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  1. Comparison: Mesopotamia and Ancient Egyptian Culture
    The two civilizations were always ahead in terms of inventions, something that made them different from the rest of cultures at the time.
  2. Photography as a Cultural History
    The photographer considered, that the main aim of a photographer is to demonstrate how our eyes percept world.
  3. Aboriginal Art and Culture Role in Canadian Studies
    Aboriginal art and culture help us to understand the worldview, values, and traditions of the Canadian people, their past and present. Aboriginal culture reflects the long-term colonization of Canada.
  4. Popular Culture: Introductory Perspectives
    Population culture includes all the aspects of life that we live by. Popular culture helps businesses to grow because they have to get what is trendy at to meet the people’s needs.
  5. Organizational Culture, Structure, and Leadership in the 21st century
    Traditional organizational culture stressed commitment, solidarity, identity, and sameness. New companies are oriented on responsiveness, cooperation, performance, and diversity.
  6. Health Literacy and Cultural Awareness
    The support that would come from high levels of health literacy in the urban community would be contingent on individual and systemic factors.
  7. The Culture of Work Organizations
    The first category we have artefacts which refers to the observable and perceptible products of an organizations culture.
  8. Nature of Christianity: Political Resistance Versus Cultural Assimilation
    Religion as a phenomenon has a complex social purpose and is typically viewed as a source of spirituality and ethical development of its proponents.
  9. Political Culture: Failure of Democracy in Iraq
    This essay explains why the concepts of democracy would be extremely difficult to establish in Iraq. The essay explains the dynamics of ethnic composition of Iraq.
  10. Globalization and Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
    Cultural diversity should be incorporated into the company’s policies combined with teaching workers this fundamental issue in the business environment.
  11. Cultural Diversity in the Workforce
    This essay will analyze the various elements of managerial strategies that can be used to ensure that employees from different origins are comfortable in their roles.
  12. Hispanic Cuban Americans’ Cultural Heritage and Traditions
    The Cuban American’s culture and traditions are a blend of Spanish customary practices, different homeland Cubania heritages, and the US lifestyle.
  13. Effect of Social-cultural Factors on Eating Disorders
    Research however shows that women get the disease at a lower age compared to men, with most of them beginning at adolescence.
  14. “Enter the Babylon System: Unpacking Gun Culture from Samuel Colt to 50-Cent” a Book by Rodrigo Bascunan
    The authors in this book are bended on informing the society on who exactly should be blamed for the escalating gun violence.
  15. Is Gender a Culturally or Biologically Perscribed Role?
    The concept of gender as a product of culture or biology has been debated and analyzed by various researchers. The result of this debate has further polarized the topic.
  16. Theoretical Foundation of Gender as a Culturally-Prescribed Role
    The issue of gender as a culturally-prescribed role is hard to investigate by means of biological methods. It’s possible to evaluate biological sex as something not cultural.
  17. Gender is an Often Culturally-Prescribed Role
    Over the years, there were debates about notions of “sex” and “gender”. The recent point of view is that gender roles are not universal for every individual.
  18. Articles on Gender, its Development, and Cultural Aspects
    Many social scientists do not take into account the difference between sex and gender when writing about various topics like sex-linked traits, sex, gender or gender-linked traits.
  19. Gender is a Role, not a Biological Sex, and it is Cultural
    Gender identity differs from person’s sexual orientation or biological sex, it is rather a social role which an individual links himself/herself to.
  20. Comparison: “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Jared Diamond and “Culture Sketches” Holly Peters-Golden
    This paper is aimed at comparing the antropologic themes that Jared Diamond discusses in the book “Guns, Germs, and Steel” with the issues that Holly Peters-Golden examines in “Culture Sketches”.
  21. Social Cultural Determinants of Substance Abuse
    This paper presents a discussion on the social cultural determinants of substance abuse. It also addresses the dynamics of addiction and the mechanisms that are cope with challenges that arise.
  22. Hong Kong Global Business Cultural Analysis
    This paper seeks to explore some of the main dimensions and elements of Hong Kong’s culture, how these elements compare with the United States’ culture.
  23. Cultural Differences and Their Impacts on Business
    This article analyzes the differences between Chinese and American cultures with an aim of establishing the ways in which they affect business transactions.
  24. The Need for Culturally Competent Organizations
    Cultural competence provides a unique set of procedures. This paper presents a discussion on culturally competent organizations exploring its rationale as well as the possible barriers.
  25. Cultural Competence in Nursing
    Cultural competency refers to the ability of an individual to understand and relate well with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  26. Cultural Beliefs, Norms and Practices
    There is hardly a single thing that is just as important to people as the sense of belonging and the search for the ideas that can help them in the process of selfidentifiction.
  27. Female Divine in Contemporary Culture
    This paper looks at and analyses the discussion on Goddess within by Taylor L. Susan, which mainly touches on black women. This article is a lesson to the world over the need to empower women.
  28. The Role of Cultural Competence in Nursing
    Nurses, who play a crucial role of providing care to patients, have been compelled to increase their skills and acquire new competencies.
  29. Culturally Competent Organizations in Healthcare System
    Culturally competent organizations are a necessity in the American health care system if stakeholders are to succeed in minimizing racial and ethnic oriented barriers to health care delivery.
  30. Globalization Advantages and Negative Cultural Impact
    This paper focuses on globalization. Drivers of the globalization agenda are multinationals corporations, international financial markets, and transnational agencies.
  31. Culturally Competent Strategies for Latino Patients
    Nurses should use various traditional practices in order to produce the best outcomes. This practice is necessary because nursing is a holistic approach.
  32. Analysis of Folk Costume and Its Cultural Value: Bulgarian Folk Costume
    The costume mainly emerged from west Bulgaria in a village called Rakovica, and was hand made using locally produced materials.
  33. The Cultural Change Challenges
    In the article “The Old Grey Mare, She Misses What Used to be”, Shelly Fralic argues that cultural change is the main source of the challenges experienced within populations.
  34. Cultural Anthropology: The Case of America
    The US has diversity in ethnicity and races because of its historical immigration of people from various dissimilar countries.
  35. Enron Company Organizational Culture
    The collapse of Enron was not solely because of fraudulent activities, but also due to a weak organizational culture. At Enron, successive leaders instilled negative values into the organization.
  36. Linking Cultural Diversity and Work Safety
    Multiculturalism and diversity are the key aspects of public administration that will be highlighted in this paper.
  37. General Motors Company’ Organizational Culture
    This paper will assess the implications of the General Motors company’s organizational culture on the part-defect controversy, as well as the US government’s responsibility to consumers.
  38. Coca Cola Company: Cross-cultural Business Behavior
    Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands and products in the world. It has a long history, and its expansion to all of the continents is remarkable.
  39. Hispanics Health and Cultural Practices
    Hispanic Americans originated in Spain and other countries in Latin America. Hispanic Americans are made up of a wide range of other ethnicities.
  40. Developmental Psychology: Self-Esteem and Cultural Values
    The paper analyzes the findings of the survey exploring the relationship between self-esteem and the fulfillment of the values dominating the cultural environment.

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  1. Cultural Competency in Relation to Nurses’ Education
    The focus on the nurses’ cultural competency is the important part of the education which can be constantly improved because of the social demand for the adequate and culturally competent care.
  2. Hispanic American Cultural Group: Demographic and Behavior
    The Hispanic American cultural group is comprised of individuals of different ancestry. The group includes the Mexican, Colombian, Rican, Neomexican, Guatemalan, Cuban, and Dominican.
  3. The Tibetan Culture Views on Stress Management
    This paper seeks to analyze the Tibetan culture with respect to stress and the mind coupled with looking at various theoretical postulations on the issue. The management of fear will be covered.
  4. Handling Cultural Stress in the United Arab Emirates
    This research paper focuses on how to handle culture stress in the United Arab Emirates and gives information needed to develop an expatriate program.
  5. Where Does Organizational Culture Come From?
    This paper explores the concept and sources of organizational culture: characteristics of people within organizations, organizational ethics, structure and the property rights.
  6. Intercultural Communication in TV Shows
    The paper discusses filmmaking that used various television series and movies to examine the question of intercultural communication.
  7. Starbucks Company: Business, Culture and SWOT Analysis
    The paper looks into Starbuck’s history, its missions and goals, business scope, current size, growth, and profitability, culture and reputation, competitive advantage, and SWOT.
  8. Cuban History and Culture: Cuban Fiestas and Fiesta Del Dia de Reyes
    Cuba is a Caribbean island nation found in Latin America. When Christopher Columbus landed on its shores in 1492, he claimed the land for the kingdom of Spain.
  9. Egyptian Culture History: Legacies to the Modern World
    Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Its governmental structure, architecture and other aspects had a vehement influence on the formation and outlook of the modern world.
  10. Organizational Structure’s and Culture Relationship
    The paper considers the questions about creating and managing organizational culture, and organizational design and strategy in a changing global environment.
  11. Saving the Exotics of the Ghanaian Culture
    The Ghanaian people are experiencing major issues related to the necessity to retain their own culture and at the same time be able to learn new information from other cultures.
  12. Organizational Culture: Key Concepts and Best Practices
    The paper focuses on organizational culture of General Electric, Facebook, Southwest Airlines, and Wal-Mart and examines their sites to determine aspects of organizational culture.
  13. The Cultural Intelligence Concept in the Global Economy
    Implementing proper CI can result in cost reductions for a company, the ability to access new markets as well as the creation of a diversified workforce.
  14. Cultural Competence in Nursing Practice
    Cultural competency is defined as the ability of a health care worker to understand and relate appropriately with patients from different cultural settings.
  15. The Igbo Dance Positioning in Nigerian Culture
    The culture of the Nigerian people embraces Igbo dance not only as a traditional ritual but as the critical means of communication as well.
  16. Food Culture: Doughnut’s History, Marketing and Sociology
    A doughnut, or as it is often called donut, is a kind of fried dough baked or pastry meal. The doughnut has become well-known and beloved in numerous countries and cooked in an assorted model.
  17. Intercultural Business Communication in China
    The purpose of this paper is to introduce you, the reader, to the business culture, customs and tradition that comes with working in China.
  18. Tattoos Cultural Context: Ancient to Modern
    Tattoos are designs created on the human body by inserting objects beneath the human skin. Tattooing is a form of body modification using indelible ink.
  19. Intercultural Business Communication in Japan
    The purpose of this paper is to introduce readers to Japan, a country steeped in cultural tradition which has influenced the development of its business culture to a considerable degree.
  20. Food: National Identity and Cultural Difference
    This paper examines Ukrainian salo and Japanese sushi to verify if food’s actual taste and ingredients help understand the affiliated people’s mentality.
  21. The Racilisation of Crime and Cultural Panics
    This essay is a short summary of the roles that the government and the media have played in creating cultural panics about ethnic crimes and the problems that have emerged.
  22. Social Time: the Heartbeat of Culture
    The time difference is a reason for the versatility in the cultural practices of various communities. The paper describes time perception in different communities.
  23. Leadership Role in Shaping Organizational Culture
    Leadership largely determines how culture is formed and maintained within an organization and ensures the promotion of ethics.
  24. Italian Culture Essay
    Want to learn more about ?? Italian beliefs and traditions? This essay contains the ℹ️ you need, as well as the topic ideas ? for your research on Italy!
  25. Essay on Cross-Cultural Communication & Differences
    What are cross-cultural differences? What are the examples of cross-cultural communication? ??➕?? Find the answers in this essay on multicultural communication!
  26. Cultural Ethics in Regulatory Risks Management
    The research has helped me to better understand the importance of cultural ethics in managing regulation risks.
  27. Hopi Perception of Cultural Landscapes and Time
    The Hopi culture is unprecedented in their understanding of the archaeological sites and their cultural implications.
  28. Starbucks’ Culture and Howard Schultz’s Leadership
    Success at Starbucks Corporation is directly attributed to the efficient communication and practical leadership.
  29. Global Consumer Culture: Theories and Approaches
    Marketing managers have to consider the cultural differences because they have an impact on the profitability of the company’s business.
  30. Multicultural Teaching Strategies: Curriculum Design
    The curriculum design is implemented in a secondary classroom setting in the US state where multi-race students are able to get their education and improve their level of knowledge.
  31. Case Management and Asian Americans Cultural Aspects
    Case Managers should understand the socio-cultural issues associated with different populations. This essay examines the cultural aspects associated with many Asian Americans.
  32. Middle Eastern Musical Culture
    The Middle East music factually “Eastern music” is a fashion of composition in Israel that has developed from its society of oriental Jews.
  33. Cultural Care Diversity and Universality
    The theory of cultural care diversity and universality is the theoretical framework that can improve nursing care in the USA.
  34. Culture Wars in Contemporary US Society
    Morris P. Fiorina believes that culture wars are non-existent in contemporary US society, as Americans are not divided into two camps.
  35. New York Ball Culture in “Paris is Burning” Documentary
    A documentary shot by Jennie Livingston, “Paris is Burning” tells a story of the New York ball phenomenon, a subculture of the LGBT community.
  36. Cultural Identity and Its Acceptance in Society
    Cultural identity is a complex concept that can be viewed as the person’s acceptance of belonging to a certain group that follows specific practices, visions, and traditions.
  37. Cross-Cultural Management and Work Abroad
    The essay highlights the evolution of cross-cultural management. It also gives recommendations for a hypothetical expatriate to prepare for working in another country.
  38. Cultural Intelligence Development in International Business
    This paper will define the term cultural intelligence and what it means in a multi cultural society, especially in developing effective international business managers.
  39. Ethical and Cultural Issues in Group Work
    The targeted scenario for this analysis is a group composed of students in a learning institution. The members of the group are from different social, cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds.
  40. Happiness in Biology, Culture, Experience
    It isn’t easy to understand what happiness is. However, it is still possible to identify some factors that are likely to affect the degree of happiness.

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  1. Jazz’ Influence as a Cultural Object in Germany
    This paper focuses on the influence of jazz as a cultural object in Germany. It traces the ban of jazz by the Nazis and importation to Germany after World War II.
  2. Bancolombia, Conavi, Corfinsura Merger’s Cultural Issues
    With the merger of Bancolombia, Bancolombia, Conavi, and Corfinsura, the new bank that was in place has a challenge in the area of human resource.
  3. Islamic Culture, Politics and Religion
    The paper looks into the different aspects of Islam and compares it with Judaism and Christianity to understand why Islamic values are commonly misunderstood.
  4. Culturally Competent Care and Hispanic Patients
    This paper seeks to collect information that might be relevant to nurses when they are caring for Hispanic families and patients in clinical settings.
  5. Indian Culture in the “Pather Panchali” Movie
    Directed by Satyajit Ray, the movie Pather Panchali became a great event in the cultural life of Western society as it demystified the Indian culture.
  6. Depiction of Intercultural Conflict Styles
    The current paper aims at analyzing the dual concern model offered by Hammer, discussing the situations with different intercultural conflict styles, and introducing a list of codewords.
  7. Universal Human Rights and Cultural Values
    The universality of human rights is a question for debate because of the impact of cultures on people’s acceptation and interpretation of these rights.
  8. Cultural Competence Holistic Health
    The implication of cultural and religious orientation in the healthcare sector initiates complexities in the nature of service delivery.
  9. “Culture Is Ordinary” a Work by Raymond Williams
    Ideas suggested by the author must be analyzed to understand if such concepts may be applied in modern society. Williams suggests that there are two aspects of culture.
  10. Thick Description: Toward an Interpretative Theory of Culture
    Clifford Greetz has focused on the concept of “sick description” arguing that the semiotic nature of culture has its implications to political and anthropologic studies.
  11. Four Seasons: Multicultural Team’s Challenges
    Multicultural teams enhance diversity but they pose a challenge to the parent firm. The case of Four Seasons in Paris highlights the challenge of dealing with multicultural teams.
  12. US Politics in “Culture War” by Morris P. Fiorina
    The Culture War by Morris P. Fiorina takes the reader through the political structure and organisation of the American politics arguing that the United States is not polarised.
  13. Playful Company Culture and Job Satisfaction
    Job satisfaction is determined by a number of factors such as leadership or management styles, human resource policies and organisational culture.
  14. Patient Safety Culture and Its Elements
    Every patient expects to be safe inside a hospital. It is one of the core priorities of a health provider, to avoid all possible harm that can come to the patient.
  15. Culturally Competent Care Delivery in Nursing
    The work delves into the analysis of the significance of the cultural aspect in terms of the healthcare sector.
  16. Health eCareers Website and Cultural Diversity
    This essay gives a detailed analysis of Health eCareers’ website. The audit will examine how the organization’s website supports the concept of diversity.
  17. Contemporary Artists in Culture
    This paper discusses the specific features or factors that interest people in contemporary artists’ works and what questions they pose.
  18. Culture as a Progressive Way of Life
    This argumentative paper explains how culture is a progressive way of life that is dependent on the inevitable changes in human nature.
  19. Culture and Values in Business Organizations
    The paper further reviewed how the adopted organizational culture affects the capacity of people in an organization and leadership style.
  20. Guatemalans in Southwest Florida: Cultural History
    This paper looks at how the Guatemalans in Southwest Florida can be served better through understanding their history, migration patterns, family structure, and culture.
  21. Cross-Cultural Competencies in Human Service Work
    A study of cross-cultural competencies is an important subject in the human service professions and especially in counseling.
  22. The Importance of Cultural Framing
    The paper studies a case that represents the cultural framing phenomenon set in motion. It shows the religious, the gender-related, and the political convictions frames.
  23. Film Terms, Aesthetic and Cultural Analysis
    The paper identifies film terms and analyzes films regarding their aesthetic, industrial and cultural context, relationship to art movements use the visual language, etc.
  24. Nike Inc.’s Culture and Staffing Approaches
    This paper description of Nike Inc., its cultural analysis, the organization’s approach to staffing, and/or how it influences the performance of the organization.
  25. The Cultural Competence and Linguistic Competence Policy
    The Cultural Competence and Linguistic Competence Policy Assessment (CLCPA) was designed for the purpose of supporting community health centers and evaluating their preparedness.
  26. Multicultural Education, Its Benefits and Limits
    There are various researchers who have sought to explain and define the cultural diversity found in the classroom setting.
  27. Chinese History, Culture and Development Since 1900
    It is believed that by the year 1900, the Chinese empire had already existed for almost 2000 years making China one of the oldest known countries.
  28. Islamic Religion and Culture in America
    Many Americans have not understood the essence of the religion. For instance, there is a common suspicion that Islam is anti-Western and supports terrorism.
  29. Leadership in Cross-Cultural Context
    The way people perceive leadership varies from one culture to another. Additionally, the perception of employees determines the success or failure of the adopted leadership style.
  30. Cultural Diversity and Motivation
    Managers are required to ensure that employees are motivated and cultural diversity and personality differences of all individuals are respected.
  31. Home Depot Company’s Leadership and Culture Change
    The financial level of Home Depot Company was decreasing every new day, and they needed to come up with far-reaching changes to save the situation.
  32. Chinese and Japanese Cultural Differences
    Both the Japanese and the Chinese believe in the existence of a supreme being. In both societies, they have different sets of beliefs that apply to religion.
  33. Arabic and American Cultural Differences
    American and Arab cultures can teach people how to consider personal needs and interests, how to be different but follow the same goal, and how to understand what is expected.
  34. Ethnic and Cultural Bias in Human Service
    One of the most persistent issues in psychiatry is ethnic and cultural bias. The article “Mental health misdiagnosis twice more likely for socially disadvantaged groups” dwells upon this matter.
  35. Nursing Process and Culturally Competent Care Delivery
    The consideration of cultural factors such as gender roles, health beliefs, and worldviews of the people of Latino heritage can help support culturally competent care.
  36. Just Culture and Transformational Nursing Leadership
    Transformational leadership positively affects nurses and other clinical specialists within any given medical environment and has a substantial impact on patient satisfaction.
  37. Biotensegrity Model in Organizational Culture
    In the last century, organizations have faced unique challenges that stem from experiencing unique changes in their internal and external environments.
  38. Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Culture
    In the contemporary society, gender and sexuality forms the basis for recognition. In effect, social construction defines that males and females are different creatures.
  39. Intercultural Competence: Theories and Concepts
    Given the discursive implications of Globalization, the ability to act as an effective cross-cultural communicator does positively relate to the measure of his or her existential competitiveness.
  40. Political Culture in Promoting National Development
    Culture is the integration of human knowledge, belief, and behavior. This paper highlights the importance of political culture and ideologies in promoting national development.

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  1. Impact of Single Parent Culture on Students’ Behavior
    Many scholars in education agree that a student’s performance is not dependent on intellectual ability alone but also in other factors such as behavior.
  2. Miami Baptist Hospital’s Cultural Nursing Education
    Baptist Hospital of Miami has a great reputation. It pays attention to cultural competence, which is reflected in the hospital’s mission and vision.
  3. Coca-Cola’s Cultural Diversity in Theory and Practice
    Coca-Cola has shown a propensity toward cultural diversity in both theory and practice, building the foundation for a cross-cultural dialogue with all stakeholders involved.
  4. The Nursing Process of Culturally Competent Care
    The field of nursing has evolved in such a way that it can be applied in different settings depending on the needs of the target population.
  5. Aging Stereotypes and Cultural Perspective
    This paper draws attention to the value of staying young as long as possible, stereotypes and stigmas associated with aging, and alternative views on elderly people.
  6. Confucianism and Chinese Culture
    Confucianism dominated the Chinese feudal society where it has lasted 2000 years, and continues to have a deep socialattachment with the people living in China today.
  7. Cultural and Religious Orientation in Healthcare
    The implication of cultural and religious orientation in the healthcare sector initiates complexities in the nature of service delivery.
  8. SilkQueen Company Leadership Styles and Cultural Differences
    At the present moment the SilkQueen company faces the organizational difficulties caused by the misunderstanding between the line manager and the employees of the enterprise.
  9. Enron’s Corporate Culture and Ethics Failure
    Enron’s corporate culture had little regulators and system monitors to balance the goals of the company and expected behavior when handling business environment risks.
  10. Culturally Competent Healthcare Native Americans
    Culturally competent healthcare is the right mind-set to have in order to deliver cost-efficient service to members of the Native American population.
  11. Organizational Culture as an Employee Interaction System
    An organizational culture is an effective tool for implementing business ideas; therefore, underestimating its importance can become destructive for the company.
  12. American English as a Reflection of American Culture
    British and American English has had a common start but have since developed relatively independently. The most easily detectable difference in the sentence structure and grammar.
  13. Cultural Influence on Roman Architectural Paradigm
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the underlying cultural influences in the Italian architectural paradigms.
  14. Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
    This paper analyzes the prospective pros and cons of having a culturally diverse workforce and outlines practices such as diversity management and inclusion.
  15. Russian Cuisine and Eating Culture
    Russian traditional foods are very rich and have a lot of calories because Russian people are hard-working and they need a lot of energy to maintain their lifestyle.
  16. Global Consumer Culture and Behaviour
    This paper brings out the basic assumptions of households’ consumer behaviour and then presents global changes in the ordinary household.
  17. Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s Intercultural Education
    The paper discusses intercultural competence in the healthcare to determine the gaps in the approaches followed by Tenet Healthcare Corporation while training the employees.
  18. Ethical, Legal, Multicultural Challenges in Crisis
    A crisis that is not properly managed draws negative ideas or perceptions from different stakeholders such as community members, government officials, employees, suppliers.
  19. Healthy Organizational Culture and Its Components
    The paper focuses on the organizational culture and its multiple components. It defines a healthy organizational culture and how it is related to organizational productivity.
  20. Cultural Revolution: Soviet Union and Kosovo
    The paper is a transcript of two interviews. The first one was made with a 40-year old female Russian resident. The other interview featured a 28-year old male Kosovo resident.
  21. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Domestic Violence
    It is important to note that domestic violence can be discussed as aggressive acts of the physical, psychological, or sexual nature against any family member.
  22. Popular Culture’s and Fashion Industry’s Influences
    The popular culture influences particularly the youth. This paper creates awareness for the audience concerning the effects of the manufacturers’ advertisements.
  23. Health and Lifestyle in Russian Culture
    There are many health-related practices in Russian culture, including standard medicine practices and different types of traditional medicine.
  24. Organizational Learning, Culture, Recruitment
    Companies use structured questionnaires to analyze work, while the organizational structure is hierarchical, where senior management can make important decisions.
  25. Family Relationships and Dominant Culture
    Personal preferences, values, and attitudes are largely conditioned by the social and cultural environment in which people live.
  26. Language’s Role in Cross-Cultural Communication
    The essay will identify the various cultural differences denoted by intercultural communication and the key aspects of language in the various concepts.
  27. Relations Between Biology and Culture
    While biology has much to do with our choices, the social environment shapes them to fit the community’s expectations. This work discusses relations between biology and culture.
  28. Layers of Organizational Culture
    This paper focuses on layers of organizational culture as core components of organization and design theory by using companies Zappos, Southwest Airlines, and Google.
  29. Raymond Williams’s Opinion About Culture in Society
    In his work, Raymond Williams discussed culture on the basis of his own observations and considerations. His thoughts look biased and limited.
  30. McDonald’s Organizational Culture and Its Elements
    The organizational culture of McDonald’s is characterized by four elements: commitment to employees, the process culture, commitment to customers, and promoting sustainability.
  31. Art of the 20th Century: Political and Cultural Turmoil
    This work discusses how art, music, architecture, literature, and sculpture of the 20 century convey and reflect the political and cultural turmoil in its era.
  32. Communication and Cultural Conflicts
    Conflicts due to variations in values, beliefs, and practices are bound to occur when people communicate to achieve shared objectives, complement each other, and share resources.
  33. Exxon Mobil Company’s Sustainable Safety Culture
    Our team here at Exxon Mobil is dedicated to sustaining a safe, productive, and healthy environment for all workers.
  34. Declaration of Independence and Cultural Issues Today
    The main goals of this paper are to analyze the Declaration of Independence and describe its impact on current cultural issues.
  35. Latino Community and Culturally Competent Care
    Cultural competence in health care refers to the ability of the health care system to deliver quality cross-cultural healthcare services to all patients.
  36. Globalization and Cultural Hybridization
    Globalization affects all spheres of human activity starting from education, policy, management, and ending with art, culture, etc.
  37. Islamic Culture in America
    Islam is one of the major religions in the world. It is highly controversial because of global links to terrorism.
  38. Nonhuman Primate Culture in BBC Earth Series
    Culture influences the humanity in many ways. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to explain its origin. Specific cultural characteristics have been forming for centuries.
  39. Cross-Cultural Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance
    This paper discusses the key differences in how employers and employees in the Western economies and non-Western emerging markets may be dealing with work-life balance in different regions.
  40. European Impact on the American Society and Culture
    American culture is the amalgamation of traditions, practices, and customs. Many societies have contributed their distinct flavors to the “melting pot” of American culture.

💡 Simple Culture Essay Ideas

📌 Easy Culture Essay Topics

❓ Culture Research Questions

  1. Are Global Brands Destroying Local Culture?
  2. Does Culture Affect the Behavior and Performance of Firms?
  3. What Is the Concept of American Culture?
  4. Can Culture Help Explain the Physical Health Effects of Caregiving Over Time Among African American Caregivers?
  5. Has the Culture War Affected Liberal Education?
  6. Are Samurai Warriors Still Present in Today’s Global and Modern Culture?
  7. Did the Popular Culture of the 1960s Do More Harm Than Good?
  8. Can Error Management Culture Increase Work Engagement in Hotels?
  9. Has Globalization Change Culture and Societal Norms?
  10. Are Sports the Key Factor of Australian Culture?
  11. Does Art Influence Culture or Does Culture Influence Art?
  12. What Are the American Culture Values?
  13. Can Managers Influence the Culture of Their Organizations?
  14. Why Is American Culture So Popular?
  15. Does China Have More Than One Culture?
  16. Can Policy Interact With Culture?
  17. How Is American Culture Different From Indian Culture?
  18. What Are the Key Elements of Southwest’s Culture?
  19. Does Corporate Culture Matter for Firm Policies?
  20. How Has Advertising Changed Our Culture?
  21. Should Organizations Promote Positive Organizational Culture?
  22. Does Culture Affect the Cork Situation Between Different Countries Because of Their Culture Values?
  23. How Have American Indians Adapted Their Culture Since Colonization?
  24. Does Host Country Culture Affect Foreign Retailer Performance?
  25. Should Immigrants Adopt American Culture?
  26. How Did Advertising Help Create America’s Consumer Culture?
  27. Was Colonial Culture Uniquely American?
  28. Does Pop Culture Teach Immoral Values?
  29. How Does American Society Culture Influence Eating Disorders?
  30. What Makes the Ancient Greek Culture So Appealing?
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