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Animal Rights and Scientific Researches

I would like to write an essay about the animal rights and the use of animals in scientific research. It is one of the most controversial issues, and although much has been said about it, it has not lost its actuality. Animal rights activists take various measures to stop the use of animals in experimentation. At the same time, scientists say that some kinds of research are impossible to perform without animal samples. Therefore, I find this topic significant and consider its discussion necessary.

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The issue of using animals is scientific experimentation is important to me as one of my friends was able to overcome a serious disease due to the medicine obtained from innovative research. I will never forget the happiness of my friend’s family and their gratitude to the doctors and researchers. After that case, I became a supporter of experimentation on animals with scientific purposes. However, it does not mean that I support cruelty against them. There is much evidence of how maximally friendly the researchers are trying to be and what effort they pay to minimize the animals’ suffering. Thus, I would like to write about this issue to explain the opposite points of view and to show that the animal rights activists overestimate the hard done to the animals by the researchers.

There are two underlying beliefs of the argument. The first one is represented by the animal rights activists who believe that no research should be performed on animals no matter what benefits it may bring. These people explain their viewpoint by arguing that people should not treat animals as something that belongs to them. Usually, animal rights activists do not only oppose the scientific research. They also say that animals should not be used for food, clothes, and entertainment. However, while the last point is the question of choice, the research is the question of necessity. Such state of things leads to the second underlying belief: some kinds of study in medicine are impossible to perform without animal samples. While the scientists have succeeded in discovering many advantageous technologies, they still need cells, tissue, and other samples which cannot be produced synthetically. Additionally, the research employing the animals provides beneficial outcomes not only for people but for animals as well.

I want to write an argumentative essay. In this type of an essay, it is easy to identify the controversial opinions about the topic and to provide evidence for the support of one of them. One of the requirements of an argumentative essay is the thesis stamen, with the help of which the writer can lead the readers to his/her opinion and give his/her reasoning. Furthermore, argumentative essay requires providing the counterargument, so the writer not only defends his/her point of view but also explains the opposite one.

To write an argumentative essay about the use of animals in scientific research, I shall need to find reliable sources incorporating both opinions. I shall look for the articles describing the benefits of employing animals in experiments. Also, I shall search the information about the scientists’ efforts to minimize the animals’ suffering during the studies. To illustrate the opposite view, I shall find the information about animal right activists and their major claims. For rebuttal, I shall look for data proving the violent actions of the animal rights terrorists.

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