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What Is Public Administration? Essay

The Concept of Public Administration Many concepts have more than one definition, and public administration is no exception. Firstly, it is the implementation of government policy. Secondly, it is an academic discipline focused on studying it. By the way, public service is quite an attractive perspective for many students. Those going to become civil servants might have Public Administration as…

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Essay on The Prince by Machiavelli

In the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, Italy was in an unfavorable position. It was divided into small parts. Rome, Florence, Genoa, Venice, and other parts of the country were all independent warring states. The country was at war with such powerful states as modern-time France and Spain. In such conditions, the most topical question was: how to strengthen…

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US – Japan Economic Relations in WWII

Introduction Japan is located in the Pacific Ocean towards the Far East; it has a culture, an economy, and a history that disproves its tiny footprint. The United States (U.S.) and Japan are the two largest economic powers in the globe. Theodore (11) argues that when the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) of the two countries is combined, it accounts for…

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How Can American Cities Raise More Money?

Abstract Most urban governments in the United States face revenue problems for various reasons. Increased population size is one of the reasons why some governments experience revenue challenges. Governments have to adapt and evolve in the types of services they offer to the resident populations usually without increasing taxes to match such increases in population. For instance, the New York…

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Political Machines in the US Urban Politics

Introduction Most of the US cities were run by political machines in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century (Tuckel & Maisel 99). A political machine is an organization controlled by a powerful boss or group of people who enjoy the support of a section of the population (Tuckel & Maisel 100-101). The support base is large enough to…

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The English School of International Relations: Theory Review

The English school of international relations contributed enormously to the development of the existing theories. The theory observes that a society of states exist at the global arena, even though the system is anarchic. The school tends to suggest that the international system lacks an official government that can oversee the affairs of various actors at the global level. It…

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The United States’ Foreign Policy towards Turkey 1958-1960

Introduction In the years between 1958 and 1960, the United States and Turkey made progress in their diplomatic ties. Turkey, because of its stability in the Middle East and its military traditions not to interfere with political affairs of other nations, served as the link between the western world and the Middle East. The West felt that its alliance was…

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The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia History

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia was established in 1964 as a military wing of the Columbian communist party (Livingstone 2004). The FARC is under the leadership of septuagenarian Manuel Marulanda alongside six other members.The rebel group grew from a small peasant group to an unprecedented military organization. The growth of this group has been largely fueled by its involvement…

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Government Role in Encouraging Inner City Growth

Abstract This paper identifies the role that the government has in encouraging inner-city growth and the economics behind such a role. The paper argues that the government has a leadership role, an enabling role, a facilitative role, a fostering role, an encouraging role, a role to nurture a positive image for inner cities, and a role in creating an enabling…

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The Changing Nature of Volunteering in Australia

Introduction Volunteering has a long history in Australia and it has played a critical role in the development of many communities in the nation. This activity has been credited with contributing to the survival of many rural and remote communities in the country. Volunteering Australia (2012) documents that Australians have a well established culture of giving. Research shows that up…

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African Americans and Politics in the Media

Introduction Generally, there is a common concern among scholars that African American politics are of no consequence. Arguably, the study and practice of African American politics have reached a state of sluggishness, and nothing new is being discussed by scholars (Persons 1). To a large extent, studies on African American politics tend to focus more on the description and analysis…

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US Military Spending

Introduction When countries generate budgets for each fiscal year, they always have priorities. Most imperative is always the welfare of its citizens, considering that they contribute immensely through taxation. Ever since the 9/11 attacks of the Twins Towers, the budget took a sudden shift, with the military gaining the second-biggest share of the resources allocated for different duties. Healthcare has…

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International System and International Society Relations

Introduction When World War I ended, the goal of nations that were engaging in the war was to enhance international peace through the establishment of the League of Nations. Its principal objective was to thwart the appearance of battle by enhancing joint security through ‘disarmament and/or settling probable international disagreements via arbitration and negotiations’ (Adsera & Boix 2002, p. 231).…

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“The Atlanta Exposition Address” by Booker T. Washington

The speech given by Booker T. Washington on September 18, 1895 in Atlanta, Georgia, became one of the most influential and meaningful speeches in the history of America (Booker T. Washington Delivers the 1895 Atlanta Compromise Speech, par. 1). Nowadays the speech is seen from many various perspectives, this is why many different opinions are being formed about its contents…

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The Syrian Crisis: Economic and Social Impact

The conflict in Syria and its repercussions have now reached such a serious situation that immediate global initiatives are needed by way of humanitarian interventions and economic aid. In its fourth year now, the crisis has severely impacted over 60 percent of the country’s population in making them either to get displaced from their homes or to flee the country.…

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Kenneth Jost’s Article “Unrest in the Arab World”

The Arab Spring was started not only as of the change of the political regimes but also as a change in the public consciousness regarding the ideas of civil and political rights. Such viewpoints are promoted in work “Unrest in the Arab World,” which was written by Kenneth Jost in 2013. To understand the situation in the Arab world, it…

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Nuclear Arms Control: Unsuccessful Efforts

Introduction From the time when the Second World War was concluded, a lot of debates and controversies regarding the impacts of nuclear weapons on diplomacy has characterised the international arena. As indicated by Brown (2001), nuclear weapons are a part of the incorporated policy of defence, which is also comprised of diplomacy and a set of conventional forces. Diplomacy, as…

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NATO as a Changing Defence and Security Institution

Introduction In recent times, NATO has made a significant impact in regional and global security efforts. Although, NATO was established to maintain security in Western Europe and North America, the organization has provided solutions in other regions (Brzezinski 2009, p. 2). NATO’s intervention in Bosnia, Kosovo and Libya proved that the organization is changing its role and strategies. This paper…

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The Death Penalty and Mentally Retarded Capital Offenders

Introduction For decades in the United States of America, concerns about the death penalty were comparatively hinged on philosophical and occasionally religious discourse over the morality of state-sanctioned execution of another human being. As demonstrated in the literature, public opinion ebbed and flowed for the capital punishment, residing as civil rights abuses became an issue of fundamental national concern in…

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Inequality in Australia

No matter how hard it is for the XXI century human race to acknowledge the fact of inequality within society, injustice doubtlessly exists (‘Inequality and globalism’ 2013). More to the point, it penetrates every single field, affecting the relationships between people at the most basic level and altering the entire landscape of social interactions (Smeeding 2002). For several reasons, particularly,…

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Road Network Infrastructure: Public Private Partnership

Introduction Government constructions and renovations of infrastructure by the contractual agreements with Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) have become the most adopted processes in developed and developing countries (Abdullah et al. 2014). Infrastructure refers to the fundamental organization of the physical structures and facilities that are needed by the public. Project background This paper looks at PPPs in the context of a…

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EU Regulations of Merger between EU and Chinese Companies

Introduction While examining mergers and acquisitions, European regulators pay close attention to the risk of dominance. In this context, the term dominance can be defined as the ability of the organization to prevent the competition in a certain market (Geradin, Layne-Farrar,& Petit 2012, p. 43). It should be noted that the bargaining power of this company is stronger than the…

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Specific Illegal Immigration Issues

Introduction Immigration is normally used to refer to the movement of people from their home countries to a foreign country where they are non-citizens. Immigration can either be legal or illegal. Legally, immigration of people is sanctioned by the destination country’s governing authorities (LeMay 36). There are various issues associated with illegal migration of persons. One of the major issues…

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America and the Great War: Fundamental Drivers

The Great War had a vehement impact on American society and the future history of the country. Nonetheless, a primary goal of this essay is to discover fundamental drivers, which contributed to the American participation in the World War I. Such aspects as nationalism, imperialism, and militarism were the primary reasons for the occurrence of the World War I. However;…

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Hurricane Katrina: Government Ethical Dilemmas

Leadership and Decision-Making Issues Many people are convinced that Hurricane Katrina should be considered as a prime example of government failure. And that is true. Looking back, we can see leadership failures at every possible level: local, state, and federal. First of all, the American government systems are decentralized, which is why the integration between levels is too weak. During…

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Justification for the Use of Military Force

Introduction Military intervention was a feasible alternative for averting external aggression in the past, and it is still the most viable option for fighting global terrorism. Potential military interventions range from defusing terrorist camps to liberating captives. According to Feaver and Gelpi, “military intervention entails launching direct strikes against targets verified as the infrastructures for state-sponsored training and support complexes…

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Police Violence and Subterfuge Cases

Introduction Police violence and subterfuge are the phenomena that unite the cases of Joy Gardner, who died in custody in 1993 and those of young Mike Brown or middle-aged Eric Garner who both died in 2014 (Erfani-Ghettani 102; Miah 2-3). Both Gardner and Garner died of suffocation because of the actions of the police; Brown was shot, and so was…

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Should Concealed Handguns Be Allowed in Texas Classrooms?

Introduction In America, many people are concealed handgun license holders. This means that they carry their handguns to many places. In Texas, individuals are allowed to carry their guns to places such as parking lots, city streets, grassy areas, and other public areas (Smith par2). However, students and teachers are not allowed to carry their weapons into classrooms. Senate bill…

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The US National Intelligence Council: Stalled Engines

Overview The current international system is faced with several challenges related to security, economic development, cultural identity, and issues to do with equality. While some states are of the view unilateral decisions are needed to resolve these challenges, a quite a few are of a different observing that cooperation and formation of alliances would better address some of these challenges.…

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Immigration to the United States

Illegal immigrants should receive social services because of the following reasons; first of all, the majority of them pay their taxes, so denying them social services is both unethical and illogical; second of all, their access to social benefits, such as health services, limits the risk of spreading infectious diseases. America is a land of opportunity meaning that if one…

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The Local Activist’s Demonstration

Present danger test Every citizen of the US has a right to participate in a demonstration as long as it does not interfere with the rights of other citizens. The right to demonstrate is enshrined in the constitution under basic human rights and freedoms (Jeske & Fumerton, 2011). The demonstration has to occur since the government has failed to address…

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US State and Local Government: Duties Distribution

There is no use denying the fact that government is the phenomenon, which regulates the life of society and serves as the barrier which restrains chaos and anarchy. Moreover, the government provides a great number of different services, which are vital for the existence of a state and its population. Thus, peculiarities of the functioning of this apparatus suppose a…

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Emerging Powers and World Order

One cannot tell what will happen in the next 25 years in international politics. Nevertheless, experts agree that the world will become less liberal. In fact, it is assumed that the United States will be unable to retain its power and maintain global order, as newly powerful states will start to promote their agendas. Nonetheless, it is likely that the…

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Social Services for Illegal Immigrants

With increased globalization, people are able to move from one region and relocate to other regions. Immigration has also been enhanced by the fact that mobility of labor is increasingly becoming perfect, compared to ancient years. The United States has received many immigrants being the largest economy in the world, and still, many more will want to relocate there. Unfortunately,…

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African Americans and Politics in the Media

Introduction To a large extent, African Americans are regarded as a minority group of individuals who are economically different from the rest in the wider society. Severally, African Americans have been subjected to unequal treatment in employment, representation in public offices, schooling, and involvement in various social activities. Generally, most studies that address the state of African American politics tend…

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The Great Wall of America

Introduction The United States of America is arguably the most developed country in the world. Therefore, many people around the globe dream of staying and working in the United States. With this in mind, many people, especially from less developed nations, work day and night to secure a chance of living in the United States. As a result, the number…

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The First World War Beginning: Causes and Reasons

The First World War, considered as one of the deadliest confrontations in the world’s history, started on July 28, 1914, and finished on November 11, 1918. Almost all the major players on the political scene of that time were involved in this confrontation. The War took place all over Europe, in Asia and Africa. Sixteen million people, including 9 million…

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Military Policy that Should Be Changed

Promotion Criteria The military is a secret organization that does not disclose its activities to the public, mainly because of the strict rules and regulations. However, some of how things are conducted ought to be changed because they are unfair to the officers and the country’s development. One of the things that should be changed or adjusted is the promotion…

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United States in the Great War

The Great War was one of the most large-scale military conflicts, which surpassed all the preceding wars in the history of mankind. Parties to the conflict were two opposing state alliances, the Entente (comprising of Russia, Great Britain, and France) and the Quadruple Alliance (including Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria). The immediate reason for the war was the Sarajevo assassination…

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Race’ Role in the Understanding of Fascism

Fascism is traditionally defined as a method of radical authoritarian nationalism, which achieved great eminence in Europe at the beginning of the 1900s. It originally was established in Italy in the course of the World War I as an antagonistic form of organizing a nation to liberalism. Moreover, it is a political ideology, campaign or leadership of a nation that…

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Tokyo Terrorist Attack in 1995: Stakeholders and Effects

Tokyo Attack is a Scandalous Terrorist Act in the History of Japan In 1995, the capital of Japan was stirred by a dreadful terrorist attack that produced a damaging impact on the world community. According to the reports, the members of a scandalous religious group dropped the bags with sarin into the subway trains. The terroristic act inflicted 13 deaths.…

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The Era of Nazi Party Ruling: the Third Reich

Quotes and analysis The story called “Lieutenant Gustl” was written by Arthur Schnitzler in 1901. This work was created in a form of an inner monologue of a young military officer, the development of the story happens over a short period of time – basically, one evening, when Lieutenant Gustl decides to watch a concert and then in the wardrobe…

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NASA Information Security Systems

In today’s technologically advanced world, companies are resorting to electronic means of protecting their information and related systems (Rhodes-Ousley, 2013). Information security has become very important with regards to the operations of modern organizations. It is a means through which an entity restricts access to its systems from unauthorized persons. The same is necessitated by the increase in cyber crime.…

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Sudan’ High Mortality Rates

Introduction Sudan has constantly suffered from rampant ethnic conflicts, and its citizens have hardly enjoyed the pleasure of its independence gained in 1956. The war between Muslims and non-Muslims in the country caused the deaths of more than two million people (Collins, 2008). Essentially, non-Muslims had dominated the northern economy, and the military regimes that favored Islamic-oriented governments became furious…

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Iran’s Proposition to Own Nuclear Weapons

Who owns and possesses a nuclear weapon is an issue of great concern for most countries. Essentially, most countries in the West get concerned when nations express the desire to own nuclear weapons because such weapons are capable of causing massive destruction to both property and human life if not properly controlled. In effect, who owns and manages the weaponries…

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American Great Wall

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans cross into the US illegally. The prospect of employment is the major factor that attracts illegal immigrants into the US. Illegal immigrants usually do low skilled jobs. The US government spends billions of dollars on illegal immigrants despite the fact that they pay very little taxes. Therefore, illegal immigration makes the government lose…

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Illegal Immigration in USA

Whereas many people believe that illegal immigrants do not have any right for basic social services, there is a group of activists affirming the need to make sure that every individual irrespective of the citizenship status should get access to social basic services. Consequently, these two sides have led to a hotly contested debate over illegal immigrants and basic social…

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Gun Control: US Domestic Policy

Introduction The United States has a strong gun culture, and it is estimated that there are over 300 million privately owned firearms in the country. With this number, the US is a developed country with the highest proportion of private gun ownership. In recent years, there have been calls for the government to impose harsh gun control policies to limit…

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Position on the Death Penalty

Capital punishment remains a contested issue in many societies across the globe. Many countries have abolished this form of punishment. Such countries believe that the malpractice is unethical. From a personal perspective, capital punishment is wrong because it does not deter criminals from engaging in unlawful activities. More often than not, the malpractice results in wrongful executions. Different concepts and…

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Terrorism, Its History and Constituents

Introduction The number and frequency of terrorist attacks have increased drastically since the twentieth century. Nowadays, the notion of terrorism is known to everyone. Terrorist attacks on the September 11 changed the understanding of terrorism and demonstrated its devastating threat. All countries face the difficulty of choosing the most appropriate way to deal with terrorism. Although some scholars support the…

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