American Association of Heart Failure Nurses

Nursing associations may play a considerable role in the professional development of a nurse by providing education and creating information-sharing networks. An example of such an organization is the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN). The organization seeks to set and maintain standards for heart failure nursing based on research and clinical practice and utilizes education and print to keep its members informed about the current development in the field.

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As follows from the name, the organization consolidates the heart failure nurses of the United States. Since its founding in 2004, AAFHN defines its purpose as advancing nursing education, research, and clinical practice “to improve heart failure patient outcomes” (“About AAFHN,” n.d., para. 1).

The mission of the organization is to unite health professionals, patients, and caregivers alike to promote optimal patient outcomes by supporting and advancing heart failure practice (“About AAFHN,” n.d.). AAFHN’s vision is “to be the foremost nursing association across the heart failure continuum” (“About AAFHN,” n.d., para. 5). Membership in the organization provides free or cheaper access to its educational activities, as well as the other perks listed below.

The importance of being a member of AAFHN for a heart failure nurse lies in the exclusive opportunities it provides. AAFHN is currently “the only association dedicated to heart failure nurses” in the United States (“Membership,” n.d., para. 1).Consequently, joining it is the only way for a heart failure nurse to be integrated fully into the professional community and benefit from the organization’s networking opportunities. These opportunities mainly include regular live webinars, annual conferences, and workshops, where members may enhance their professionalism and share their experiences simultaneously (“Member benefits,” n.d.). Thus, membership in AAFHN is crucial for a nurse working in the field.

To keep its members informed about changes in health care and practice, AAFHN utilizes several resources. First of all, it maintains the bi-monthly Heart & Lung – The Journal of Acute & Critical Care with free subscription for members (“Member benefits,” n.d.). Secondly, it distributes quarterly newsletters to the members as well as yearly reports (“Member benefits,” n.d.). Finally, the organization has been developing the American Nursing Association (ANA) Scope and Standards of Cardiovascular Nursing ever since its inception in 2004 (Rasmusson, Flattery, & Baas, 2015). By combining these methods, AAFHN succeeds in informing its members of the notable developments in the field.

AAFHN also provides opportunities for both continuing education and professional development. It offers educational activities, mostly in the form of recorded or live webinars and recorded presentations (“Education activities,” n.d.). All these activities are either free or cheaper for AAFHN members. Apart from that, membership in the organization also provides a discount on the fees to take the Certified Heart Failure Nursing exam (“Member benefits,” n.d.). Therefore, membership in AAFHN provides better opportunities for career development as well as continuous education in the field.

In conclusion, AAFHN, as a professional organization, is useful for any heart failure nurse. The association’s purpose, mission, and vision drive it to promote effective clinical practice and encourage research and education in the field. Various ways of delivering information about the developments in heart failure nursing ensure that AAFHN members are aware of changes in health care and practice. The organization also offers increased opportunities for educational and professional development for its member cost-free or at a lower price.

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