questionable. The following paper covers the legal aspects of terrorism-related practices in the United States. The first status used to justify the detainment of an individual is a material witness. From a legal…

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“Party Politics in America” a Book by Marjorie Randon Hershey

Introduction: Title and Thesis Statement The book “Party Politics in America” by Marjorie Randon Hershey is usually regarded as a gold standard in relation to literature touching on power and influence in the country. As the title suggests, the author’s central theme in the text revolves around how politics is associated with political parties in the United States of America.…

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Zionism as a Reaction to European Anti-Semitism

Introduction Scholars like Robert Wistrich and Joseph Massad debate over the exact cause of the Jewish Zionism in the better part of the 19th century. Initially, the Jews lived in different communities across Europe and in Palestine; they lacked a place of their own in which they could live as one community. Following the prejudice they faced in Europe, especially…

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Judicial and Executive Branches and Their Roles

Humans are social beings that prefer to live in a community that introduces the patterns that are used in everyday cooperation between its members. Besides, to avoid anarchy and outline limits that should regulate the communitys functioning and well-being, people are not able to act in the way they want. There are specific rules and regulations that should be observed…

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President Trump’s Inaugural Address

Introduction Political speeches appear to provide gripping material for analysis. One of the recent speeches is Trump’s inaugural address. Therefore, this work aims to give a critical review of Trump’s inaugural speech, including general impression which it has created on the audience and intentions which the newly-elected President has been willing to achieve. Overview During his speech Trump makes a…

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, 2009

As President George W. Bush’s term moved closer to the end, a major financial crisis rocked the world. Prior to the onset of this major downward trend, the United States economy seemed to be thriving as financial institutions had generous consumer lending practices, and there was a lot of new money in the economy. Also, during this time, people were…

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The American Dream: Civil Rights and Opportunities

Introduction The United States is a country that was built by people who searched for freedom from the traditional rules imposed by the Church and by feudal masters. It is not surprising that the nation created as a result has freedom as its primary value. The living conditions in the new land were harsh, and newcomers thrived to survive while…

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International Relations: the Coming of the Micro-States

Summary of the Article Montenegro’s proclamation of independence inspired statelets like Kosovo to demand the same (Weir par. 1). Kosovo’s independence had not been recognized by the international community. Hence, it resorted to the conflict to demand recognition, just like Montenegro. The greatest fear then, however, was that, should the international community accept Kosovo’s bid for independence, ethnic violence would…

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Organization Theory and Classical Foundations

Bureaucratic system perfectly fits in an unpretentious, legalistic, and rigid social order. It is irreconcilable with intricate, self-motivated, and idiosyncratic societies (Pershing & Austin, 2014). Bureaucratic system is predicted to be substituted by the age of innovativeness, and non-lawful, lenient means of power. Bureaucracy and democracy point toward standards for positioning authority and control that empower and compel actors in…

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Public Administration: Ideal Governance

Relevance of bureaucracy as a description and a model for the current public services Public officials who lack a requisite flexibility stand a chance to construct bureaucratic models and systems of governance following rigid routines in the execution of their duties. Worse still, bureaucratic systems of governance hinder the ability of the public office incumbents to make right and intelligent…

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Discipline Implementation in Military Environment

Change Initiative Description A change initiative that I will be considering within my organization is a shift in policy. In the military, many leaders reach a certain amount of years served and coast until retirement. Let me be the first to say that I am not that type of individual. Since I have arrived in my organization, I have noticed…

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Death Penalty and Its Issues

Serious criminals have usually imposed a death sentence. This type of punishment continues to exist, even nowadays. However, it seems completely irrelevant in a modern democratic and humanistic society. Let us consider issues arguing against corporal punishment. First, it violates the inherited right to life that is a fundamental principle of all other human rights, which no one can take…

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Pan-Slavism and Nationalism as Causes of World War I

Both nationalism and imperialism were major forces that drove the alliances toward the war. The Pan-Slavic movement itself was not created specifically by Russia to achieve its political goals. It was originally coined by various Slavic intellectuals, and at the beginning of the XX century, František Palacký invited various historians and other scientists to visit a congress in Prague dedicated…

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Social Security Long-Term Solvency Problems

Social Security is the federal insurance program in the United States handling Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI). Established in 1935, Social Security is funded by taxes from salaries and contributions from those in business or self-employed people. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the agent that collects them. The income collected from the taxes is managed by the Social…

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Communism and Liberalism’ Diplomacy

Communism and liberalism are two distinct ideologies that have been traditionally framed as opposing approaches. Nevertheless, certain similarities can be identified that determine their impact on the global community. The main similarity between liberalism and communism is the emphasis on equality characteristics for both ideologies. However, the specificities of the said equality are different in each ideology. For example, liberalism…

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