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Analysis of Service Quality at Starbucks Company

Starbucks Company is a multinational corporation found across the globe, providing high-quality coffee products to its customers worldwide. The organization is an American company whose capital is located in Seattle in Washington DC. The company is very successful and ranks as the best provider of coffee worldwide. This is attributed to how it invented the best experience for customers that transformed their thinking about coffee shops, making them want to use more coffee in their daily lives. The company brags about a very competitive advantage over the rest of the coffee providers across the world. Its brand is regarded as the best, with most coffee drinkers choosing to purchase from Starbucks compared to other providers. The service operations functions for Starbucks are numerous, ranging from the strategic location, quality management, proper management of inventory, and quality designs for services and goods. This project will analyze the quality of services at Starbucks company.

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To establish the correct and applicable results from any research, there is a need for a proper choice of research methodologies that will be used to collect data. In this case, I will use questionnaires to collect data from both the company management and the customers. Specifically structured questionnaires will vary in content according to the recipient, including Starbucks’ top management and the customers. The other method of data collection that I will use is observation. Through this method, I will make regularly scheduled visits to different coffee shop outlets of Starbucks at different locations and observe how Services are provided to the customers. This methodology will be fundamental in providing a first-hand experience of the quality of services at the coffee outlets. I will record my findings and use them later in my research to establish findings that will complement my research. The choice of the methodologies is inspired by the fact that they are practical methods that give first-hand information for my research.


Service quality management is verifying that the core operations are incredibly gratifying. Starbucks has used this process to ensure that they serve customers with the most competitive services and products. The organization used this approach to analyze how the services can influence the client and subsequent purchasing choices. Each Starbucks service organization must consider the potential to improve the efficiency of its products. They choose skilled individuals who will be able to give excellent service to satisfy clients and create relationships with people (Lee, Jung & Moon, 2021). Delivering superior service to clients is critical since it leads to increased earnings and contentment, which has benefited the company. The organization gains new clients by offering high-quality products. It aids the administration in improving the company’s reputation. Employee engagement arises when employers treat their staff to suit or surpass their aspirations.

Starbucks focuses on the optimum level of certainty of the consumer experience for a customer, regardless of whether a transaction is completed. That is some fulfillment of the demand that launched the consumption activity. Pleasure promotes good sentiments toward the company and its products, increasing the possibility that the client will reorder. When customer goals are not fulfilled, discontent occurs. Such dissatisfaction with anticipation will likely result in poor brand perceptions and minimize the likelihood that the customer will purchase the same item again, so Starbucks strives to avoid this scenario (Asniwaty, Sehe & Siswanto, 2019). Satisfaction is also an assessment of a satisfactory level of usage fulfillment, including under or over- satisfaction levels. It demonstrates the relationship between service quality and client pleasure. When it comes to customer satisfaction, both contented and disgruntled clients must be considered.

Starbucks ensures consumer pleasure by offering high-quality items. For each new product, it must be updated. This cannot be achieved if the value remains static, no matter how good. Their contentment means that they are constantly striving to be better. Starbucks corporate enhancement is still the only method of keeping customers happy and committed. It must win clients’ souls, which occurs when they provide a high-quality service. Hard work is also required to complete these tasks. Since individual customers’ thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, target customer segments, and broader society constantly evolve, consumer buying behavior is fluid. For instance, the evolution of the Internet has altered how individuals seek information on goods and services. Because customers and their surroundings are constantly evolving, firm management must do a market review and study to stay on top of relevant trends (Ge et al., 2021). Starbucks is well-known for its quality of service management due to customer perception developed by satisfied customers’ experiences and networking. The firm makes sure that its expansion does not damage the organizational mission or the unity of purpose of its management to behave like a small firm.

Starbucks slogans, goal declarations, and advertising literature frequently use value as an objective and emphasize a strong link between quality and satisfaction. This assertion also demonstrates the link between the quality of service and client pleasure. The firm’s quality of service functions as a method, and gratification follows after it. The firm’s goal statement, motto, and advertising materials help develop relations with clients, particularly if proven correct through user experience. This implies that clients are drawn to the firm’s many initiatives (Fitrajaya & Nurmahdi, 2019). Starbucks offers a worldwide card to lure people into stopping and spending some time with them. It is a promotional deal that allows clients to enjoy internet service.

Starbucks also employs a compilation of views, ideas, and sentiments contributed by famous people, which feature on Starbucks mugs. Through all these techniques, the corporation can reach a range of clients, guaranteeing that their items have been sold and thus, in this context, attracting a larger global audience (Fitrajaya & Nurmahdi, 2019). The discount code functions as a marketing strategy since prospective users can come and evaluate the firm’s service quality and may choose to purchase from Starbucks due to the improved branding.

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Starbucks is well-known not just for the variety of coffee drinks it provides but also because of the atmosphere of its locations. Consumers are more interested in the atmosphere they have from the inside of the restaurant than in the drink. Starbucks has engaged in elevated décor of the stores today, both outside and inside, as part of the business plan. The stores are strategically positioned in key towns and cities around the world, and they have a fantastic interior structure that gives them a spectacular appearance (Devia, Aisjah & Puspaningrum, 2018). The grandeur in the firm’s shops leads to an improved user experience that draws more customers into the businesses since they love the fresh and welcoming indoor environment. This approach puts Starbucks at the core of competing over all other coffee providers worldwide, enhancing its production.

With the growing number of companies in the same sector, such as Starbucks, reviewing their quality of service control can benefit growth. As a result, it is critical to investigate several areas of Starbucks’ services, such as responsiveness, assurance, dependability, empathy, and quantifiable quality service metrics, to establish Starbucks’ quality management efficacy. Reliability is the dimension in which clients expect what they require, want, and request. Most consumers, for instance, value receiving mail at nearly the same time every day (Dwiyanty, 2021). Reliability, too, is needed in the backend, where accounting and record maintenance must be accurate. Reliability refers to the dimension in which customers expect to receive what they require, expect, and request. If a customer wants anything, it should be fulfilled.

The responsiveness of providers pertains to how much they will cope with the needs of their clients. It covers how quickly they will deliver assistance and customer care. It is the commitment to assist clients and respond quickly in this respect. Keeping clients waiting, especially for no apparent cause, promotes unfavorable satisfaction. If a service breakdown happens, the firm’s ability to quickly and professionally can build firm positive opinions. Serving complimentary refreshments during a flight delay, for instance, might transform a possibly horrible user experience into one which is recalled positively (Fitrajaya & Nurmahdi, 2019). Customers may expect the staff at Starbucks to help them with excitement and immediately respond to the requirements instead of conversing with crew members.

In Starbucks, assurance is a performance component that refers to customers’ trust in the service supplier. Employee expertise and etiquette and their freedom to articulate confidence and trust are assurance examples. Starbucks’ reliability dimension contains the following characteristics: expertise in performing duties, good manners and regard for the client, efficient contact with customers, and an overall perception that the host has the consumer’s best interests in mind (Devia, Aisjah & Puspaningrum, 2018). Consumers expect Starbucks to meet their needs, and the corporation always does its best to ensure that the concerns of the consumers come first and should be fulfilled to a large degree. These needs may include safety or security, respect or courtesy, and trustworthiness or credibility.

Starbucks has also focused on the correct organization of its departments; the external look of structures, staff, equipment, and communication equipment. The firm’s physical surroundings are ample proof of Starbucks’ care and precision. This evaluation factor might also include the behavior of other consumers in the services; for instance, Starbucks employees should be well-dressed and properly groomed. Because services are intangible, the tangible elements must offer clients a picture of the firm’s service excellence (Dwiyanty, 2021). Therefore, in this case, Starbucks has invested in grooming its employees and maintaining the most desired physical appearance of the staff and other tangible items that give the company general decency and serve to attract customers by giving them a taste of quality in all-round service provision.

Starbucks has also adopted empathy as a tactic for ensuring client pleasure. Empathy is someone being mindful of, comprehending, and sympathetic to the issues that may impact your clients. It entails the firm’s capacity to evaluate how consumers feel about specific services provided to them and then respond accordingly to ensure the firm’s mood is favorable. Sensitivity, accessibility, and a desire to understand the client’s needs are all characteristics of empathy. . In the case of a delayed or inadequate service to a client, the attendant may bear the burden of the inconvenience and feel the weight of the inconvenience, encouraging him to operate in the best way possible to ensure proper customer satisfaction (Asniwaty, Sehe & Siswanto, 2019). Starbucks strives to be mindful of the factors that can benefit or hurt its customers. As a result, they create goods that benefit and please their clients.


Being among the most successful multinational corporation dealing with coffee, Starbucks has done many things to ensure that it remains the best provider of coffee products in the world market. The many strategies that the company has carried out have made it very competitive in the market, which has earned the company an extensive market across the world. The main components of Starbucks’ strategies are ensuring customer satisfaction and carrying out strategic marketing to reach as many customers as possible. This has ensured that the company produces the best products for its customers. The company carries out proper branding and enhancement of its image to attract many customers. Customer satisfaction has been achieved through enhanced reliability, safety, quality, responsiveness, courtesy, and empathy. On the other hand, marketing has been successful through a clear company mission, good brand image, and strategic location and equipment.

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Despite specific enhancement of strategies to meet the customers’ needs, Starbucks has been unsuccessful. One of how Starbucks has failed is attempting to carry out aggressive expansion to all parts of the world. The result of this is the company’s rejection, for example, in Asian countries where the public perceives the company as a project of Western imperialists keen to take over the business in the local markets. This has made the company incur massive losses because of the collapse of the outlets in such countries. The company should conduct extensive market research to establish people’s attitudes towards their products to avoid future losses. In addition, the company’s marketing strategies are not satisfactory. Therefore, they should maximize the use of social media in marketing to reach a larger global market that will transform them into customers. By making those adjustments, the company is likely to succeed worldwide.


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