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Apac Company Challenges Analysis


Apac Company is one of the leading paper and package companies across the country. It is involved in the distribution of paper and janitorial products to wholesale consumers in Michigan and in some parts of Ohio (Ford and Park par. 1). It is important to indicate that the company’s customers include schools and hospitals. It is known for the high-quality products and reliable delivery of goods.

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Apac Corporation has 96 employees, whereby 34 of them are association members. To improve efficiency and quality of goods, it is prudent for the business organizations to embark on strategic approaches that would enable them to thrive in a competitive business environment (Ford and Park par. 1). This paper focuses on discussing the challenges faced by Apac Company when implementing LMS. In addition, it concentrates on highlighting the critical elements of LMS to be used to reduce the number of those challenges.

Challenges faced by Apac Company when implanting LMS

The first challenge is controlling labor costs within the specified time of collection. Notably, the company spends a lot of money to cater for labor expenses (Ford and Park par. 2). The firm has been utilizing traditional methods, which were not standardized to collect the data, resulting in poor record keeping of workers’ information. In addition, it is evident that workers did much paperwork (Ford and Park par. 1).

As a result, many errors were made, leading to inefficiencies in reviewing labor costs. Another challenge was encountered in adopting follow-ups of employees in relation to working hours (Ford and Park par. 1). A lot of time was wasted to ensure that employees worked at places where they were expected to produce excellent outcomes.

Five critical elements in LMS and how they would help Apac company to lessen the challenges

The first element is in relation to time and job attendance. This would help the organization to control labor costs. By doing this, the business establishment would identify employees who arrive at the workplace and adjust their schedules to avoid waste of time (Ford and Park par. 2).

The second characteristic is based on streamlining and automating of workflow processes (Ford and Park par. 2). This would be crucial in managing workers’ salaries. This measure is for the reason that automated workflows assist in curbing indirect expenditures. In addition, Apac Company would increase efficiency. The third element is based on “multiple time and attendance data collection systems” (Fairris 34).

This is important in reducing inaccurate PTO payments (Fairris 89). LMS uses web-based time and attendance register that can accommodate and find PTO information across the firm. Due to this element, Apac Company will enhance communication within the team management, which will lead to reliability. The fourth element is payroll and benefits. Apac should pay its workers in time to avoid strikes and lawsuits.

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This would be vital in minimizing risk of being sued by labor groups through ensuring that there is fairness in payment, which should be in line with pay policies and labor laws. As a result, the corporation’s damages would be minimal (Fairris 101). Time that would otherwise be wasted in business tribunals would be utilized in improving the organizations’ performance outcomes.

The last element is employee timetabling, whereby each worker is allocated some tasks to do at a given time (Fairris 123). This is essential in ensuring that the firm’s workers do not have high rates of absenteeism.


In conclusion, labor management solutions play a key role in helping businesses to reduce wastage of resources and increase profit. Apac Paper and Packaging Corporation has encountered challenges related to managing employees’ data, workers’ absenteeism, and poor data storage that made the organization have done many errors that resulted in inefficiencies. Therefore, the company would be advised to utilize modern technologies to save time, improve quality of its products, and promote efficiency.

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