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  1. The Internet of Things: Perspectives and Challenges
    The Internet of Things implies the increasing people-people, people-devices, and devices-devices interconnectedness that is facilitated by the Internet.
  2. Organizational Knowledge Management in KBMS: Challenges and Solutions
    In determining the differences among data, information, and knowledge, one should note they all are common because they emerge from the social process of organizations.
  3. Challenges in Planning and Managerial Decision-Making of Google
    This paper discusses the current challenges that Google faces in planning and management. Google’s main technology was a search tool tailored by its creators.
  4. Challenges Facing Women Leaders in Sports
    For many years now, women have been pushed to the periphery regarding managerial positions in many institutions.
  5. Apac Company Challenges Analysis
    This paper focuses on discussing the challenges faced by Apac Company when implementing LMS. In addition, it concentrates on highlighting the critical elements of LMS.
  6. Green Supply Chain Advantages and Challenges
    This paper explores the progress made by various companies adopting green supply chain to mitigate the environmental impact of their activities, and analyzes their advantages.
  7. US Energy Policy: Vulnerabilities and Challenges
    As the world’s need for energy continues to grow, the US government has to formulate a comprehensive strategy to secure energy resources.
  8. Young Individuals Challenges
    Various researchers and journalists pay attention to the difficulties that are often encountered by young people. These challenges can be explained by the differences in lifestyles.
  9. The Cultural Change Challenges
    In the article “The Old Grey Mare, She Misses What Used to be”, Shelly Fralic argues that cultural change is the main source of the challenges experienced within populations.
  10. Workplace Immigrant Discrimination: Opportunities and Challenges
    The paper aims at examining an article about the peculiarities of immigrant discrimination in the workplace. The authors introduce two hypotheses about immigrants.
  11. Obamacare and Healthcare Reform Ethical Challenges
    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act involves several ethical issues connected with failing to protect some of the most fundamental rights.
  12. HPCL Indian Oil Company: Overcoming Challenges
    HPCL company displays quite clearly that the distribution process is the most complicated issue as far as the logistics department is concerned. The firm needs to establish a global supply chain.
  13. Blackberry Company’s Marketing Challenges
    This paper discusses the marketing challenges of Blackberry and proposes measures to improve its marketing strategies.
  14. Leadership: Challenges, Change and Responsibility
    Businesses need to adopt different leadership and management styles to be prepared for the future. The leaders need to be progressive in thinking and fast in decision making.
  15. No Child Left Behind Act, Its Goals and Challenges
    This Act protects students with disabilities, and those in public schools. The students with disabilities include blind students.
  16. Acer Group: Corporate Strategy and Challenges
    In the early ’90s, Acer embarked on an ambitious diversification strategy and focused on being a vertically integrated company, amassing as many patents as possible.
  17. Immigrants in Toronto: Social and Economic Challenges
    This paper will examine the social and economic integrating challenges that immigrants face while trying to settle in Toronto. The study examines perceptions of the immigrants.
  18. Entrepreneurial Leadership: Strategies and Challenges
    As far as entrepreneurial leadership is concerned, it should not be a preserve of the entrepreneur alone. This is because it is embedded in economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects.
  19. Four Seasons: Multicultural Team’s Challenges
    Multicultural teams enhance diversity but they pose a challenge to the parent firm. The case of Four Seasons in Paris highlights the challenge of dealing with multicultural teams.
  20. Vodafone Hutchison Australia Company’s Challenges
    This paper analyses the challenges facing Vodafone Hutchison Australia after the organisational restructuring. It draws insight into the possible causes of failure during the restructuring exercise.
  21. Visual Perception: Challenges in Healthcare Settings
    The present paper not only describes the dynamics of visual perception but also presents evidence of how the concept affects patients in healthcare settings.
  22. Fabrics Company’s Challenges and Solution
    The goal of this paper is to analyze and critique proposed solutions to the problems in the Fabrics, Inc., a relatively small company that has to deal with several challenges.
  23. Childhood Obesity in the US: Factors and Challenges
    The narrowed topic is the incidence of childhood obesity in the United States: factors determining it and measures for overcoming this challenge.
  24. Breastfeeding Challenges in Post-Partum Mothers
    The selected issue is the challenges faced by mothers during the breastfeeding process. The rates of initiation and continuation of breastfeeding in high-income countries are low.
  25. Ethical, Legal, Multicultural Challenges in Crisis
    A crisis that is not properly managed draws negative ideas or perceptions from different stakeholders such as community members, government officials, employees, suppliers.

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  1. Elderly People Challenges in American Indian Population
    The health problems of the reservation-based American Indian population are numerous, and these individuals are more vulnerable to many diseases than Americans of other ethnicities.
  2. The Mary Open Doors Public Health Program Challenges
    The Mary Open Doors public health program focuses on assisting victims of domestic abuse through advocacy efforts aimed at drawing attention to the scourge.
  3. Regional-Level Challenges: California’s Homelessness
    The major problem connected with homelessness is that social service organizations tend to adopt narrow practice approaches reducing the human need to basic ones.
  4. Global War on Terrorism: Main Challenges
    Terrorism has been a menace for the past decades. It has generated some impacts on many countries globally particularly the developed countries.
  5. Challenges of Transgender Patients
    Transgender patients have to face a certain amount of resistance and discrimination in society regularly, this group of people has to deal with certain challenges in the health care arena.
  6. Educational Challenges: the Role of a Leadership
    Leaders are facing challenges that range from one field to another. Their main function is to make the wants or needs of the students clear for the college administration.
  7. TerraCog Global Positioning Systems Company Challenges
    TerraCog was an organization that successfully represented the private business sector of high-tech industry. It provided global positioning systems (GPS) and other similar products.
  8. Nursing Challenges: Inexperience and Ethical Dilemmas
    To be a professional nurse means to face numerous challenges that arise from the nature of the given occupation.
  9. Challenges to Transgender Patients
    Despite the recent attention to the issues of transgender people, the level of discrimination against them is still incredibly high.
  10. American Pumpkin Growers Association’s Challenges
    Droughts in the main farming districts will substantially decrease the average pumpkin diameter and possibly cause yearly $13-billion losses industrywide.
  11. Sear’s Company Finance Challenges
    Strategic planning is a very important concept in the world of business. Sear’s Company meets a lot of challenges during its operation, and this is because it fails to plan.
  12. Early Elective Delivery, Its Impact and Challenges
    Medical research had indicated that early elective deliveries have serious negative consequences on a child’s development and may also affect the mother.
  13. Maple Leaf Company: Business Environment Challenges
    Maple Leaf is one of the leaders of the Canadian agricultural industry. Even industry leaders face challenges once they make a decision to expand and start operations in foreign economies.
  14. Nursing Task Computerization and Challenges
    The increasing number of patients forces hospitals and clinics to adopt new technologies to perform such tasks as charting, medication administration, and research.
  15. European Civilization: Cultural and Economic Challenges
    In order to estimate the influences of Europe as a force in world events, it is important to consider social, political, cultural, economic, and ideological aspects.
  16. The Issue of Abortion: Ethics Challenges
    The debate about abortion in terms of ethics has been in place for decades ever since this medical procedure was first legalized by the government.
  17. Transgender Patients and Challenges in Health Care
    The community remains predominantly marginalized, with policies and laws denying them recognition of their gender, making accessing health care very challenging.
  18. Telehealth Implementation: Benefits and Challenges
    The essay reviews the benefits of the implementation of telehealth in the organization and challenging zones in executing a justifiable telehealth plug-in.
  19. Emergency Medical Services and Staff Challenges
    Emergency medical services include medical services offered to patients away from the hospitals as well as the transportation of patients to hospitals.
  20. India and China Health Care Challenges
    The Indian and Chinese health care systems face a number of challenges. These challenges fall into socio-economic-political challenges, unregulated growth and private health care.
  21. Patient Case: Patterns, Challenges and Needs
    S. B. is a 27-year-old man suffering from PTSD for the past two years. The symptoms began when his wife went missing.
  22. Nurse’s Workplace Change and Challenges
    This paper has considered the situation of a 45-year-old nurse practitioner who has changed her workplace after 10 years of work. It has discussed the problems she is facing.
  23. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s Management Challenges
    Abu Dhabi National Oil Company has been experiencing difficulties associated with the Human Resource Management (HRM) processes, as well as Project Management (PM).
  24. Healthcare Challenges of Transgender Patients
    Transgender individuals have health problems common for the whole population and frequently face challenges in healthcare settings related to inadequate healthcare.
  25. International Human Resource Management Challenges
    International management is faced by a number of challenges which hinders its performance, for example, how to integrate host country managers into the management of the company.

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  1. Management Principles: Application and Challenges
    This paper is based on the topic of management principles. It explores the topic by providing the definitions of manager, management, and organisation.
  2. Universal Conception of Human Rights and Its Challenges
    Human rights are intercontinental customs, which dictate and determine how different countries handle their citizens and residents.
  3. Social Program Challenges Evaluation
    Social programs must be effective to guarantee certain results and contribute to the positive changes within the society.
  4. Human Trafficking: National and International Challenges
    Social workers must respond to any humanitarian crisis domestically and abroad. The international issue of human trafficking and its impact requires the attention of social workers
  5. Euthanasia-Associated Ethical Challenges in Nursing
    Rather than legalizing euthanasia, the government and other stakeholders in the health sector should push for the improvement of patient outcomes and nursing practices.
  6. Project Cost and Finance Management Challenges
    The cost management functions are complex as projects come with different complexities. Many emerging projects pose different challenges in terms of their characteristics.
  7. Healthcare Agencies’ Challenges and Baby Fae’s Case
    This paper discusses the challenges of health care agencies that impact every member and part of their structure, and also analyzes the case of Baby Fae.
  8. Bank of America’s E-Business Challenges
    The promoters of the Bank of America have not conceded on the matter of going e-business. This problem has a direct relation to the size and financial ability.
  9. Employee Performance Evaluation Challenges
    Employee evaluation is one of the most important functions of HRM, its not only enables an organization to enhance labor productivity but plays a vital role in reducing cost labor.
  10. Family Business: Entrepreneurial Challenges and Financing
    This paper gives a detailed discussion of the entrepreneurial challenges that emerging or new family businesses face. It also identifies the major sources of funds for such ventures.
  11. Palliative Care: Issues, Challenges and Solutions
    Palliative care is a multidisciplinary field that specializes in providing relief and assistance to people with life-limiting conditions.
  12. Telehealth, Its Impact and Challenges
    E-medicine is defined as the integration of various types of information technology into healthcare delivery. Telehealth has direct implications for the future of healthcare.
  13. Transgender Patients and Health Care Challenges
    One of the challenges encountered by transgender patients refers to the lack of adequate access to healthcare services.
  14. Toys R Us Company: Supply Chain Challenges
    Toys R Us is one of the major toy manufacturers in the world. It operates using a supply chain that has been associated with various challenges.
  15. Meeting Leadership Challenges: Action Plan
    Being a leader is a challenging yet attainable goal. Achieving the goal will require the reconsideration of leadership priorities and the design of a coherent action plan.
  16. Brick-and-Mortar Business’ Challenges
    Brick-and-Mortar Business needs to resolve the problem of the management of customer information, whereas there should also be a reporting tool for managers to help them in decision-making.
  17. Challenges With Homeless and Runaway Youth in Waianae
    The problem in question is concerned with one of the acutest burdens of young people living in the Waianae area of Hawaii: homelessness.
  18. American Revolutionary War and Its Challenges
    In 1783, the American Revolutionary War that pitted Americans against Britain in their quest for freedom finally came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.
  19. Pregnancy in Teenagers: Possible Challenges
    In order to decrease the overall rate of teenage pregnancy, it is crucial to address the populations that are disproportionately affected by the issue.
  20. Autism in Adults: Daily Challenges
    Siri Carpenter’s article “For Adults with Autism, a Lack of Support When They Need It Most” explores the way adult individuals with autism cope with the daily challenges.
  21. Challenges with Homeless and Runaway Youth in Hawaii
    The number of homeless youth is high in the state. They have unique needs and are exposed to risks that differ from those faced by adults living on the streets.
  22. Gap Inc.’s Challenges and Management Strategies
    Gap Inc. faces challenges related to the internal and external environment of this corporation. The paper presents recommendations and the major aspects of its strategy.
  23. Managerial Work, Functions and Challenges
    To improve time management and enhance effective problem solving, managers ought to devise a model to help them in their managerial work.
  24. The Rockefeller Foundation: Challenges and Possibilities
    The Rockefeller Foundation has made a tremendous impact on the lives and activities of millions of people throughout the world since its inception, as its mission suggests.
  25. E-Commerce Start-Ups’ Challenges in the UAE
    Out of all the countries located in the Gulf Region, the UAE was considered one the most promising places for e-commerce development.

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  1. Cyber Challenges in US Maritime Logistics
    In this paper, special attention is paid to maritime logistics – the processes of planning, implementation, as well as the management of goods and information movement as ocean carriage.
  2. Moral Philosophy, Its Theories and Challenges
    Ethics is said to be always personal because each person acts according to one’s moral. People tend to conduct good actions consciously so that they can gain good outcomes.
  3. British Social Enterprises’ Success and Challenges
    This paper identifies some of the challenges that hinder the success of social enterprises on examples of three UK-based and develops possible solutions to these challenges.
  4. LinkedIn Company’s Primary Challenges Analysis
    LinkedIn will face external influences and obstacles while operation on the market in the future due to the potential threats and the increasing competition in the industry.
  5. Business Start-Up Challenges and Niche Marketing
    Business challenges refer to factors that make it hard for entrepreneurs to launch their new businesses successfully.
  6. Challenges in Competitive Strategies Implementation
    For a firm to efficiently implement its competitive strategies, the management should ask themselves various questions that will act as a checklist to ensure that the various set procedures and tasks are carried out.
  7. Event Management and Planning Challenges
    A designated party managed all events in order for them to be successful. This paper will focus on the challenges that event planners faced.
  8. Global Warming Challenges Solving in General Electric
    Environmental solutions that favor the growth of the company rather than social responsibility drive the decisions and policies of the company.
  9. Organizational Change Process and Challenges
    The paper focuses on the forces and process of change in an organization, the difficulties of change implementation and how to manage these challenges.
  10. Managing Human Resources and Its Challenges
    This paper analyzes two case studies taken from the textbook Managing Human Resources, identifies critical issues, presents a thorough analysis, and provides conclusions.
  11. Challenges in Veteran Mental Health Care
    The population of veterans in the US experiences a variety of difficulties upon returning to non-military life.
  12. Heineken Company’s Challenges in Strategic Positioning
    The internal challenges affecting Heineken include management of its human resources, and rigid operations where the company has focused on alcoholic products only.
  13. Challenges in Friendship: Interpersonal Communication
    One Friday evening, Tiffany and I were sitting in my room as usual while discussing social issues that were happening in college relative to our relationship.
  14. Challenges in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
    This paper identifies a common problem in teaching English as a foreign language and the best ways to deal with it.
  15. Women of Ethnicity in Management and Their Challenges
    This paper examines the experiences of women of ethnicity in obtaining managerial roles and discusses obstacles that can be associated with these experiences.
  16. Career Challenges in Teaching Language
    An individual working in the language teaching sphere should be ready to monitor the latest alterations and use new perspectives and innovations to remain acknowledged.
  17. Multinational Corporations Challenges in Global Environment
    Multinational Corporations are complex in their operation. The researcher intends to assess the challenges of coordination and responsiveness faced by MNC’s in a global environment.
  18. Early American Republic, Its Challenges and Achievements
    The period of economic and financial depression in the middle of the 1780s was the beginning of considerable changes and improvements in the country.
  19. American Constitution Development and Challenges
    The US Constitution became one of the building blocks of the new nation that secured the rights of states while facilitating their fruitful collaboration.
  20. High School Challenges in Personal Experience
    High school experience is different for everyone; however, unarguably, it is both the most critical and stressful time for students.
  21. How the Internet Challenges Families
    This paper aims at discussing the effects the Internet has on families through the prism of communication, the desire to compare, and the intentions to find information quickly.
  22. Stress Tolerance: New Challenges for Millennial College Students
    College with its numerous assignments, hectic schedule, and exams requiring total commitment and concentration is more or less stressful for everyone who enters tertiary education.
  23. Veteran Legal Institute’s History and Challenges
    The biggest accomplishment of the Veteran Legal Institute is the creation of a systematic, organized, and self-sustaining network for providing services to veterans.
  24. Professional Nurse’s Educational Challenges
    In my journey to become a professional nurse, I have encountered numerous challenges. One of the main challenges was the conflict between professions.
  25. Organizational Leadership Challenges
    Preliminary analytical work devoted to the analysis and design of the objectives to eliminate problems is a prerequisite for organizational leadership.

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