“Annie” Comedy Show: Pros and Cons


Attending the “Annie” show was one of the things I would not have wanted to miss at the hobby center during this season’s musical. This show was staged in the Sarofim Hall, a hall with its uniqueness of art pieces. It is noteworthy that its elegance provided an exceptional entertainment environment for those in attendance like me. However, this was just the icing on the cake for many more were in the offing. “Annie” is a comedy show whose main actress is Annie. This actress is a high-spirited orphan who is so determined that, despite all the difficult circumstances that she faces, she will be able to get her parents s who had abandoned her at the entrance go to an orphanage in New York sometime back. Even, though, her parents thought that Annie would be taken up by the orphanage under its wings, seeing it as a good future for Annie, it is beyond the parent’s expectations in their absence. In the hall, the acoustics were adding to the thrill of this comedy that saw me glued to it to the end.

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Pros of the show

What an exceptional story to children experiencing this kind of life! The abandonment of Annie, her subsequent entrenchment into an orphanage, the tribulations, and her final get through presented me with many life lessons. There are times in our lives when we reach a point we feel that we cannot go further. This heroine in the story is a masterly example of determination at its best. One should be encouraged not to give up like the mother to Annie did. Hanging on for a little while is always best, for an opportunity may just come your way. Hope is so much esteemed, for its availability increases the capability of seeing the future. This is a good lesson from this show especially to the young orphans that they should always be optimistic no matter the situation. However, while in that state one should practice patience and purity. This is because one may not be as lucky as Annie who finally got a home and a new family to take her in for the rest of her life.

Another pro of the show is that the world is filled with uncertainties and it is one’s survival tactics to survive. However, one should always thrive to do well avoid the repercussions that come with punishment for unacceptable behavior. Therefore, even, though, Annie wanted to finally meet her parents, her final destination was not awful either for even though she had not got what she had hoped for, her determination had not been wasted either.

Cons of the show

However, the storyline of this comic show comes at a time where the adoption of children by parents especially of different cultures, races, and geographical regions. This is because of the consequence of the child adjusting to everything new. This is because the child gets to be affected both physically and emotionally. Besides, the adopting parents may not be driven by good intentions, but those to exploit. The depiction of the orphanage as a place of aggression paints some dirt on the orphanages where man thinks of safe places to grow and develop abandoned children. This prints a lousy picture to children whose minds have been tainted by the depiction of the filthiness of the orphanage. This is because it will require not only the theory but also the practical part of it to erase these mind affiliations.


However, despite this issue of adoption, the moral of the story is superb especially in this era of increased sensitization of children’s rights. Therefore, determination mostly leads to success even if it was not what one hoped for, in the end. This means it assures one a departure from a dire condition.

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