Communication Skills: Practice Based Learning | Free Essay Example

Communication Skills: Practice Based Learning

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Topic: Sociology

Interpreting the actions of the Practice Educator

What must be understood is that communication and delivering a particular message is not based on verbal responses but rather extends to various non-verbal cues which range from facial expression, tone of voice, apparent interest in the conversation as well as certain aspects attributable to body language. Based on this, when examining the nonchalant behavior of the educator during the conversation one cannot help but feel that she is not even paying attention to the student worker at all. In fact it can even be said that she doesn’t even care about the conversation since she seems more interested in examining her emails.

The effect of Non-verbal communication

When examining this particular case if one were to remove the aspects of the conversation involving non-verbal behavior it actually seems like the educator is really interested in what happened to yesterday’s procedure. Yet when the non-verbal cues are added in the educator no longer seems to actually care about the topic at all and seems to have just stated the question for the sake of just asking. What must be understood from this particular case is that people base their interpretation of a conversation from the non-verbal cues shown.

Interpreting the non-verbal communication of the student

When examining the message of “fine” that the student gives in response one cannot help but notice the various non-verbal cues that indicate that things are really “fine”. For example the degree of hesitation, the lack of confidence in the method of delivery, the fact that the student worker seems to divide his attention between the practice educator and among other people in the room. From this it can be seen that when it comes to communication different meanings can be attributed to certain messages but it actually takes an examination of various non-verbal cues to actually understand their true meaning and context (Dixon et al., 5- 6).

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