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Community Nursing Roles in Occupational Health Settings

In the modern healthcare environment, nurses are critically important actors who guarantee the delivery of care to patients and their recovery. For instance, in the occupational health setting, these specialists also play a cruical role in achieving positive outcomes. The given environment can be determined as a field of nursing that presupposes the development of business health and safety programs, or monitoring of workers who are injured when performing their job (Nies & McEwen, 2019).

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Occupational nurses assist with rehabilitation, coordinate employee treatments, provide emergency care, and plan various activities aimed at the improvement of outcomes (Nies & McEwen, 2019). In such a way, the purpose of the paper is the improvement of the understanding of the occupational setting and nurses’ role in it.

Community Setting

The vulnerable population belonging to the selected setting includes people who work and whose health might suffer because of the working conditions or various injuries. In such a way, a community health nurse, offers emergency care to such cohorts to improve outcomes and ensure that patients will recover, conducts the assessment of the health status to determine the need for interventions or improvements, and manages disasters or emergencies that might be associated with this very work (Nies & McEwen, 2019). These are critical tasks that help to protect a particular group and improve their health.

Health Promotion Nursing Intervention

One of the possible health promotion interventions presupposes elimination of the negative factor that impacts workers on their workplaces, or mitigation of its influence to guarantee better health status for people. For companies with poor working conditions, occupational nurses serve as actors who might engage in the dialogue with local authorities to improve the current environment or provide employees with interventions that might be needed to avoid critical deterioration of their health (Lavicoli, Valenti, Gagliardi, & Rantanen, 2018). For this reason, community health nurses can provide factors proving the existence of the problem to local regulatory agencies or companies’ boards to ensure that workers are protected and have all conditions needed for their functioning. It remains one of the primary goals of this specialist.

Professional Nursing Organization

The importance of the tasks occupational nurses have to accomplish preconditions the appearance of specific organizations that guide their works. For instance, the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) (n.d.) is a professional association of licensed nurses that work in the given sphere and provide their services to employees who need them. The given unit focuses on the improvement of the existing practice by offering new standards and promoting the increase in specialists’ competence and skills.

One of the essential professional issues the organization cultivates is the promotion of the health and safety of work and various communities to minimize negative effects impacting individuals and guarantee the gradual improvement of the health of the nation. This activity preconditions the way the organization evolves and how it cooperates with specialists across the state.


In such a way, the occupational health setting includes working individuals who might face various risks at their workplaces or suffer from many injuries. That is why occupational nurses try to minimize the risk of accidents by offering guidelines for safe functioning, monitoring the state of employees, and introducing effective interventions when needed. Organizations such as AAOHN support this group of specialists by suggesting new, more effective standards that can be followed to achieve better results and ensure that all people are protected and enjoy the beneficial environment.

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