Animals Division and Classification


Animals are often taken for granted, being viewed as either pets, or an instant threat, or an annoying pest. However, understanding the role that animals play in people’s lives is essential. In a large category of animals, four smaller subgroups can be identified. These are farm animals, pets, wild animals, and service animals. It should be noted that other classifications exist, yet the one based on the role that animals play highlights their importance best. By studying different subgroups of the category of animals, one will embrace the impact that humankind produces on animals, and the means of reducing the harm caused to them.

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To understand the importance on a larger scale as a part of the global ecosystem and a myriad of smaller environments, one will need to start with the concept of a farm animal. As a rule, these include the animals used for their meat (von Keyserlingk et al. 10433). Allowing people to satisfy their primary need for food, farm animals are a crucial component of the environment.

Pets are another common subgroup of animals owned by a large number of people. While most pets are represented by cats or dogs, more exotic options such as hognose snakes exist (Sy 92). Pets provide extensive emotional support to their owners and do not let them feel lonely.

In turn, wild animals are a much broader category that is typically seen as hostile, at best, and dangerous, at worst. However, the animals living in the wild still experience the effects of people’s actions. Therefore, being careful about the environmental impact on ecosystems and the existence of wild animals is critical.

Finally, service animals play a huge role in maintaining public safety. When used to assist people with physical impediments, a service animal becomes an indispensable part of an individual’s life (Gilbey and Tani 183).


Understanding how animals can be categorized based on their functions and roles, one will embrace the complexity of the environment. Moreover, learning about how animals affect people’s lives will allow one to reconsider one’s environment-related behaviors and choices. Thus, creating more sustainable management of the environment and its resources will be possible.

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