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American Public Opinion of War

Americans have been living the world of the ‘Great American Success Myth’ for many years and they have always justified war. If we analyze world history one can find that Americans have their own declaration and justifications about military invasion against different nations around the world and the majority of Americans believe that they have gone to war to gain their independence, expand their boundaries, and preserve their goals and interests around the world. Anyway, war plays a vital role in creating history and American social life. Since the great civil war, America has been continuing its military operations against various nations such as Spain, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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American’s participation in the I and II World Wars has led the world into the so-called cold war. Americans described the Korean War as the forgotten war, a sour war and the coldest war, etc. Even that war provided a serious wound to the Americans with the loss of 36000 American soldiers, but the common people of America supported their nation. Based on a Gallup poll conducted last year there are 14% of Americans believe that the North Korean government was evil and 65% of people expressed their views that the Korean issue was a major issue. The Gallup Brain: Americans and the Korean War BY Steve Crabtree bring out the American views about the Korean issue. It says: “In response to a recent Gallup Poll, 14% of Americans described North Korea’s military and weapons capabilities as a “crisis for the United States,” and an additional 60% said it was a “major problem.” (Crabtree 2009)

The given statement underlines the idea that Americans suggested war as a Korean issue. In the case of World War I, Americans have some confusion on whether to support Britain or not. A large number of American citizens and organizations wished that the nation should remain neutral. But in World War II, Americans demanded military leadership over the whole world. After W.W-II, not only in the field of military force but in the case of economic prosperity had America become number one in the world. In the case of the Vietnam War, America had faced harsh criticism from the whole world. Many Americans attacked the government for the never-ending bloodshed and the violation of human rights. One can find some similarities in American opinion about the battle against Iraq and Vietnam. Many political parties and human rights activists argued that congress failed to justify their action of attacking Vietnam and on the same lines, the Bush administration had to face severe criticism from any corner of the globe.

The President and the US Government have faced heavy criticism and opposition from the public and officials. Some of them found similarities with the Vietnam War. The great failure is that the Bush administration could not give any justification for the Iraqi invasion and the US failed to prove the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Another major reason for public opinion Against the Iraqi invasion is the cost and causality that entailed the dreadful war. News reports and articles about American violation of human rights, harassment in US Military camps have been reported as terrible and painful for Americans and the whole world. The report published by The Washington Post says: “56 Percent in Survey Say Iraq War Was a Mistake.” (Harris and r Muste, 2009) As opposed to Iraq and Vietnam war many Americans support the American commitment to the war in Afghanistan. American citizens proclaimed that the war is against terrorism and for democracy. Both the Republicans and Democrats agreed on the invasion.

To conclude, it is clear that Americans opinion about war has been changing alternatively in various cases. In the case of World War I and II, Americans had supported their nations and they had expected the formation of a powerful nation. War with Vietnam and Korea had created resentment amongst some citizens in America, After the Afghan invasion, one can find a gradual change in public opinion about America’s indulgence in war. Americans began to think of their own military sources and human rights than material profits. New political circumstances and administrations in America are focusing on the growth of the nation based on morality. The losses of more than 10000 US soldiers forced Americans to change their attitude towards war.


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