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Appeals in Mass Media Advertisement

Television advertisements, also known as ads, are commonly targeted at potential buyers or passing important information. These ads are usually based on different themes. They also apply other elements to appeal to viewers; these include emotional, logical, and character-based appeals. Various viewers react differently to different appeal methods, and so each advertisement is designed for specific viewers. For instance, character-based appeals usually use famous celebrities to pass their information.

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Ads seen on television or newspapers

Advertisements are common in most TVs and Newspapers around the globe. Sponsors, who use advertisements on television and newspapers to pass information, usually pay for them. Examples of these ads include those on sports fixtures, those that seek monetary assistance for exceptionally needy patients, as well as those that focus on the marketing of goods and services such as body lotions.

Ads that rely on emotional appeals

Ads that rely on emotional appeals tend to seek viewers’ sympathy. These include examples such as those aimed at raising funds for calamity-hit zones—for instance, the recent Haiti earthquake victims, famine-hit zones, cancer, and kidney transplant patients. Ads may use famous celebrities to request for such assistance in an emotionally touching manner. These ads are always targeted at viewers with compassion and understanding for those in need.

Ads that rely on logical appeals

Some ads rely on logical appeals. They have concrete evidence on their use and market known products. These products have been tested by researchers and marketers and have had a considerable penetration in the market. The ads are usually aimed at consolidating customers as well as convincing potential customers to buy the product. Viewers consider the logic behind these products and comments from verified users who may be amongst them. These ads may not require celebrities as their applications are logical and verified.

Ads that rely on character-based appeals

Character-based appeal Ads are commonly applied in sports. For instance, an advertisement about a fixture between two big teams like Arsenal and Manchester United in the UK or the Red Bulls and LA Galaxy in the USA would include descriptions of leading contenders such as David Beckham and Thierry Henry. Such characters are known to be superstars in football. Their presence is likely to sell more tickets and move viewers. Some ads may also use such superstars for marketing their products; in this case, most viewers would be swayed into buying the product because of the characters.

Do the chosen appeals seem appropriate given the product, service, or cause that is being promoted?

Yes, this is because each appeal focuses on different categories of viewers. For instance, character-based appeals focus on viewers who believe that superstars are always right. Therefore, they buy whatever these stars prefer. Marketing companies take advantage of these situations. Therefore, potential customers must note these facts before purchasing such products. Out of these ads, logical appeals seem best as they advertise proven products.

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