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The Cleaning Company and the Use of Social Media

Every organization requires knowledge management systems to help in storing and retrieving knowledge to improve process alignment, collaboration, and improve understanding of how different systems work. These systems could aid cleaning technicians in retrieving and sharing cleaning knowledge. Additionally, these systems provide a potential source and a competitive advantage because knowledge has proven to be a strategic asset and central for productivity in any institution. The systems include structured knowledge systems which entail the provision of tools and databases essential for any organization in storing structured documents. Semi-structured systems are responsible for providing important databases and tools for the organization and storage of semi-structured knowledge.

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Expert systems are computer systems and applications that are developed for a particular domain to aid in solving certain complex problems with the intelligence level and expertise of an extraordinary human intellect (Rainer & Prince, 2019). These systems are characterized by high performance, reliability, and understandability for the new workers to have ease of understanding. The expert systems are mainly composed of user interface, knowledge base, inference range and are capable of diagnosing certain problems, interpreting inputs, predicting results, and even suggesting alternative measures to a certain problem.

Content management systems refer to the software that aids its users to create, manage and amend content without calling for specialized technicians. With these systems, one can create a website without having to generate the whole cryptogram from scratch. Content management systems are mainly composed of content management application and content delivery application and together the two structures help the user for easier to maintain the website and create an interface that is simpler to interact with in the website.

The cleaning industry could benefit from the expert systems by overcoming human limitations like tiresomeness as they can work continuously around the clock. Additionally, the systems can easily adapt to new conditions, while humans often have difficulties in adjusting. Examples of expert systems include Dendral mainly used for chemical analysis and Mycin that can identify various content management systems that would benefit a cleaning company by its user-friendliness meaning any user with little knowledge can operate the system. With this in mind, in a cleaning organization without the technical staff on the ground, the subordinate staff can operate the systems easily making the company retain its customers. Correspondingly, the systems have ease in maintenance which includes keeping tabs on the available updates on the improvements of cleaning techniques. Some examples of content management systems include WordPress which is suitable for blogging and advantageously it contains flexible features. Moreover, there is Joomla which is companionable to all accommodating resources and is easy to construct.

Business intelligence is a tool that every business requires to run continuously and efficiently. A cleaning company will benefit from business intelligence as it will improve the organization’s business operations through the use of relevant data. Organizational efficiency means that the cleaning business gets to access data from content management and expert systems and also can benchmark their results against big organizations. Again, business intelligence will progress customer experience and client satisfaction since three will be the creation of customer support chat sessions which will help improve customer service.

The cleaning company can use social media to share what it does and through this, they can reach a wide variety of clients from different geographical areas. Social media information systems can aid an organization in opening branches and forming partnerships in various parts of the world where they need the service more. Consequently, social media can be advantageous to such corporations in tracking their competition. Keeping tabs on one’s competition can help in looking for better ways to expand and improve to beat the competition.


Rainer, R., & Prince, B. (2019). Introduction to information systems (2nd ed.). John Wiley & Sons.

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