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Protection of Animals and Humans From Cruelty


Animal abuse is a common issue, and it involves malicious harm or major neglect of animals. In most cases, failure to protect animals can lead to safety issues for humans and pets or companion animals. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) supports the exposure of suspicious animal abuse to the relevant authorities (AAHA, n.d.). There is a need to adhere to laws that protect the rights of animals, and the community must be aware of the legal provisions that back the safety of animals. Animals are supposed to be protected by adhering to legal statutes on animal and human conflict and also by having educational frameworks for society on how to take care of animals.

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Comparing Organizations’ Recommendations for Protecting Animals

Animal Folks: Minnesota, has gone the farthest in recommending the need to protect animals from harm. According to the organization, violence against animals and humans should be stopped by following legal and communal commitments (Animal Folks, State of Minnesota, 2020). To stop the maltreatment, the organization recommends that there must be knowledge of statutes such as the Minnesota Statute second 518B.01 subsidiary close six A (Animal Folks, State of Minnesota, 2020). In the statute, there is a requirement to direct care to animals owned by a person. The statute further calls for refraining from physically abusing pets or companion animals without legal rationale.

Comparing Animal Folks with other organizations, for example, AAHA insists there is a need to educate people about animal cruelty by using veterinarians who offer professional tips on the safety of animals and human beings. AAHA puts it that there should be a collaborative base between the human welfare groups and law enforcers just the way Animal Folks recommends. The two parties can act fairly whenever animal abuse cases are spotted (AAHA, n.d.). That measure enables public members to be aware of the legal actions that can be applied when they maltreat their animals with or without justification. The organization calls for veterinarians to boost their knowledge of animal cruelty response by getting all the resources and recognition from society (AAHA, n.d.). When such measures are put in place, reporting of animal abuse will be high hence, low chances of potential violence to animals and human beings.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) provides recommendations similar to that of Animal Folks and AAHA but presses more on animal neglect. The federal and state laws are the foundation of AVMA’s concepts as the organization call veterinarians to observe cases of suspected animal abuse and neglect as defined by the law (AVMA, n.d.). Through such a recommendation, animal abuse cases may be low, which is a positive extent on the protection of animals. AVMA also encourages state legislation that provides immunity from liability to anyone who highlights cases of animal abuse (AVMA, n.d.). Other recommendations include education programs for the community and familiarization with relevant laws and authorities regarding animal protection from maltreatment or cruelty.

Animal Folks, AVMA, and AAHA have expressed the duty to ensure the animal’s safety. This can be achieved by relocating animals to a safe environment in case of incidents depicting domestic violence. AAHA and AVMA have the opinion that there should be a report on the incident to the authorities to ensure that the animal can be kept safer than where it is. There is still a similar recommendation by Animal Folks to have contacts to groups that assist victims in this case, both animals and humans from violence. Furthermore, the organization calls for offering a haven and taking all animal abuse cases with equality (Animal Folks, State of Minnesota, 2020). Therefore, the organization wins the hearts of many in terms of recommendations to keep animals and human beings safe from the above elements.

Shortcomings of the Recommendations

Despite all the recommendations highlighted in the above section probing society to be animal safety agents, some limitations pose a threat to the need to protect animals. The first shortcoming relates to the issue of children who may abuse animals due to curiosity and peer pressure (Animal Folks, State of Minnesota, 2020). Most of the time, the children may be playing around while injuring animals since they may lack the cognitive ability to understand the legal protection of animals from cruelty. The other shortcoming of the recommendations by AAHA, AVMA, and Animal Folks: Minnesota, is that society may lack common definitions relating to the health of animals. Even with veterinarians’ educational programs, animal cruelty is vast, ranging from maltreatment, neglect, and other forms of abuse. Thus, the public may lack comprehensive knowledge of some details.

The Realistic Strengthening of the Recommendations

The raft of recommendations on protecting animals and humans from cruelty can be strengthened in many ways based on the potential shortcoming. For example, educational programs to strengthen the members of the public on refraining from animal abuse need to have a comprehensive framework. It ensures that the content captures changing trends and vast grounds that relate to animal abuse and cruelty. The other way to make the recommendations realistic is to expose matters concerning animal maltreatment through mainstream and social media. Through such platforms, people can understand the extent to which the safety of animals is required. Therefore, animal abuse would be an issue that is easy to combat in society.

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