Angelina Jolie’ and Jennifer Aniston Comparison Biography

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are American actresses. They are famous for their works in Hollywood. They are known outside the United States for their roles in various works in television shows and films. The two women are celebrities in Hollywood. They have some similarities and contrasts that are debated in pop culture.

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The two celebrities started their acting careers as children. Angelina started acting at age seven and starred in a movie with her father, Jon Voight. Similarly, Jennifer started acting after joining Rudolf Steiner at the age of eleven. Moreover, both Angelina and Jennifer enrolled in acting classes. Angelina enrolled at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, and Jennifer joined the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High school of Music and Performing Arts.

The two women have attained success in their careers. Angelina is a highly paid actress and is the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Jennifer has also been successful in her career. She is the highest paid actress in a comedy. Thus, she is one of the most successful female actresses in the genre of comedy (Pomerantz 1). Furthermore, both contribute to humanitarian causes, and they are very committed to them.

Angelina and Jennifer have both appeared on the list of the most beautiful people in the People Magazine. They are beautiful women, and both have a mixed ancestry that could explain they’re good looks. Moreover, the two women have been with Brad Pitt, Jennifer was married to him, but they later divorced. He is now engaged to Angelina.

Both Angelina and Jennifer were estranged with one of their parents at some point in their lives. Angelina had a rocky association with her father. They become estranged after he divorced her mother. She even dropped her surname Voight in 2002. The relationship between daughter and father deteriorated further after he said that Angelina was suffering from mental problems (Poole 1). Later on, the two reconciled after her mother passed on from ovarian cancer. Likewise, Jennifer had problems with her mother. The problem started after she gave information about Jennifer on television (Bennetts 4). She reconciled with the mother after her divorce from her husband Brad Pitt as she reached out to for support from her mother. Thus, crises made the two women reconcile with their estranged parents.

On the contrast, the two women are different in their styles. Jennifer stars in comedies and romantic movies such as Picture Perfect while Angelina stars in action movies such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The celebrities have fan bases have a rivalry. There is ‘team Aniston’ and ‘team Jolie.’ The rivalry started after rumors of Angelina’s affair with Brad Pitt surfaced when he was still married to Jennifer. The rivalry continues to date; for instance, the internet is full of news about which actress a better engagement ring and who will have a better wedding than the other (Susman 1).

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In conclusion, Angelina and Jennifer are two women who have achieved phenomenon success in their careers and are famous the world over. They are committed to humanitarian work. They also have a lot of coverage because of a rivalry that stems from their association with one man, Brad Pitt. The rival involves things such as beauty, fame, and riches. The latest dual concerns their engagement rings. In spite of the similarities and contrasts, there is no denying that each actress has made an impact in the film world and pop culture.

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