Analysis of McDonald’s Corporate Culture


Any reliable organization is characterized by its unique corporate culture that may be regarded as a combination of particular elements, such as the organization’s values and symbols. Corporate values and beliefs are the core of the organizational culture that forms the fundamental standards of the company’s goals achievement (Gagliardi, 2017). Such elements as symbols within an enterprise are called artifacts and are defined as the most accessible for observation level of corporate culture (Baack, 2017). Artifacts include rituals, logos, and the employees’ stories and behavior. In this essay, the values and artifacts of McDonald’s company, an international fast food corporation and iconic brand, will be evaluated. The company was established by Roy Croc in 1955, and it currently has more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries around the world (Mahajan, 2014). It goes without saying that McDonald’s leading position in the global market is provided by the corporation’s culture, values, vision, goals, and high quality of food and service.

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Initially, McDonald’s identified the key to its success in the customer-oriented policy that substantively influenced corporate culture. The symbols of the company, such as its logo, colors, motto, and mascot, have significantly contributed to its culture as they address the principle of client-centricity through its vividness, simplicity, and recognizability worldwide. The company’s colors are red and yellow, and they may be observed on its logo, a large styled letter M, as well. Combined with the motto “I’m lovin it” and Ronald McDonald, a clown character that is used as the company’s primary mascot, they became the organization’s cultural elements of international renown that formed its identity.

The corporations’ rituals are basically connected with the enhancing of service quality. The company arranges everyday meetings in all its restaurants both for employees and management to discuss significant issues, define tasks and objectives for the day, and evaluate the effectiveness of performance. It is a common practice for McDonald’s to organize regular training for staff for people’s professional development, as well. This practice positively influences teamwork, the relationship between employees, and cooperation that appears to be one of the company’s fundamental values. As McDonald’s offers its employees opportunities for career development and forms their ambitiousness and creativity, it is possible to listen to a substantial number of conversations and stories dedicated to promotion.


Concerning the espoused values of McDonald’s, the company focuses on the highest quality of its food and service, staff hospitality and client-centricity, unique global infrastructure, experienced management, well-trained staff, and the cooperation between team members. Employees should execute their duties according to structured and well-defined standards of work. Managers emphasize the significance of customer satisfaction and the delivery of timely and appropriate service. However, enacted values frequently demonstrate that the employees’ behavior does not correspond to espoused values. Unfortunately, the work in McDonald’s and visiting this branch are regarded by a substantial number of people as disrespectful. Despite established standards, the velocity of workforce employees to act inappropriately, for instance, to mix orders or forget to add units. The reliable cooperation of workers is frequently not achievable as well due to high personnel turnover that is caused by exhaustive work and low salaries. It goes without saying that such behavior of staff has a negative effect on customer satisfaction and does not support the corporation’s cultural values.


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