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American History: Eleanor Roosevelt

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Women have always been in the sidelines of men. Throughout the history of our world, men have been playing a key role in society. There is a great number of famous men whose names are familiar to every person. However, very often these men have a woman, who is not so famous though, she does everything to guarantee her husbands success. Being involved in his advance a woman, however, remains unknown for history.

Nevertheless, things changed. Nowadays, women obtain more and more power and influence. It is possible today to hear about some powerful women who influence the development of our society greatly. This became possible due to the feminist movement and some bright personalities. There is a great number of women who fought for their rights and managed to achieve success and improve the state of women all over the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt was one of these women. She was the wife of the President of the USA and it was necessary for her to measure up to exacting demands of society. However, she was not satisfied with the role of simply the wife of the President, trying to make her own career and help people all over the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt had a lot of different duties and activities. She tried to make a great number of different things to change the current state of affairs. However, her activity during WWII was especially important. First of all, she tried to lift the spirit of soldiers, which took part in the war. She made a great number of visits to different military units, giving speeches, and encouraging soldiers.

Moreover, being the wife of the President, she could influence some military decisions. After the tragedy at Pearl Harbor, she made sure that her husband was still focused on the New Deal, as the country still suffered from the aftermath of the economic crisis. However, it was not the most significant part of her activity.

She also worked with refugees, trying to improve conditions under which they lived and promote their further arrival in the USA. Eleanor Roosevelt was among the first to suggest the idea of women working on plants instead of men which were at war.

One more Eleanor Roosevelts activity should also be mentioned. It is very important, even nowadays. She was an active member of the United Nations. She played a significant role in the work of this organization, trying to improve the postwar world.

Having analyzed information about Eleanor Roosevelt, it is possible to say that she made a great number of different things which influenced the development of American society greatly.

She tried to inspire the nation with her example. Her activity can serve as good evidence that a woman can be very powerful and influence our world greatly. Being a woman, she faced a great number of different prejudices, but she did not give up and continued her mission. It is possible to say that her life teaches people that it is very important to fight for an idea.